This will be a short video, be right back Music, all right guys, thanks for joining me today. So i know a lot of people are waiting on tax money or whatever and youre youre wanting to schedule your your drone, repairs and mods, and so on. Um. I just want to let everybody know that at the end of april ill be taking a break and ill be going on vacation myself, so i wont be here to be able to do your mods and repairs and so on and uh. You know we can take everything, take care of everything before then. So, if youve got anything that youre waiting on to get scheduled, the end of april, probably the last week in april ill be taking off for a couple of weeks and were gon na uh. Take some time go: uh have some fun, so i wont be around at that time and ill probably put the phone on vacation mode. So guys youre welcome to leave me messages and so on, but anyway before then. If you want to get yourself in, if you want to add these little guys, this 2.5 signal watt boost to these controllers heres, what the inside looks like add these or you know if you want to even do the non amplified version of a antenna bond. This is the cheaper way to go. I i think the best bang for your buck now as far as the mods that are available for these drones is working on your signal.

That controller, i mean theyre, doing pretty good now with occasion 3.0, but you still guys range is not about how far you can go, because these drones, if you get them up high enough theyll, go pretty far but its about penetration. Its about good signal strength. As far as going a little bit lower, you know here in my residential area, weve got trees and power lines everywhere, so i dont want to have to fly up at 400 feet all the time you know unless youve got a good zoom that actually works. Well, you know youre not going to see much, so i want to stay lower and i want to go a little bit further, but you know not crazy distance, but i want to go and i want to get good penetration at a lower height thats. What its all about for me and thats! Why something like this here? This is a 2.5 watt boosted internal antenna, mod. You know it still uses the same antennas on whatever controller we happen to put it on. Some of them need a step up voltage. Some of them need to step down, some of them need relays, and i can even do it if you want, where theres no power to it until you want it to go to it. So i could put a switch on it. Um takes a little bit more modification but thats available as well. Um smart controllers, im gon na be the ones on the smart controllers.

I aint gon na lie to you theyre a pain in the ass, so im gon na be offering these not right now, but im gon na be offering the boosted side of those and almost like a external but youre gon na have to do like a four Hawks or something with it, because this mod is going to be attached to the four hawks antenna so its a little different process there but uh it should be. It should be pretty nice anyway, guys no fly zone mods antenna, mods signal boost, modified drones for sale, ill leave. The links in the description guys check out my links. This video here im going to put some more links in there im going to put everything from the sd cards that i use to the controllers. The four hawks antennas that you can do yourself, uh ill, even put links to the 2.5 watt, boosted that you can buy yourself and do it. You can attempt it if you want to if your soldering skills are on point by all means, give it a shot ill put links in the description check them out. If you need help with anything im here, ill be glad to do the service. For you guys, im sorry, i dont have time to instruct you guys on how to do it. I just dont im way too busy for that um. But if you want something thats already done, all you got ta do is just turn it on the fly.

I have those drones available. Also, i kind of have kind of been specializing in the inspire line, the ones and the twos the inspire ones are my favorite. I know some people will feel like why well ill tell you why take one battery to fly them instead of two and with this little guy in the controller theyll go just as far as an inspire two, so guys, thanks for watching, like i said, get with Me before the end of april, dont send anything here. The last week of april expect to get it back back very quick, because i am going to be taking a vacation im going to be putting this thing on vacation mode and im gon na go have fun for a change guys thanks for watching. Thanks for your support, you can always click and donate if you want to to this channel. I think its a good idea anyway. Dont forget to hit that subscribe. Button give me a thumbs up if you like this video and check out my links in the description, guys check them out and just see what they are. You know if you buy something you buy something you dont you dont, but if you do, this channel gets a little bit of change and you take that money away from people like amazon or whoever is in that description. There come on dont. Let them keep all the money guys thanks again, as always.