I will also explain how to operate and its complete functionality here is the box lets. Do the unboxing first packaging looks good box comes with usb charger and two 1800 milliampere batteries. 720 pixel camera camera holder cell phone holder, landing guards and propellers drawn size is almost 13 inch. Its weight is less than 2 lb. This is the remote control it does not comes with. The battery box also comes with user manual in several languages. Let’S. Do the installation, first of all, install two landing guards at bottom, screw them properly and install the propeller guards all four sides? You also get extra landing guard, propeller guards and propellers with the box install two joysticks on the remote control. You also need to install the battery and also install the phone holder to the remote control. Now, at bottom of the drone install the camera holder, then align the camera to the slot of the gimbal and press it until fixed now install one of the battery and make sure cable is plugged in make sure you charge the battery before you use. It takes almost 120 minutes for fully charged less power on the drone as soon as you, power on led light will blinks at the bottom of the drone. Now your jjrc drone is ready to fly before we fly. Let me show you how the remote control works. This is the on and off button reset launch and land for same button, ascend descend forward backward right, sideward left, sideward turn left turn right, flips or rolls speed, high or low.

These are the calibrating buttons let’s move along to the flight move. I got the connection to the jjrc app and also connected the drone wi fi on my cell phone. I will provide jjrc app link in description. You can start recording video here on the app i have power on the remote control and let me just press the take off button Music – and here you go Music drawn camera angle, is 45 degree. Adjustable camera angle can be adjusted by your hand, not the remote control i’m enjoying the flying and stably records wonderful moments from the air. With the awesome perspective, video recording is smooth and stable. I will show you the recording later in this video. It is slight windy here i suggest don’t fly. If it is too much windy, you will not have to worry about orientation and out of control, which makes the drone easier to play. Smartphone control, your drone by gravity sensor just tilt your phone to any direction. You want and the copter will fly accordingly with the built in wi fi module. You will get a live video of your camera on your phone operating this rc drone by your phone. A real time view will display on the screen of your smartphone, and you can share the enjoyment with the friends. As you can see, landing is very smooth. Make sure you plan flight routes with the built in map on the app the mini drone will fly as you want once customized flight path function activated, it is making you enjoy more fun.

Music, as you can see, operating by remote control is very easy and smooth. These drones support 2.4 gigahertz frequency. Let me show you 360 degree: flip wow, it’s, amazing, three speed modes suitable for beginners intermediates and the experts. Let me show you the footage which i captured on my phone with this drone camera Music. Video footage looks great to me. Music rc maximum distance is 100 meter. Fpv distance is approx. 50 meter. You got 20 minutes flight time with single charge. Battery and total 40 minutes with the both 40 minute is much much better. It is more fun to fly this drone in playground rather than playing in the conjuncted area. The motors and circuit board may heat up with the use. Take a 10 minutes cool down break between flights to ensure your parts last as long as possible. It is really high. Now video resultation also depends on the sun direction. This is safe enough for the beginners and expert, because the fpv drone comes with durable, rubbery plastic and protection guards Music. I feel this drone is very powerful. Music don’t recommend to fly too high in windy day. I need to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the tree. If the drone is out of range, then video gets stuck. The drone camera is not waterproof. You can also accurately lock the height and location it makes. The video shooting and photograph taking more stable, a headless mode can make the drone’s front side of the same as the forward destination when the drone take off, making it easier to fly to your destination.

I don’t recommend this drone for indoor use, but it is great for outdoor use. Its price is very reasonable. Just under 100, i have provided buying link in description. If you interested it is very easy to fly, i am having a lot of fun. I think this drone is really good for running purpose and more fun, while outdoor video shooting from the top, i always recommend, as the price is very cheap. You should try and let me know your experience in comment box.