? It took me quite a while till i decided to purchase this drone, but once i did boy do i love it. So lets dive into it, whats up everybody and welcome back to my channel, where i review products that i actually use. This is going to be an update video from the last drone video on which i was sent. The pretensic mini drone and ill link that video here, if you havent watched that one. But if you have know that the critiques on that were all fixed by this, so i took the plunge im also going to be giving away this drone. So this is the one that i was sent by protest. I used it bistro, so this is the one that i was sent by protest. I used it. I like it, but you know what im gon na give it away so to enter in to get the drone make sure youre subscribed. You, like you, share, and you comment in the video and i will pick at random someone to send this drone and then uh if youre picked at random. I will reach out to you to get your address and ship you this drone, so i bought this dji mini 2 at bus buy, but i will link in the description below where you can purchase it on amazon. It comes with this box. Everything in this box is in this case, so, as you know, i test everything, so all the boxes are in there.

I put everything in the case this has been with me on trips to maryland, to new york and i will post video of the actual drone flying over that you can see the quality of the drone, but basically in the pack youre going to get this nice Carrying pouch instructions: this is the controller three batteries, the drone itself, charging port, propellers and also extra thumb, screws, a screwdriver to take the props off and the cord that goes to this, which is somewhere, but i just dont have it: ah, no those are different ones. So this will work with iphone or android, whichever one you want to use, but it does give you the adapter cords for either one so as far as how everything works so the controller everything plugs in with usbc to charge. So you plug the usbc in here. It charges the controller. I honestly dont know how long this thing lasts, because ive flown it a bunch of times and have never recharged this one. Yet three batteries are good for 30 minutes each so an hour and a half flying time, obviously landing to replace the battery same thing usbc and it will charge by the lowest battery first, so it charges one then the next then the third. So if you have three dead batteries, it takes quite a while to charge all three because they do them one at a time, and you can also plug in the usb port here and plug to a c to charge the controller same way.

Now. As for the controller, you pull this up, this is where your phone is going to sit. It will hold. I have an iphone, i have an iphone xr and i use that when im flying the thumb screws that go in your control points are located in the bottom of the unit. So you pull these out screw these in. These are super tiny, which is why im glad they sent extras. I havent lost one yet, but they have fallen out as i was taking them out. I lost them and fell in the gravel, so it took me a month to find her grass but im glad they come with extras. So theres three different modes, theres normal cinematic and sport. I usually keep it on normal and never has any problems. You can theres a button to record video and pictures, but honestly i do it right through the app. So if i want to take a picture, i just hit the app that it comes with and go that way. The camera tilt is controlled by this. So up down, you can go all the way up and shoot straight down or you can shoot straight ahead as youre flying. It also has a button to take pictures and yeah really cool range on this is stated at five kilometers. I have pushed it to that, but ive never tried anything farther than that. It does have a automatic return home. So if you lose a signal or a battery gets low, it will go up to a certain height which you set in the app and then return to the point where it launched.

The drone itself comes really compact. It has a gimbal protector, so the camera doesnt get jarred around as youre moving it and then a strap to hold all your propellers down really simple to put out. I was kind of worried when i bought it, because i look at the plastic and it freaks me out – has a memory card slot in the back to be able to put a memory card for recording, but it also does record on your phone. You can also charge the battery to the usbc, but i usually use this anyway. Battery opens up there im not going to take this off. If you take it off the camera just wiggles, but it allows it to roam freely. It does sit at kind of an angle when its launching so sometimes you do have some grass that can get up here. The things i bought with it that help with that is. I bought a landing mat, ill post, the picture here and a link below, but that helps to no matter what surface youre on, if its grass or pavement rocks things like that, it protects the underbelly of it. Now lets talk about the three things i like and lets talk about the three things i dislike the three things i like it has phenomenal photography. It has phenomenal video. I will like i said, im going to be overlaying the video as we go over the drone, but the quality and the clarity of the video is second to none.

I also like the fact that this thing has stability like you would not believe i was always afraid with the other drones, where, if you put it up in the windy conditions that it just blows all over the place afraid of losing it never had an issue With this, ive actually seen videos on youtube where they use a leaf blower to blow it around, but this thing has gone up in very windy weather and had no issues at all. Again, i dont put it up if its severely windy, because im like its not worth losing it, but i i did opt for so dji has a program that if you, when you buy the drone, i believe its 50, its like an insurance. It covers flyways damage things like that water damage. If it would drop. I highly recommend that so the total cost it was 4.99. I think for the drone, an extra 50 bucks for the registration of the dji insurance so 549 to me its its well worth it. If you have any reason to use a drone or just want to get cool videos, cool shots of your roof or properties, or even if you do like we do and go out camping and do those types of videos, i highly recommend it. I was leery at the price point, but once i got it, i dont regret it at all. So let me know about your experiences. What do you think about this one? Would you get the pro which you would you not three things i dislike? I dislike how the batteries charge.

I would like something that charges all three batteries at the same time, but then again, i have never flown more than one battery, usually 30 minutes and im kind of bored with it or or ive gotten all the shots that i want. Second, would be nice if the thumb screws would fold down in or pop up or something so you didnt have to worry about losing them number three i dont. Sometimes i dont like how the placement of the phone is. If you dont hit it correctly, itll hold down the one of your buttons and you could get an emergency send signal or something like that. So you just have to watch when you put this in, but it will hold a decent sized phone, even a mini. I guess mini tablet, no just large phone and then your plug plugs in here again it comes with all the plugs for android or iphone, and it even comes with a usbc to usbc for future, if apple or android decides to go to a different charging style. But thats pretty much it for this again highly recommend it the downsides arent that downside, but the it is definitely more of a value if you want to buy it.