Today, Music there’s, two reasons why i think this is the best beginner drone number one super easy to fly. The dji fly app that you actually have to download to fly. This thing comes with multiple tutorials to get you started and get you going so makes life for a beginner. Much easier number two, i would say, is the price. Now i, this is not cheap in any way. It cost me 800 bucks with accessories, so it’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for something that has so many amazing features just compacted into this small tiny machine that can almost fit into your pocket, there’s, nothing better. On the market right now and if you’re actually looking into dji products, everything else is more expensive than the mini 2.. So that’s, why? I think for the price it’s a fair deal, a couple of things uh that i believe that beginners should avoid doing with their drone when they’re starting off flying this. For the first time is that do not fly it out of your sight, so always have it. Inside do not fly too high that it gets lost, do not fly so far away, that’ll get lost and do not fly it behind any buildings or behind trees, or you know behind people. You want to avoid that, and next is avoid flying in crowded spaces. So this mini 2 because of its compact size, they weren’t able to fit any sensors into the side, so this will not be able to avoid any vertical objects like buildings, trees or humans, so avoid flying in confined spaces where you can hit a lot of objects.

Uh, those are really the big disclaimers out there for a beginner. This camera right here, it’s a gimbal that is a 4k quality which the 4k actually is recorded. If you put the sd card into it, otherwise it just records 1080p on your phone, so it’s not bad, but you know you can always step up your game later on and another great feature that this camera offers is self stabilization. So, in the upcoming footage, i’ll show you how stable the footage is, even during like really windy days. Uh the battery life on this thing is great if you buy the accessory pack, so if you buy the excess rack, you get uh three batteries which each give you a time about: uh 25 to 30 minutes. So you get with three batteries. You get an hour and 30 minutes of play time, which is quite amazing when you actually leave it to hover just in place and you’re, not moving it back and forth, or up and down it stays there. It does not. It does not move out of place which makes life a lot easier. Those are the little things that i actually love about, this, the camera, the battery life, how it flies – and you know the rest i’ll – show you in the upcoming footage: Music, oh Music, Music. All right, so that was the video uh. I know it was in 1080p and it can go up to 4k, but i just didn’t have the sd card on me uh, but, as you can see the shots, they were smooth even throughout wind uh.

The stabilization on the camera was great, so going back to the first point that i made in this video, i would definitely recommend this to any beginner trying to get professional looking drone shot. Overall.