The 2k video camera with shock absorption can tilt 90 degrees down to take bird’s eye view. Shots optical flow adapts to various ground textures for stable hovering, indoors brushless motor with aviation propellers for the highest aerodynamic efficiency built in metallurgical gear, shaft for smooth movements, ultra hydrate steel precision, material used to create the high quality fuselage, a military grade battery that is safe And durable with a longer flight time of up to 26 minutes, hs 720 has been redesigned from the ground. Up. Beautiful landscapes are everywhere to capture this beauty. You need to find the best perspective. The hs720 helps you achieve this with ease Music, gps, cloneless, dual mode positioning system achieves fast, accurate and stable positioning real time. Video transmission for a totally immersive experience awaken your desire for flight, see things from the air that are not possible from ground. Photography enjoy unprecedented sensory experience, Music with just one click. One can engage orbit mode and capture yourself with your surroundings. Music, each expedition can be played back perfectly for the future it’s easy to plan automatically fly along the path you set. The hs720 will follow you, like your shadow, easily get professional images every time. Intelligent control program makes beginners get started. Effortlessly Music, share your videos and pictures with one click. The rth function will bring the hs720 back to you. Every time get yours today, with the hs720 Music Music meet, spark small colorful, smart, a powerful flying camera that you can take anywhere it’s, so clever it activates by recognizing you just launch it from the palm of your hand, Music, it even returns when you call it And land like this easy can’t get everyone in the shot.

No problem watch as it hovers precisely in place always at your command control it with your hands, remote controller mobile device or dji goggles using gps spark knows where it is, even if you don’t it’ll, even sense obstacles to avoid things in front of it and come Home safely, think you got smooth moves. Sparks footage is smoother. It takes the shake out of your shot. So you look like a pro Applause: Music, not feeling the control sticks, perform preset flight maneuvers with a single click and get those epic shots. Music here’s, a way to stand out from the crowd spark automatically adds shallow depth of field to your photos. If you don’t know how to fly, just tap fly, let’s see if you can handle sport mode spark keeps you in the frame. So all you need to do is act naturally, edit, your epic videos and share them instantly. Spark your aerial creativity anywhere. All you need to do is seize the moment when people say the sky’s the limit. We ask why stop there? This is the relentless spirit and passion of dji, and from that we have created another glimpse at the future of possible. This is the mavic air, the newest addition to the dji family and another great leap forward for the industry. The mavic air takes cues from all of dji’s, landmark drones of the past and yields something unique and new in the process from the sleek chassis to the incredible technology inside it’s, a work of art that produces works of art.

It is incredibly compact, so you can take it everywhere. It’S, exceptionally, light making it nibble in the air without sacrificing stability. The mavic air’s powerful camera is housed inside a compact 3 axis gimbal system and is the only drone of its size to have one capture slow motion in full hd at 120 frames per second and take still photos at 12 megapixels with low latency. The new and improved panorama mode captures stunning 360 degree photos at the push of a button. The mavic air’s optimal flight performance means more time in the air to get all those incredible shots with 21 minutes of total flight time, four kilometers transmission distance and a max speed of 19 meters per second, you can go farther faster. The mavic air striking industrial design is the perfect union of form and function and even with its compact size, mavic air remains stable in unfavorably windy conditions and at higher land elevations, something that was once only possible with larger, more expensive drones. The mavic air is easier than ever to fly. Music. The new apas system allows the mavic air to detect obstructions in real time and fly around them without stopping multiple environment. Sensing cameras ensure the safety of the mavic air while flying with front and back obstacle avoidance. Sensors, the mavic air sees more obstructions faster. Active track now allows multiple object, detection, which means more flexibility for object, tracking, quick shot modes like asteroid and boomerang get you professional camera moves automatically.

