The big difference is when the sea flight dream came out. Well, that’s. It like it came out a bit ago, but the very few places sell it. It was 300 or 245 pounds. This is exactly the same model, but this one’s 133 pounds and i think it’s well worth the money. So let’s just have a look what you get in the box. I have had this out of the box previously, so so in here in the package, you get the drone, the clip for the controller, the controller, a battery, a battery charger which is nice to see a mains battery hatcher that plugs in well. The only thing you need to do is buy an adapter, because mine came with a two pin plug, but this thing is a proper charger, the battery clips into it like this, and it does actually charge your battery properly. No usb charges in about an hour and 20 minutes from flat, so it’s fantastic, and it also comes with this quick start guide, um, which i haven’t got a much detail, not at all really to be fair, but it does get you flying, but i’ll show you On the app that this is already included in the app, so this is the drill, let me just pop the battery into it. So, as you can see, it’s a spark clone, which is almost identical. Even the battery shapes the same with one big difference for the other toy grade drones.

This actually has a two axis gimbal that works. So there you go. It’S got a gimbal it’s only two axis, not three. Like the sparky, the two axis gimbal, the sd card, goes in the back, just like the spark and it’s also got a usb port in the back. So the battery is 11.4 volt, 1000 milliamp good for about 10 minutes. So it a lot very sparkish time as well, but this is a high voltage. So, as you can see, it’s almost done it comes in black or white. I had showed the black one. The white one looks exactly like this. I couldn’t it’s got, as i said, see flies really differences. The writing on here and the controller is different on the cfl. But as you can see, it’s extremely nicely finished off and it’s got an optical flow sensor, so that’s optical flow as two axis gimbal and it’s, full gps. Dual so it’s got glue on us on dps. Very very nice finished off piece of kit. Let me just show you the controller, so if you’ve watched my video for the x7, this control is identical. Apart from this has got gold accents on the button which i’ll go through the controller with you anyway, so it has alternative, and i do believe um because someone told me on the last video simon. Thank you very much. One of these is real and one fake. So or maybe they’re both real, i don’t know, but anyway they appear to be.

You can change your stick mode from one to two so again, turn it on stick down hold the camera button in we’ll, put it into mode, one stick down hold the take off and land button turn it on put it back into mode. Two we’ll need to set it once once you set it. It’S always set it’s rechargeable for micro usb slot on the top. So you don’t need to worry about changing the batteries and it’s exactly the same controller. I like the feel of this. It feels in your hand, it feels very light and possibly a bit cheap, but the resolution is great on the sticks. So i like these controllers, like i said they look a bit cheap, but they do the job and this some of this size isn’t going to come with a big full size controller. So it seems to be what people are going to now. I much prefer these and the ones you get with the plot thing on the bottom, to put your phone in, you get this here simply clicks into the back here i would do if i could do it push it down and your phone clips in there and To release it, you press that button, so let’s just power, it up switch on the back press, it once and then hold it. And then your controller hold your button in and there you go you’re bound. So you can see the two axis gimbal working here very smooth, actually and obviously on the controller.

You have a wheel to control the gimbal, so i i haven’t bound it so it’s really smooth as well. So the operation on the wheel is very smooth: it’s, not too fast, it’s, not crazy, and it is controllable ish. So it looks really nice. Obviously it’s got brushless motors similar size to what they are on the spark, so let’s just connect it up to the app. So i can show you the app and i went through some more features in the control, so the app it runs on is enjoy fly app, which is the same up as the s7 with and but with a couple of differences. So let’s just connect it to the app let’s just find the so, if you can see on my phone, i hope this glare is not too much. Let me see if i can get that in so there’s no glare. Can you see what it says? Drone and controller i’m. Sorry, if it’s not fully sharp struggling with the sun coming in today. Well, not the sun, but the brightness outside you have to click the the controller. The drone is when you want to fly with your phone. The controllers, when you want to fly it with the controller, so we’re gon na so connected that internet unavailable. I should hope so and then we’re going to go into the enjoy flight app i’m going to hit start flying and there you go. I said you had good sd card, but, as you can see, look next to no lag.

I hope you can see that let’s get rid of that for the screen. I know i’ve got an sd card, so brilliant. So, as you can see, on top of the screen, i’ve got, it says position and it says safe flight. In other words, it’s got no gps. So if i click the m button on the controller he’s going to put that into attitude, altitude hold so now, he’s got altitude hold mode, so you can flight if you’re in a new gps area or if you want to fight indoors because remember this – has got Uh sensor underneath i’ve got optical flow and once again and you’re back in position, that’s quite straightforward, so on the bottom, you’ve got your distance, your height, your invert, your speeds, vertical speed, horizontal speed, i’m, not sure what the lp is actually up here. You’Ve got the how many satellites you’ve got and the battery of the drone itself here. You’Ve got your camera controls and then, if i click on where it says position up here, i’ve got track and orbit. So i’ve got different modes. Obviously that won’t work unless i’ve got gps, but as you can see, the picture is really really clear far better than it is on the x7. So the x7 picture there is lag on there’s lag on it, but also it’s, nowhere near as sharp on my phone as this is so. This hasn’t had a flight, yet i haven’t flown it.

What i have done is hover, it hovered it outside, and the gimbal works. The picture was stable. It was getting blown out a little bit in the wind, but the gimbal was holding. So we stand a good chance of having maybe a winner. Now the camera is 1080p at 30 frames, a second but i’d. Imagine the cost will have been cut because they’ll do this thing might not have a great bit rate. This isn’t gon na have the picture quality of a spark. Don’T get me wrong, but if it can produce decent quality videos, that’s stable for 133 quid, surely that’s a winner in my book and don’t. Get me wrong. This thing looks amazing. It looks just like a spark and the other great thing is this weighs under 250. I think it comes in about two three five, something like that um. In fact, let me get my scales and i’ll. Wait should be proved wrong. Let’S just turn together, well, it’s. Actually, a lot like 150 grams it’s coming. I don’t know if you can see that on the camera 151.2, i don’t know if you could just make that out on the edge, so it can well under, but you did get. But what i would say is this isn’t going to fly in anything like a strong wind because it’s not that it’s, not that strong, the wind outside and it was getting blown around a little bit. It was not full and flying it.

Don’T get me wrong, but your spark would have definitely handled the wind a lot better than that, but i’m, not comparing this back and that’s, not what it’s about this is about the drone itself and i think for the money unless it’s disastrous when i fly it. This is going to be a decent drone, everybody’s been wanting to try and get a 1080p drone that’s cheap, with decent footage with a gimbal, and this is right in the ballpark cost wise. In my opinion, it’s well under the price of a spark even a second hand, one and it’s, not much more than i’ve paid the other day from up for the x7 and also the f11 and stuff like that. They’Re, all in the same kind of ballpark cost wise, so let’s see what it’s like on the flight when i do it in a couple of days, so thanks ever so much for watching uh have a fantastic day.