An integrated camera uses a latest generation sensor for spectacular 4k hdr videos and 21 megapixel photos. Hdr has a far more dynamic range to the image, its ideal for filming a sunset or a bright blue sky with exposed backdrops, and if he is the only drone on the market able to do this. Its a camera capable of taking unique photos and videos that just arent possible with any other drone in the same category, the camera tilts from minus 90 to plus 90 degrees vertically and takes shots from all angles. Music. The camera is equipped with a wide angle, lens featuring a 110 degree, diagonal field of view. The optic was specifically designed to limit lens flare in all lighting conditions. We integrated an up to two time: lossless digital zoom and an up to three time: standard digital zoom. The zoom led us to create a brand new smart journey called dolly zoom, better known as the famous vertigo effect Music. This is mavic air 2.. You may have some questions like so whats different. Well, lets start with the larger sensor: theres a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto every shot is a masterpiece, Music yeah, but photos arent. Really my thing: dont worry weve got you covered Music. It also does 4k 60p video. You can also slow things down way down and yes, theres hdr video hows the flight time, its fantastic youre.

Looking at up to 34 minutes in the air, a new record for the mavic series, weve added ocusync 2.0, so you can fly longer and see clearer what, if im, not a great pilot thats where focus track comes in so you can fly like a pro Music Or just press a button, the best part automatic obstacle avoidance okay. But what do i do with all these shots? Heres an idea use the dji fly app to edit and share your moments with just a tap so whats different a whole lot. Music Applause Music join us as we explore some of the most exciting features of dji mavic 3.. Music, Music, mavic 3 features a stunning hasselblad camera with a four third cmos sensor. Having such a large sensor on a drone of this size is an absolute novelty compared to smaller sized sensors. It lets you capture images at higher dynamic range and better low light performance. The 5.1 k video resolution gives you incredible details and provides plenty of room for resizing and reframing in post. Mavic 3 delivers epic slow motion shots with up to 120 frames per second in 4k. To get the most out of your footage. Mavic 3 cine uses the apple prores 422 hq codec, which is the industry standard for high quality video, together with the 10 bit color depth and d log image profile. It opens up a professional level of editing flexibility. Mavic 3 cine makes sure you dont run out of storage by integrating a massive one.

Terabyte ssd drive directly into the drone. If you prefer professional, looking results without post processing. The hasselblad natural color solution provides incredibly rich and accurate colors straight from the camera, but mavic 3 doesnt just have one camera explore mode unlocks an additional half inch sensor, tele camera for up to 28 times, zoom Music, with the attachable wide angle, lens youre. Finally, able to shoot still images and video at an impressive 15.5 millimeters. The new dji rc pro controller offers a more precise and convenient control experience, along with a crisp ultra bright display to perfectly frame your shots. Reliable video transmission is crucial. The o3 plus video transmission makes sure your connection stays smooth even over long distances or in complex environments. Mavic 3 stays in the air for up to 46 minutes. So you dont have to worry about missing the perfect shot anymore because of low battery Music. Multiple visual sensors enable accurate recognition of objects. Omnidirectionally. That means mavic 3 can automatically sense and avoid obstacles during flight, even when moving sideways and backwards. This also allows active track 5.0 to be more advanced than ever before, providing safe and reliable tracking even of fast moving subjects in complex environments. It also enables mavic 3s advanced return to home function, as it combines these sensory capabilities with real time data to intelligently plan and fly an optimum route back to the home point. The master shots function, automates complex aerial movements and allows anyone to get professional looking shots with its powerful camera performance, intelligent safety features and some of our most advanced flight technologies.

Ever the new dji mavic 3 is a must have for professional content creators. This is imaging above everything. This is dji mavic. 3..