We are looking at the top five best drones that you can buy right now. First, we will be looking at some of the best affordable drones that are available, then, to the absolute top best one money can buy. As always, you can find all the links to the products that are mentioned in this video right in the description and in the pinned comment down below without further ado, let’s get straight into it. In number five, we have one of the best beginner level drones from ryze robotics, the ryze tello camera drone. The ryze tello developed in partnership with technology from dji is a small advanced drone that packs in features that will appeal to pilots of all levels, although it’s primarily aimed at kids, the advanced features make it an ideal choice for anyone new to drones. This is a fantastic, cheap budget drone option for anyone who wants to just try it out Music, Music moving forward in number four. We have an incredible budget drone from none other than dji’s and their new dji mini 2 4k. Camera drone, the mini 2, is the perfect budget intermediate drone. If you’ve not already bought a mavic mini. Perhaps you are concerned about the camera’s capabilities, then this is definitely the budget drone for you it’s the ideal entrance to the world of aerial photography or videography and with raw auto exposure bracketing and 4k. There is very little to complain about anymore, Music, Music. I got challenged by dji to use their latest drone to showcase a new place for me in brazil from a whole new perspective, we decided to go to bonito one of the most amazing places here in brazil, so here’s what i got out: Music Applause, Music in Number three: we recommend you the djis mavicare 2.

. This is the best drone for most people and it’s, one of the best for all kinds of aerial filmmakers flying the dji mavic air 2 is a treat and has everything a drone needs fast speed. High resolution camera long battery life tremendous range and obstacle avoidance and it’s relatively inexpensive at 799, the dji mavic air 2 is a compelling purchase for any drone or aerial photography enthusiast. It offers some of the best flight time you can expect from a consumer drone and a camera that surpasses almost every drone in that price category. This is mavic air 2.. You may have some questions like so what’s different well, let’s start with the larger sensor. There’S a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto every shot is a masterpiece yeah, but photos aren’t. Really my thing: don’t worry we’ve got you covered Music. It also does 4k 60p video. You can also slow things down way and yes, there’s hdr video how’s, the flight time it’s fantastic you’re, looking at up to 34 minutes in the air, a new record for the mavic series, we’ve added ocusync 2.0. So you can fly longer and see clearer what, if i’m, not a great pilot that’s where focus track comes in, so you can fly like a pro or just press a button. Here’S, the best part automatic obstacle avoidance, okay. But what do i do with all these shots? Here’S an idea use the dji fly app to edit and share your moments with just a tap, so what’s different a whole lot in number two.

We recommend you the professional grade drone at a reasonable price for motel robotics and their new evo2 pro 6k capable drone. Autel robotics currently offers two versions of the evo series drone one with 8k resolution and the other one is at 6k resolution. The 6k resolution evra2 pro offers a larger sensor and is more geared towards serious, photographers and videographers, and it is more expensive than the 8k version. The autel levo2 is a solid drone and an excellent alternative to dji at autel robotics. We push the boundaries of modern flight, exploring the unknown with unparalleled performance. This is the evo 2 series ushering in a new era of aerial shooting evo 2, the world’s first 8k foldable drone brings you unmatched video resolution and 48 megapixel stills to capture the world. With more detail than ever before, featuring 10 bit a log color profile, evo 2 records up to 1 billion colors its stunning 4k hdr video stands out with increased dynamic range, delivering top of the line image quality that you’ll covet after experiencing the powerful phase detection. Auto focus function and 120 fps slow motion. Video capabilities are an ideal combination for high speed, shooting thanks to four times lossless zoom and defogging mode. Evo2 is perfect for capturing your subject from a distance without missing a single detail. Music. If evo 2 is all about detail, then evo2 pro is all about professional users: Music. It commands a powerful 20 megapixel one inch sensor and the f 2.

8 adjustable aperture capturing stunning aerial photos with brilliant color and controlled lighting with excellent low light performance. Evo 2. Pro provides incomparable night view, footage equipped with the fleur camera evo 2. Dual provides visible and thermal imaging with remarkable performance, perfect for commercial and first responder use featuring autel robotics latest flight control system. The evo 2 series offers an unparalleled flight experience, so intuitive every flight seems effortless Music. Our new airframe is covered with 12 optical cameras, achieving stunning omnidirectional obstacle avoidance by creating an accurate 3d map of the environment in real time with automatic, intelligent path, planning aided by a dual core powered object. Detection system evo2 recognizes up to 64 subjects at once, allowing for immediate pinpoint tracking, with up to 40 minutes of flight time, a maximum speed of 72 kilometers per hour and a nine kilometer range. The sky is no longer the limit, unmatched performance resolution and computer vision. The future is now the present. This is evo 2 series in number one on our list. Once again, we have the dji’s inspire 2 professional camera drone. The dji inspire 2 is a high end quadcopter with two cameras. The primary camera has an interchangeable lens and a 5.2 k video, while the second camera is used purely for drone navigation. The inspire 2 can reach a speed of up to 98 kilometers per hour. It can get as high as 16 400 feet or almost 5 000 meters. It is aimed at professional, videographers and aerial photographers, as well as enthusiast consumers, with some extra money to spend on a new toy.

If money is no object. The dji inspire 2 is the best drone you can buy currently delivering raw video capture at 5.2k. Quality, superb, build quality and top end performance. Foreign Music from Music, Music, Music right cut right all right: let’s move on Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. If you’re interested in buying one of this product, links to all the products mentioned in this, video are in the description down below. If you like and found this video helpful don’t forget to give a like comment and a subscribe.