This is such an uneven ground. I dont have any options because people are playing on the ground, so its unsafe to fly the drone from there and over here, ive seen that theres so much rubble and under the surface, theres so much dust. Also, a few months back when i went to monday morning, there was an issue is that it was a beach and so much sand. So i needed a proper launching pad from where i can fly the drone and then safely land a drone. Then i went on amazon and i found this one. This young drone landing pad and ive been using it for a few months now very well made. It has like two sides, one yellow with black stripes. There is black with yellow stripes and its mimicking a type of helipad, so it will also help the drone camera to identify where to land properly, yeah its going to save correga from dust and all the stuff in the ground. Sorry for the noise like im outside, i went down on the morning: walk and im disrupting the environment, Music, foreign Music. This is the carrying case, which you will get with this launch pad. You can easily fold it up another very interesting thing and very useful thing which we get with this is these spikes. These are like plastic spikes, but these are very helpful to fix the drone pad properly its a very windy condition. Theres a lot of wind.

It can blow away. There are points over here where you can use these and up easily score. My fixed car get accepted. That is why they have given these four good quality plastic stripes right now, im at ca, martin luther panda in the last video ive shown the morning ambiance now also its like 6 45 7 oclock right now, and if you see over there senior people they have. This laughing class around so they play they do different activities and its so beautiful to watch ill. Just show it to you. I think everyone should do it. Everyone, regardless of the age. Everyone should come even im feeling so better like coming over here. Positivity Music, Music, Music im facing right now is, as i havent bought. Anyone with me so like holding the camera, then the drone and then flying it and capturing everything. So its been a hurdle. So, Music and dont forget to like the video share and all this stuff ill pin the amazon link of the product in the description and in the comment below so you can use my link its an affiliate link. You dont have to pay any extra, but if you use that link it will help the channel. You should support the channel. Ninety percent of the people are watching and havent even subscribed. So after a while im talking in front of the camera, so im being a bit cranky in fact its a very good product search for the launch pads, also on amazon – and this was the best which it seems.

But then i bought it. And then, after using it, the quality is very well is foldable. You can easily carry it on your camera bag. The quality is good, they have got these extra accessories, the spikes and everything and its very lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere. So this was a short video showing you. This is very useful piece of gear you should buy if you are using a dji mini 2 drone or any other drone.