The drone can be intuitively controlled with your smartphone using the telo app. It features throw and go start flying by simply tossing the tello into the air or use the auto take off and landing feature with. A single tap perform cool aerial stunts, like 8d flips, by sliding your finger across the screen or use a controller for more precise control. The telo has two smart, switching antennas that make its hd video transmission extra stable in a high capacity battery that can last up to 13 minutes of flight with a range of 100 meters low battery protection alerts you when battery is low and fail safe protection lands. The drone safely, when connection is lost, equipped with a high quality intel processor. The telo can shoot incredible. 5 megapixel photos in 720p, videos easy shots, let you record coordinated short videos with circle 360 and up and away and its electronic image stabilization ensures. Your images are always clear: the drone features dji flight tech with industry, leading components to ensure stable flights and a vision, positioning system to facilitate precise hovering. It also has a vr headset compatibility, so you can fly in first person view the atello is programmable with scratch. A coding system that lets kids and teens learn the basics of programming. Advanced users can also develop software applications using telo sdk. If youre looking for an entry level option to get started, you cant go wrong with the ryze techtello number 4 best portable drone dji mini 2.

The dji mini 2 is our recommendation as the best portable drone at less than 249 grams. The drone weighs about as much as an apple and easily fits in the palm of your hand, its an ideal travel companion and will transform how you capture your favorite memories. The mini 2 supports up to 10 kilometers of hd video transmission and has excellent anti interference capabilities, letting you fly farther and see clearer. It is a 12 megapixel camera and can record videos up to 4k at 30 frames per second. The 3 axis gimbal ensures consistently smooth captures, no matter how adventurous your piloting gets. The dji fly app, helps you produce impressive results, complete with soundtracks and filters quick shots. Lets you automatically record into professional level videos with just a few taps and with the 4 time zoom, there is no need to get so close for your dream, shot, select from wide angle, 180 degrees and sphere panoramas to show off just how epic, your view is. The app also features enhanced photo that intelligently optimizes your images for more vivid colors and entails that pop the mini 2 carefully optimizes user experience with intelligent features thanks to smart return to home automatic takeoff and precise hovering operating. The drone is more streamlined and safer than ever. If youre, looking for a compact travel buddy to capture breathtaking moments, the dji mini 2 wont disappoint if youre enjoying the video so far take a moment to hit the like button to help us out.

Let us know in the comments below what youre currently using and if its time for an upgrade number three best water, drone power, vision, power, egg x, the power vision, power egg x is our pick as the best drone for water activities. The drone features three different modes: ai camera mode, handheld mode and drone mode. The autonomous personal, ai camera mode features strong, face recognition, capabilities and is trained to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video. The sync voice feature picks up high fidelity sound using a mobile phone or wireless headphones and automatically synchronizes the audio with the pictures you can also command the ai camera by using gestures. The handheld mode features 3 axis gimbal stabilizer, that efficiently filters out vibration caused by external sources. Its uhd camera can record videos up to 4k at 60 frames per second and the drone features an industry leading ai processor. It has a battery life of 3.5 hours, so you can capture life as it happens, thanks to its 4k camera and tri axial mechanical gimbal. The drone is suitable for highly dynamic aerial photography. Its 1080p transmission has a range of 3.7 miles and it has a flight time of 30 minutes. The drone can fly in heavy rain and is suitable for harsh environments. Installing waterproof accessories lets the power egg x take off and land on water. It also features automatic obstacle, avoidance and precise landing if youre looking for a multi use drone that can handle water activities.

The power vision power egg x is hard to beat number two runner up: dji mavic air 2, the dji mavic air 2 – is the runner up on our list. It features a 48 megapixel camera that can record video up to 4k at 60 frames per second, and the drone has a quad bayer image sensor that can capture incredible hdr video, the mavic air 2 features smart photo which integrates scene recognition, hyper light and hdr into A single mode for optimal results. It also has an advanced panorama mode with colors that are vivid and accurate. Professional quality footage is effortless thanks to focus track, which includes active track, 3.0, spotlight, 2.0 and point of interest 3.0, letting you unleash your creativity. The mavic air 2 also supports hyperlapse and 8k without complex post processing. Ocusync 2.0 can deliver 1080p fhd video transmission up to 10 kilometers and the drone features dual frequency communication that automatically switches to the best channel for increased flight safety. The battery gives you a flight time of up to 34 minutes in sport mode gives you a max flight speed of up to 68 kilometers per hour. The newly designed remote control features an ergonomic design framework, comfortable grip and a battery that lasts 240 minutes. The new clamp makes attaching smartphones a breeze while the integrated antennas significantly improve user experience. If youre looking for a drone that can do it all the dji mavic air 2 should be your pick before.

We continue be sure to hit the subscribe and notification icons to stay up to date with the latest product reviews and check out the links in the description to support the channel number one best overall, drone dji mavic 2 pro the dji mavic 2 pro tops our List as the best overall drone, it comes equipped with the all new hasselblad l1d20c camera that features hasselblad natural color solution technology, helping users to capture gorgeous 20 megapixel aerial shots in stunning color detail. It also supports enhanced, hdr and hyper light. The mavic 2 pro makes aerial photography easy to use with active track 2.0 quick shots and panoramas. The drone employs djis latest 3 axis gimbal technology to ensure smooth, stable footage in just about any situation and can record video up to 4k at 30 frames per. Second, the battery gives you a flight time of up to 31 minutes, and the rebuilt aircraft body presents better aerodynamic performance, letting the mavic 2 pro flight at up to 72 kilometers per hour. It also features a low noise design that makes the propellers incredibly quiet flight autonomy has been upgraded to include omni directional obstacle sensing with obstacle, sensors on all sides of the aircraft for greater safety during flight. Inocusync 2.0 provides 1080p video transmission up to 10 kilometers away. Enhancing your flying experience with this standard, remote controller that offers up to 135 minutes of battery life, the dji smart controller that comes up with an ultra bright 5.

5 inch 1080p display or the dj goggles for an immersive first person view flight experience. If youre, looking for the best drone experience possible, look no further than the dji mavic 2 pro thats it for our list, thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe and check the links below to support the channel click. The next video for more product reviews.