So we can see what this bad boy is all about: Music, Music, having cinematic drone shots always makes you feel like whatever youre about to watch is going to be absolutely epic. It sets the stage and gives you a perspective of the story that youre trying to tell so here i am in 2022 and im. Looking for my first drone to buy – and i have to be honest – i was completely overwhelmed theres, so many drones on the market and theres. So many drones, just by dji, that its like okay, which one is the best for me and i always feel like you – dont – need the latest equipment to make the best content. I took a minute – and i thought about what i needed out of the drone – that i was gon na buy im a documentary filmmaker, and i sell my projects to major streaming platforms. So for me, its important to have a drone that can hold up. Next. To my ursa footage and not fall apart once i start to color grade it or i throw it up on a tv screen, and i need it to feel like its seamless. I need to feel like we have this establishing drone shot and we can cut right into my ursa footage and you dont skip a beat. So for me, image quality was at the top of my priority list. Now i specifically chose the mavic 3 fly more combo for a few big reasons and im gon na break down exactly why? But first lets see what you get right out of the box for the fly more combo.

So, to start with, you get the mavic pro 3 drone, and this drone comes with two cameras: it has a camera on the bottom and it has a camera on the top and the camera on the bottom feels a lot like a 24 millimeter, while the camera On top is a telephoto lens, so you have the option to zoom in you know, for whatever reason, if you want to not have a drone so close to a building – or maybe you just like the look of a telephoto lens, you have that ability. It comes with propellers on this thing and its pretty much ready to go now. What else comes in the fly? More package, which was very important to me, was having two extra batteries. That was extremely important because i know that on the site it says you get about 45 minutes of flight time. But after i ran this thing once and my experience in the past, you should knock off anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes of that flight time. That theyre suggesting that you could get im seeing that i could get probably 30 to 35 minutes on one battery now for me, thats, probably not enough to get all the shots that i need now these batteries are in the neighborhood of like 220 bucks, a pop. So, right off the bat youre talking about an extra 500 bucks, you would have had to spend if you needed to get two extra batteries now.

The other thing that it comes with is these nd filters, which is awesome. You got an nd4, an nd8, an nd6 and an nd32 honestly that is more than youre, probably ever going to need unless youre taking really long exposure. Photography. I find myself using mostly nd8 or nd16 nd8 for like cloudy days and then nd 16 for like super bright days. And if i really like, if im flying close to the sun in the middle of the day – and i want to drop my aperture down to like 2.8, which is as low as it can go, then i might hit the nd 32. But for the most part um, this is all you really need now you also get three battery charger, so at the end of my day, all i have to do is pop these three bad boys in there throw it on the charger and next morning, all three Of them are gon na be charged thats, a huge plus for me. Now this one comes with just the stock remote that you could just um, throw your phone right up on here. The cine package comes with that new remote with the built in screen, which is awesome. Dont get me wrong, but i didnt think it was that necessary and it was also a lot bigger of a remote. The fly more package also comes with a ton of extra propellers, which, if youve seen my montana travel video.

You will know that we crashed the drone in the middle of a job and we had no extra propellers on us. So the fact that this comes with honestly, more propellers than i think ill ever need, because i dont plan on doing anything crazy with this drone or putting it at risk to crash it a million times. The fly more combo package was exactly what i felt that i needed, because i knew i needed nd filters and i knew i needed at least one more battery. So you know this. This drone comes in at a price of, i believe, 2100, just with the drone itself, and that just comes with one battery no nd filters um with the nd filters and one battery i think youre at like 2500. So, for a few more a few hundred extra bucks, you get the propellers and you get an extra battery and you get three battery charger to me. It was worth it to spend the extra six or seven hundred dollars to get all of this stuff um, because this is everything that ill ever need for my drone and thats. What exactly what i wanted! I wanted a package that was like: okay, buy it and youre done with it. You dont need anything else now i want to break down the specs and why i bought this drone. The biggest problem that ive had in the past, working with drone footage, was matching the look of my b roll footage to the dji footage, no matter what i would do.

The drone footage would just always look a little bit off a little bit wonky something wasnt right, and it would just always throw me off so for me, the absolute biggest takeaway when i was doing my research was the fact that this drone had 12.8 stops of Dynamic range and you can shoot in a flat profile. The next big reason why i bought this drone was the omnidirectional obstacle sensing jesus thats thats a lot to take in, but basically what that means is. This drone can sense things like trees or buildings or whatever obstacles that are in its path and help you avoid them, which is a huge benefit because im, not a drone pilot. I have very little experience flying drones. Ive only flew a drone, maybe once or twice, and it scares me to death that i could spend all this money and crash it and you know, have to either pay for it to get fixed or completely just screw up my drone. That was always something that worried me, but the fact that this has that omni directional sensing and it could help you sense things in your path, so you could avoid crashing. That was a huge plus because i plan on throwing this thing up in the air. Getting really nice cinematic shots that can help tell my stories that im trying to tell the ability to have that obstacle sensing, and also just the ease of use of this drone.

I mean, like its super easy to use. I learned really all i needed to learn in one or two days of using this thing now. The next thing that i love about this drone is that it shoots 5.1 k at 50 frames and 4k at 120 frames, which is awesome because im always exporting my projects in 4k and to be able to have a little bit of wiggle room to punch in When i shoot in 5.1, k is just another plus its just another thing, thats going to help me in my workflow and thats. What you need to think about when you think about your drone now lets talk about flight time. Like i said, i went out and i got about 30 to 35 minutes out of this battery. You know i dont know really what affects this battery, but i dont think that youre gon na get 46 minutes out of this. So if youre planning on buying just the drone buy yourself at least one more battery, because youd be surprised how fast 30 to 35 minutes goes when you have like you know a ton of shots that youre trying to get, i suggest definitely having another battery another Huge plus of this drone is that this bad boy can go far and when i mean far, i mean like i put it up in the air and i completely lost sight of it. Trust me when i tell you, however far you need this thing to go.

Itll get there, it says that it goes, has a distance up to 15 kilometers. I dont really know how to map that out. I flew this farther than i could possibly see it, and it was just. It was way more than what i needed so definitely excited about that. Definitely happy about the distance that this thing flies now lets get into who this drone is for and why you should or shouldnt buy it. I think this drone is for pro level filmmakers, who want to get a great image quality and want peace of mind, knowing that, if they put this thing up in the air and theyre, not a great drone pilot, it has these obstacle. Sensors that help you not crash your drone, which is awesome, because that was one of my fears and the fact that this has those sensors in it and can at least help you or stop you from crashing as much as possible. Awesome that to me is worth investing the money in all in all. I would say that in the very little short amount of time that i was using it, i think that this drone is really intuitive its easy to use, and you have the ability to match your cinematic footage that youre shooting with your camera, which is a huge Plus and exactly what we needed to do, the more i can learn this thing, the more i get familiar with it and comfortable with it.

I will do a video and a breakdown of how i use this in my process, if you guys, like this video smash that, like button subscribe to the channel, if you havent already – and i will see you in the next video deuces microphone just came off, this Is why i need to invest in a better vlogging kit? This is not the microphone to get trust me dont buy it all right, so i just got to a park im going to try out the mavic 3. For the first time i got to a park that is pretty much flat all around. If you guys take a look at this place, theres only a few trees, very little obstructions perfect place to learn how to use a drone. Take off baby. Oh a little jumpy im starting to slowly get the hang of these controls.