This is rich from fast reviews and i’m super excited right now, because i just got this. This is the skidio or skydio i don’t know drone. This is the package that has limited quantity. They actually have a reservation system, so i have ordered the skidio. I don’t know a long time ago and i’ve got the starter kit here and it was originally ordered back in november 21st. 2019. 100 reservation deposit november 2019. You can see right here: 100 bucks. Okay, a year later it comes so i get this message saying: uh, hey, find a reminder, complete your order, and so i’ve ordered this starter kit, which is roughly about uh let’s, see what it’s at right. Now it is a thousand dollars for this kit. Let’S go ahead and unbox it, so you can see me first thing i see is that it comes with a landing pad. This is a case that is also a landing pad all right and it comes with a letter that says we’re excited to have you schedule. Two presents five plus years of work to build a drone that has enough autonomy and intelligence to make flying drones, more useful, more fun and less stressful for everyone, hey that rhymes. We hope that you’ll agree as you get flying. Okay, safety operation guide, um don’t, get stuck in the tree anyway, so we’re gon na go look and we’re gon na compare this to the dji mavic 2, which is the only drone i currently have right.

Now you tell my wife: we have the beacon, the propellers and the extra battery all right. Now these actually came in two different packages here it shipped separately, the main drone and it shipped separately, the propellers i’m – not sure why i’m not i’m, not sure. If your experience is gon na be the same, but i decided to go minimalist and i decided to simply get the starter kit, plus the extra propellers and this your battery okay, now a couple thoughts. The reason i did that is because the pro kit is 2500, which is a lot but it’s an enterprise grade pro kit and the sports kit is actually 14.99, so it’s about 1500. So my thinking is well, you know that’s kind of like mavic 2 pro territory with the hasselblad lens. So i don’t know the cinema. Kit is 1899, and that also includes uh extra propellers and a battery, and it includes nd filters as well too, which i don’t typically use in shots um. I did the starter kit and then i did the add ons and basically that took me to roughly about slightly over a thousand dollars. Now. Let me tell you something about the features before we unbox this baby. This is a drone that operate that has 4k 60 frames per second with hdr you’re, basically getting the latest standard, it does go 36 miles per hour autonomously, so that’s enough to keep up with a slow moving car.

It has a 23 minute battery which is equivalent to the mavic series, mavic 2 series: it’s 50, quieter. It has three axes and it has a range of 3.5 kilometers and 3.5. Kilometers is pretty significant because it is about two miles: okay, so now the cool thing about this setup is that it uses intelligence and ai. Some of the people that worked on the tesla autopilot actually went to skidio and uh developed some of the technology. So, anyway, without further ado, let’s go ahead and unbox it. If you remember my other video, the uh dji, they had the zippers on backwards. So let’s see. This is the correct way. All right. I can live with that. So basically it has a wi fi. It has a password removed before flight. Very sturdy got a screen. Thingy does not have a separate compartment for the usbc unless it meant to go here, it does have a sophisticated camera system. Actually it comes with a little uh charging. Brick here, which is in a weird compartment that is probably could be for a battery. I don’t know: uh usbc let’s read the voltage it’s, the 5 9, 12, 15 or 20., so similar to a nintendo switch type of plug. So this is a nice that they’re doing this universal um. The dji also does a 5 9 and 15. removing the scar. This is the battery here, so let’s take that out and we’ve got some propellers in here, but everything is actually pre installed.

It seems i got one. Two i’ve got two extra right here and i ordered a set of four. I guess all right so let’s take that out there and then here is drone wow. It almost feels like it’s, a carbon fiber. All right so i’ve got the wi fi password. Also here kind of replicated so i’ll. Take that out all right and then this battery will go on top right here. It says remove before flight, so unlike the gimbals and the dji product, this thing is red and it actually says, remove before flight, so that should save some grief because there’s a lot of people that always forget it’s got a magnetic attachment here, which is good and Bad it’s, good and bad, because if you’re gon na hit a tree, then you are going to get stuck because the drone might pop this out. So when the drone has a lot of um pressure, let’s just say it’s it’s flying, let me know which way i have no idea which way but let’s just say, it’s, flying like this. Okay, if there is, if it’s gon na hit a tree, it’s gon na try to get impact, and then this is gon na pop out okay. So i definitely don’t like that, because i think it needs to be clipped. This is bin channel, which is kind of interesting, so that has a little fin right there um overall, though very aerodynamic very sleek, feels good doesn’t have a fragile, gimbal sticking out.

Well, this it is here, but is it kind of um enclosed, look at that and got some uh interesting movement there? I can go fpv style, i can go up and down so everything is pretty nicely protected. Um usb c charging on top here, which is very interesting, because that means that i might be able to charge the battery from within the drone itself, which is nice all right and then let’s put this down. We can figure out which direction all right insert the micro sd card. You’Re gon na need a class three or faster connect. The battery you’re gon na attach the battery to the studio two on the bottom, so that’s the bottom charge the battery using the charger and the adapter very nice that it’s uh compact. So the battery is fully charged and lights, not blinking and that’s. It so super easy um. I love that it has a built in charger, so i don’t have to carry a uh, a dji, uh, laptop style board and then let’s go ahead and open up these guys. This is another battery here and then we’re gon na. Do that, because i am kind of curious to see the layout if it fits into the same case or what these boxes, by the way they’re they’re very similar to the dji ones. So when you order a dji, um accessory or a product, it actually comes very similar. Okay, there we go, we’ve got our 4680 and this is a 5 000 milliamp game system.

Here uh. If you haven’t seen my other video reviewing it, then you can. It plays games, so this is definitely heavier than this interesting that they would put the magnets on the battery, though, and it does come with a little tiny bit of charge. Okay and then we’re going to open up this beacon here now. The purpose of the beacon is that this drone will be able to follow you using the beacon locator, so it doesn’t use the same system as the dji. You can actually use this for a precise location, so if you’re traveling in a car, you can get this thing to follow you but i’m going to guess that you’re going to have to charge the beacon and i’m actually impressed that it actually can use if it Actually uses gps to do that. So here is the beacon uh. I got a wi fi, username and password here. It takes in the usbc as well, which is very nice and it’s got. Something looks like a speaker on the bottom, very interesting, doesn’t work when i hold it down charge the beacon use the utilizing the vehicle charging cable powered on by holding the power button power on the skidio2, hold the battery power and then pair it by plugging in The usbc directly into it for 10 seconds and i get to use camera control, so i can actually change the camera angle. I can decrease the range or increase the range and using the stop button i can hover and land so that’s, pretty cool uh.

Actually so it’s a connected vehicle, which i assume means the drone here i’ve removed the uh, remove the gimbal holder, so the drone should be able to power up let’s, see how fast we can get this boy in see this fits this does fit. So this will support this case. Will support two batteries, which is nice and then uh. Where will we hide the usbc charger? Probably up there? I guess now. The cool thing about this is that this actually is a landing pad for the drone. It is actually going to land on the case, which is actually pretty good, because i typically land the drone on a case, if i’m going river, rafting or in a nature environment. Before i landed on something that is a little bit flat all right here, we go let’s, see let’s, see if we get enough juice to pair this, so you’re going to need to get the skinny o2 app, which is on the app store and google play hold. The button down for three seconds to power it up and then you’re gon na pair this for 10 seconds to the drone to get this to work. Thank you so much for watching my video review of the skidio 2 drone. This is an amazing drone and for more information on how to fly it.