Yeah im wanting a drone. I think the remote controller has like a handle on top that can hold your phone, its actually a mini drone thats, why it has a small box just perfect for you huh, yes, turn around facing this way lets see thats the camera Music whats, this, oh theyre, The landing things lets see the remote Music lets turn it on Music lets try this well, you have to set it up because you have to put these things on wow, so you have all your parts right here, theres a manual. You think you need help. Are you going to try and do it yourself? I think i need my dads help yeah. This is really hard. You know what its not that complicated its not that complicated, just put it under okay lets, keep doing it. Oh, you are. Let me see right over here, so i can have better lighting. So do you just clip it on mm? Hmm! No! He didnt wait on me. He just you got it ready, yeah all set. So what are these parts for? Oh you put in the battery. Okay, the better goes in there you dont need to put like, like you, know, those cylinder batteries here they have two batteries just in case, if one runs out, you can put in the other one. Are you sure those are two batteries yeah? I dont know. I dont know how to put it in so thats pretty cool.

I have two batteries, so you have one charging while youre using the turn the slime other. Well, maybe we need to charge it Music yeah. You do have to charge it thats why they have these chargers Music, just some extra wings. Just in case, if one breaks, let me see the extra wings show that theres four thats really cool, that is, that is so cool, because sometimes the winds um, i know with other toys, theyre very easy to break so its cool that this actually brings extra wings. Extra battery im a good um Music, it goes in this way. Let me see show it to the camera. They gave us a screwdriver. Everything seems to be pretty self explanatory. It seems pretty easy, pretty easy to set up isnt it yep one of the angriest. What colors, yes exactly they fit exactly the colors Music, okay, so thats the sign that its working you got. Ta turn this on. Oh this, the battery, so daddy, had to show you something here, because when you set it up these two things right here they go together, see turn it. So you you place them right, but you just place them on the wrong side, see see where theyre joining there thats. What that is for uh huh show me what you did with the phone: an extra leaf im, calling it leave, but you pull this out like a bracket and um. Oh, look, let me see, show it pull it out.

Okay, so you pull it out from there and then you extend it and you can place your phone there, so we still have to read on the no. Not the tablet tablet would be too big baby look at the lights. Let me see the lights. Can you shine it here? This part goes in here because this is pointing out so on the bottom you have to put in the screw because they get loose. They like come off, they loosen up there too, and they have its own little screwdriver as well. Right there show it miss a screwdriver Music. If you slide it down, the drum goes down, makes it go forward backwards and side to side. If you do it this way, it goes left this way right forward backwards. You do it like this, it would go left. I mean right forward, which is that way like this: it would go left forward. This button is for out of takeoff and landing on this one. I think thats acceleration acceleration duration, okay, no, yes, Music! Yes, celebration celebration! I dont know what this is, but still, and this one is for headless, moan short press which means that when you just press it it, it stays there. Okay, so stay steady up in the air, yes floating up there when you it, it just stays in one position when it goes forward so that it doesnt have to be like a thing when and when you hold it, it stops.

So this one takes a photo when you press it of a short press. When you want to record you just hold it okay, but this one is pretty simple: when you press this, it goes forward backwards, um, right and left, and the left. Okay, its the same thing as this: this is a speed switch, and this one is a 3d flips, which means that you can like do flips of the drone. You know how like in airplane races, they do like, like just a little show off yeah thats. What this is for so thats, what thats gon na do: yeah? Okay, when the light is green. That means its fully charged so were gon na link. The controller with the drone link means that youre gon na connect the drone with the remote. So since this battery is fully charged were gon na put it in the drone right here then were gon na turn on it. The manual says you have to turn on the drone first, when the light is blinking. That means the remote is not on, but when its on it stops blinking. So the manual says that we have to put the drone on a flat surface, so we already put it on the flat surface. We just got ta calibrate it. You press the calibrating button and when its and when you press it it the lights, start flashing when it stops. That means its already calibrated its already calibrated.

What i mean by calibrating is that the signal communicates with the remote so now were gon na test it out. We already put on a flat surface, but this is much easier so that it doesnt break on the floor. Remember when you press this itll go up, but when you press it again, it will go down. Lets try it Applause, Music lets press it again. It went down Music. Are you ready to go outside mission completely yeah, now, sisters gon na try? Okay, now push it Music good job. Try this baby drone outside i dont have the remote and the drone lets just put on flat. I like it on the grass better, because i dont want it breaking on this hard concrete, well lets test out the flippers Music dont. Take it out there bring it back, bring it back this way, buddy bring it back. This way, remember: Music, Music, hes doing this by his phone here we go. Are you really doing it about his phone? Look is say: hi, hi hi. I see you guys over here. Go forward.