I made this list based on my personal opinion and ive tried to list them based on their price quality durability and many more to find out more information about these drones. For photography, you can check out the description below if you want to get a best quality drone for photography. According to your needs, then watch the video till the end and then decide to buy at the first position of our list. We have dji inspire 2 with zenius x5s. The inspire 2 is just one of the many popular models from the leading manufacturer of consumer drones. Chai. It succeeds the groundbreaking, inspire 1 and offers more than the branch trademark features. It includes the zenmuse x5 and s camera with reliable gimbal stabilization on three axes. Sharp photos and videos are assured, even when this aerial photography drone is flying at top speeds. The drone is dj: a sophisticated flight autonomy system which enables intelligent flight modes that ensure super easy autopilot controls. These include object tracking, so you dont have to worry about flying it when you need to focus on framing your photos as well as obstacle, sensing and avoidance, which makes it ideal even for indoor drone photography moving on to the next at number, two with dji mavic 2 pro released just a little over a year ago, in august 2018, the mavic 2 pro is the much awaited update to the mavic pro. It was released alongside the mavic 2 zoom, but the mavic 2 pro features a bigger one, inch cmos sensor that captures 20 megapixel photos and ultra hd 4k videos at third time.

What we love about the mavic 2 pro is its creative photo modes, notably hyperlapse, which allows the drone to steadily capture multiple photos and process them to create very impressive time lapses, with just a tap of a bun, its hyper light feature and maximum iso sensitivity range Of 12 800 also make it great for shooting, dramatic, sunsets and other low light conditions. The number three position is held by unique typhoon h3 hexacopter. The unique typhoon h was one of the best drones for real estate drone photography alongside the more popular phantom 4 pro, but with the arrival of the upgrade the typhoon h plus, the seasoned drone photographers can now enjoy a more powerful camera that boasts a larger one. Inch cmos sensor and 20 effective megapixels, given the complications of shooting images from a moving aircraft. All the extra resolution is beneficial for the production of highly detailed images. Complementing the optics are the drones, intel powered sensing technologies like collision avoidance and a variety of tracking capabilities, as well as its stable six rotor frame together. These key features allow you to focus on your photography and help you protect your investment next at number. Four. We have powered pf 720 nfe drone characterized by its 4k camera unfoldable lightweight frame the parrot and fe joins the ranks of the more popular compact photography drones on the market. Aside from having a significantly more affordable price tag, its one slash, 2.4 inch cmos sensor and 2369mm f slash 2.

4 low dispersion is spherical lens offer a slightly higher max resolution of 21.5 megapixels the highest on this list, but with outstanding characteristics, often comes a few compromises In this case, the nafe has ditched the sensors to help keep the aircraft portable and affordable and for many beginner aerial photographers its just enough of what they need to capture spectacular stills in wide open areas. The number 5 position is held by dji mavic air. The mavic air is another wildly popular dji drone, despite having a more humble 12 megapixel aerial camera. What users love about it is the aircraft and controllers innovative foldable design, which makes it convenient and all the more fun to use. There are sensors all around it, so it can identify and even plot a course to avoid obstacles on its own. One thing youll instantly want to try with the mavic air. Is its panoramic photo modes aside from being able to produce horizontal vertical and 180 degree panoramas its capable of creating clear 32 megapixel sphere panoramas by stitching 25 photos in just 8 seconds, enjoy viewing them with the use of dji goggles or share them online? For your friends to see its definitely a great option for enthusiasts who want a dji drone, minus the bulk and cost. Finally, the number six position is dominated by power: vision, power eye the power vision, power eyes, a micro, four thirds camera sensor that rivals that of the zenmuse x5s on the inspire 2.

. If youre looking for non dji options, its 16.1 megapixel photo and cinema 4k 24 video resolutions are already more than what beginners would need to produce high quality aerial imagery for a wide range of applications. It already is the panasonic lumix g14f slash 2.5s lens included, but the drone also allows the use of interchangeable lenses, namely the olympus m, uico, ed1442 f, 3.5, 5, 5.6, easy zoom lens, as well as the em zuiko, 17 25 on phone .8 and then uh rico. 45 and phone .8 prime lenses, so you can choose your desired angle of view. The control app and remote controller are also easier to use for drone beginners thats.