The controller is as sleek and compact as the mavic air itself. Removable sticks, sew right inside for an ultra low profile, proclaim your individuality with multiple color options and a full suite of accessories, mavic air, redefines power and portability in a way that only dji could make possible and with the mavic air in your hands, it will feel Like anything is possible Music, so anafi is a flying camera that contains cutting edge, photography, software and hardware. An integrated camera uses a latest generation sensor for spectacular 4k hdr videos and 21 megapixel photos. Hdr adds a far more dynamic range to the image it’s ideal for filming a sunset or a bright blue sky with exposed backdrops and if he is the only drone on the market able to do this. It’S, a camera capable of taking unique photos and videos that just aren’t possible with any other drone in the same category, the camera tilts from 90 to plus 90 degrees vertically and takes shots from all angles: Music. The camera is equipped with a wide angle, lens featuring 110 degree, diagonal field of view. The optic was specifically designed to limit lens flare in all lighting conditions. We integrated an up to two time: losses: digital zoom and an up to three time standard digital zoom, the zoom led us to create a brand new smart journey called dolly zoom, better known as the famous vertigo effect Music at dji. True innovation is seeing the bigger picture.

Every iteration is the culmination of all that we do to bring you the very best here’s everything you’ve been waiting for and beyond. This is mavic 2.. The aircraft comes in two new additions: mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom. Both cameras, utilize dji’s latest 3 axis gimbal technology, ensuring smooth stable footage in any situation. Mavic 2 pro commands a powerful one inch sensor, offering you greater image quality with superior light and color performance. Co, engineered with hasselblad the new camera houses, an adjustable aperture lens for more control over your lighting, environment capture, stunning aerial photos and 20 megapixels with extreme detail. Mavic 2 pro supports a 10 bit d log m color profile that yields higher dynamic range for more flexibility. In the grading room, mavic 2 zoom is all about dynamic perspective with a two times optical zoom lens. It offers greater safety, efficiency and more creative opportunities. The 48 millimeter focal length compresses your perspective, enhancing the parallax effect for a classic cinematic look you’re able to punch in quickly for a tighter shot, even from 100 meters, away keeping a safe distance from your subject. Don’T be fooled by its size: mavic 2’s zoom lens is powerful, constantly adjusting to your commands for seamless, zoom control and auto focus tracking. This keeps your subject clear. While you focus on framing mavic 2 zoom gives you access to dolly zoom for an otherworldly warped perspective. Both editions record 4k video with an advanced h.

265 compression, so your images retain even more detail. Speed things up in a dynamic aerial hyperlapse, with a simple tap of a button. Four different modes, give you a variety of shots for any time lapse situation. Mavic 2 also supports enhanced hdr, photo an improved technique that blends a sequence of photos for greater dynamic range and image clarity. It wouldn’t be a mavic if it couldn’t go with you anywhere anytime. We kept that same foldable, design and tweaked a few things that make a world of difference. After countless hours of research and testing, mavic 2’s refined chassis and low noise propellers make it dji’s most advanced aerodynamic aircraft. To date, these subtle yet powerful improvements give you a smoother quieter flight for greater discretion when the situation requires. Mavic 2 extends your creative potential with up to 31 minutes of flight time and a max speed of 72 kilometers per hour in sport mode. The all new occusync 2.0 provides a 1080p transmission signal up to 8 kilometers, so you can edit full hd footage directly from the cache on your mobile device. 2.4 to 5.8 gigahertz. Auto switching offers better performance in environments with busy signal interference for the first time. In a dji drone, mavic 2 boasts obstacle: sensors on all sides of the aircraft, its digital nervous system, continually transmits data to a new, more powerful central processor. The aircraft analyzes every inch of its surroundings to move around obstacles without stopping. So you can focus on capturing the perfect shot when you have a need for tracking at high speeds, stay fully immersed in the action with active track 2.

