It does need to have the propeller guards installed and the legs installed at the bottom. It does have video and photography capability. The uh, the video, is actually pretty good. It does come with a four gigabyte sd card and it has uh the blue and red lights, starting it off when you power it on it does flash once the lights become steady, uh, it’s, ready for flight and um. Pretty much we’re gon na take it up for a flight, it does go for about eight minutes on a full battery. It takes about an hour to charge the battery and it goes about 200 feet up in the air. So here we go we’re going to take it for a flight, so this drone is perfect for all. First time, flyers it’s pretty easy to fly and, as my husband said, it does go approximately 200 feet up in the air and it will last you a good eight minutes before you have to charge the battery again, and this is perfect for nighttime flying because of The red and yellow red and blue light on the bottom of the drone this product was given to us at a promotional price for honest and unbiased review, and this is our review.