I would say third drone. I have not review my other two, oh its a newer one, this one i i have another one like this, its actually its a little bit better uh whats. What do i really like about its a time, its its quite a bit quite a bit longer its just 31 minutes? I always was able to do up to 30 minutes or so so its really light uh. The controller itself is interesting and i, like this controller, more and ill show you why i would compare with the previous version so inside this case, bugs you have a case. So this unit is from costco. Why? I suggest to costco because i think its slightly over 300 dollars – 349 4′, something like that and uh. This is a leather case and inside we have manual here, oh its, not a manual. This is just a dji logo, a branded thing. So this is a controller here, youll find manual theyre, very small, its i mean its impossible to read its very small. I try it doesnt work also inside have a charger, cable, c, usb and thats. I want to talk about this as well. Lets see what else we have over here, everythings for some reason into this light, nothing else, just the paper just the empty paper. So for the controller, this is the bottom part right there down there and a section for some wiring and stuff, and here we got a small wall where this guy can go again.

I not always using he this option uh. This is kind of easier access. I always slap this thing in or either into my pocket to compare the with the previous version the joy mini. I can feel this is slightly lighter and looks like its more compact. The blades are way different. They are different, colors and so on ill explain you other things. What else we have almost forgot the inside they are here so inside weve got set of blades. So when youre changing blades make sure use a and b correlated, it show where the a and b go into and ill show you shortly b and a difference because they have marks on them and they stated over here, install propellers with the size showdown like when Replacing the propeller replacements to also replace the screws so its come with a screws as well thats. The a and this one is the b. So one of the difference that you have its they show exactly where they go into so do b. Go left right, top bottom and uh a go right, left top bottom. What else inside here there is a main cable for the controller ill. Show you how its work also other cables and a set of the joystick handles also theres extra battery. This battery is same and compatible with previous version. I have another one like this that is get to me. Somehow there you go and theres another one right here and lets get this things prop open.

Oops show you the same same way. Batteries installed right here and, as you can see, we do have three batteries right now. Also this um deal from costco come with a micro sd card, so its ultra fast micro sd card 32 gigabyte. They also sell in the store something else, and i always have them as well down in the video. I will show you the difference and what kind of videos this drawings take under the plastic like in previous version, there is a model thats a gamble, hiding right here, its a 4k ultra clear videos. So this jones has a level fine level, 5, wind resistance. So its pretty strong against all kind of winds, and this is explanation which ones go first, to open to start the unit with select and previous one. You just press button once and the second time you hold it so right now the battery is dead and were going to replace it really quick. Okay, this little click means the drone is activated, and you start rotating this gimbal left and right so make sure to keep the drone always protected. So looking forward to connect – and we wont – connect it right now because theres a lot of videos out there on youtube, where you can turn off one and one more time, theres a lot of videos on youtube where you can find them connecting. Let me show you the controller, so this controller is um 10 kilometer, video, transmi, transmitting and like operation, so it is quite a bit different than previous version.

It is looks more professional and a stronger, durable and second of all is Music. Like i said, work a bit harder further, so to start the drone, you can simply press these two buttons down and left one left down, one right down or press activate button. So this controller has three version of the speed, so its one of them is sciences. So for the weather, if you like, do um in nature, this is a normal, and this is a fast mod where the drone is super fast. When you dont have objects around thats going to be on your way um. This is pulling out and thats where the drone phone is going to thats, where you connect your phone, its go pretty far as you can see, so you can connect nice note, i would say probably like almost six inches over here on the back. You can find the cable for each phone, its different and all the cables provided, and we are pre installing c type usb. I have to insert the phone over here in this position just like this and theres a cable connects to the side, its pretty slick. So the connection is going like this once and you hold it there you go and then you connect this guy. We dont have a program, but im pretty sure this thing can start with our connected, so we dont want to do that until we install the application. So if you go by install an application, there is a these things right here, where you simply scan this barcode and you will get to the page where you install the program.

I think its also showed an instruction here in some pages, but anyway that should be enough to do so. You just scan it on the phone on camera and call it good. So this is our new pretty good deal, so i love it and, in my case, is three batteries. Some hardware accessories keep all this uh together from my previous experience, dropping drones fallen doing other things. I would definitely suggest you guys to buy landing pad or create your own landing pad, so you dont want to send go inside here. I got two cases where the sends go one time in the um into the gimbal and have issue with the drone flying perfectly and another case where the sand get into the motors. I was cleaning motors, but they still failed to work properly. So keep your gable very clean and thats, a good thing why you should have buy pad okay thanks so much for watching have a good day.