0, aided by its vision systems, mavic 2 maps, a 3d view of the environment for greater accuracy and tracking up To 72 kilometers per hour, trajectory prediction: algorithms also help to maintain course, when your subject is blocked by an obstruction. Dji goggles users can enjoy an enhanced experience with a clearer video feed and lower latency when it comes to portability or quality. Small details or the big picture, your vision or reality, mavic 2 brings the best of both worlds, so you can explore the outer reaches of your imagination and create content that truly feels out of this world Music. What do you need for incredible aerial? Imaging a brilliant camera, an aircraft you can trust and the intelligence to make every shot cinematic. The new phantom 4 pro has all this and much more. The phantom 4 pro camera has an f 2.8 aperture mechanical shutter and large one inch sensor coming together to make brighter more detailed imagery record cinematic 4k video at higher bit rates with more advanced compression and a wider dynamic range 4k 60 frames per second recording gives You stunning detailed slow motion. Aerial video, the phantom 4 pro is as adept at stills as it is with video capturing every detail. At 20 megapixels, its mechanical shutter eliminates rolling shutter bending grab the perfect moment using burst mode Music. All of this makes the phantom 4 pro the most advanced aerial camera ever found in the phantom series. The phantom 4 pro is now a huge step forward i’m taking photos of the lava when it’s darker out and the glow of the lavas coming off of it.

The image sensor that’s in this camera now is one inch sensor 20 megapixels. That extra dynamic range allows me to really get everything into one shot and landscape. That’S extremely important, see your shot clearly, even in direct sunlight with the new ultra bright 5.5 inch monitor that’s. More than twice as bright as most tablets inside is dji light bridge technology. It automatically detects interference and switches from 2.4 to 5.8 gigahertz transmission at takeoff, cutting through the noise for more reliability. The built in monitor on the phantom 4 pro is so bright, i’m actually able to see in direct sunlight and that’s, really allowing me to compose my shot and get. What i really want to capture active track has now been expanded with three new intelligent flight modes profile tracks, your subject horizontally from any side spotlight locks the camera on a subject. While you fly in almost any direction. Circle swings 360 degrees around the subject. Tapfly has also been improved, adding reverse tap fly, making it perfect for aerial selfies flying the phantom 4 pro is even more worry. Free. A set of rear visual sensors has been added to existing forward and downward sensors combined with new infrared obstacle sensors on its sides. The phantom 4 pro has five directions of sensing. If image signal is lost, it returns home while dynamically, avoiding obstacles and even flies back along its original flight path. Until signal is regained, every minute in the air counts.

The new high capacity battery flight time has been increased to 30 minutes when it comes to speed. The phantom 4 pro is 10 miles per hour, faster, with full support of its obstacle. Sensing systems with its stunning camera one inch sensor ultra bright, monitor obstacle, sensing and intelligence. The phantom 4 pro brings professional quality aerial, imaging and flight capabilities to more pilots around the world Music Music Music. At its launch, the inspire one was a revolution. It turned tens of thousands of people into aerial filmmakers and now appears on professional film sets around the world. The inspire 2 builds on this foundation, empowering filmmakers to be more creative than ever, whether flying as a team or operating as a single pilot. A dedicated two axis stabilized fpv camera with independently adjustable pitch, gives the pilot a personal live feed, bring the camera up to move any way they need to to get the shot. Top speed is boosted to 58 miles per hour 94 kilometers per hour, and ascent and descent is also accelerated. This speed doesn’t come without protection. Dji’S unmatched flight autonomy system comes to the inspire 2, bringing with it an extended range close to 100 feet, meaning faster flight with protection from what it can see. It also adds an infrared sensing system placed on top of the inspire extending obstacle avoidance to obstructions overhead. The new dual battery design increases flight time hitting a maximum of 27 minutes when using the x4s camera and also provides battery redundancy self heating systems mean the inspire 2 can be flown in extreme cold.

The zenmuse x5s micro, four thirds camera now has a 20.8 megapixel sensor with better pixel performance. It is capable of capturing 5.2 k at 30 frames per second, as well as 4k at 60 frames per second. It also supports cinema, dng and prores. Recording you just kind of look at it, you go like that’s, really small, but how can this little small thing give these big results? Normally, i wouldn’t think of it using a drone for normal shots, but kind of made. This really simple shot easily and look great and i’m really i’m. Just i’m telling you i’m really picky. The inspire 2 is dji focus compatible for precision, focus control, a broad range of micro, four thirds lenses are also supported, including zooms from nine millimeter to 45 millimeter. The 485 is pretty beautiful on this camera. We use that a lot for close ups and has a great depth of field, and this makes me feel, like you know, that’s kind of cinematic. For me, the inspire 2 image processor, known as cinecore 2.0 offers cinema dng, prores h.264 and h.265 recording onto a detachable pcie ssd drive with a maximum read and write speed of six gigabits per second or a micro sd card. Prores is a widely used delivery method for post production, offering flexibility for editing, while not compromising image quality, but to get the absolute most out of what you shoot. The inspire 2 also captures raw acquiring content on raw.

Just gives you more information to work with. In your post process, the raw native cinema, dng format, gives you the most dynamic range possible of that camera basically takes full advantage of the sensor and everything that it can see there isn’t one shot that we compromised for detail for color purity for separation, maybe just For black for low light detail highlight detail, but i never could have told you that this particular footage came from a drone it’s just too good new intelligent modes, including spotlight, pro and profile, make cinematic shots easier for production teams and even for single operators. Spotlight pro keeps the camera locked on the subject rotating beyond 360 degrees to fix the target in frame as inspire flies while profile mode turns the camera to capture the subject’s profile as the inspire flies forward by maintaining forward flight obstacle, sensing systems are able to protect The aircraft, the onboard fpv camera, separates the flight view from the main camera view effectively giving the inspire 2 a dedicated tap fly, camera just tap on the screen to fly in that direction and focus on camera control during return to home the primary camera with a Maximum sensing range of 200 meters is used to effectively avoid obstructions live tv broadcasting has also been enabled natively through an optimized broadcast mode. That streams smooth video at the 1080i, 50 and 720p60 live broadcast standard. The inspire 2 brings better quality images, more power and more intelligence to professional aerial filmmaking setting the stage for more filmmakers to take to the sky.

Hey everyone i’m alejandra with auto robotics today, we’re going to cover the basics of the evo, welcome to the flight deck. As you know, the evo is the latest evolution in drone technology. Let’S. Take a look at evo’s compact design. The evo aircraft is a foldable quadcopter, with a stabilized 3 axis, camera gimbal and an integrated 4k ultra hd camera to fully deploy evo. We will need to unfold the top arms first and then the bottom arms when folding up the evo start with the bottom arms and then the top arms at the front of the aircraft. We have two computer vision: cameras that are part of the visual navigation system used for obstacle avoidance and other autonomous features below the 4k ultra hd camera built on a 3 axis stabilized gimbal let’s remove the gimbal guard by squeezing the sides and pulling down the 3 Axis gimbal is made up of 3 motors on the pan tilt and roll axis on the front of the camera. There is a uv filter to protect the camera lens. This uv filter can be removed and replaced with compatible neutral density filters, also known as nd filters. We will talk about nd filters and when to use the right filter in another video on the right side of the evo under the air vent is the micro sd card. Slot evo includes a 32 gigabyte, u3 micro sd card and can support up to a 128 gigabyte class 10 micro sd card at the rear of the aircraft.

We will find the power button holding this down for 3 seconds. Will power up the aircraft? Then we have the near ir sensor used for obstacle avoidance under the cover. We have a micro, usb port used for importing photos and video to your computer, and then the pairing button used to pair a remote controller to an aircraft. Your remote controller will already be paired when the aircraft arrives from the factory the bottom plate on the aircraft acts as a heat sink. We will also find the rest of the visual navigation system consisting of two ultrasonic sensors and two optical flow cameras. At the end of each arm, we have an led light indicator and a motor. The evo has two clockwise motors and two counter clockwise motors, each with a quick release. Propeller mount to install or remove propellers easily to install the propeller match the propeller to the corresponding motor by color, align the propeller, then press down and twist to lock the propeller in place and finally, on the top of the aircraft is a battery release button. When removing the battery from evo pick it up and press down on the button, then slide the battery towards the rear of the aircraft to install the battery, align it and slide towards the front of the aircraft. You will hear an audible click to replace the gimbal guard, hold the aircraft upside down, squeeze the sides and align the gimbal with the camera until it is in place.