Annapurna, you see i two of them. This is my old one and i actually bought a new one im going to tell you why i choose to get a second of exactly the same jacket. This jacket have been with me for four to six years. I dont really remember, but, as you see, i still use it, the blue one, you can see it in the videos from the tour this winter. My name is mati im working as a full time guide up in northern sweden. We do dog, sled tours hiking tour. Canoe tours and so on, but you can see that more in the channel, if youre checking today its 30 below zero, so its a good day to talk about clothes that give you insulation a jacket like this. The work that jacket should do is not making you warm. The jacket should keep you warm. So what you need is a good isolation from the jacket this jacket im going to talk about today is mountain equipment annapurna. As you can see, this is a super warm jacket, but today i still wear a puffer jacket under it. So this is another jacket you can see in our puffer jacket review in an earlier video, a lot of people who do dog, sled tours and snowmobile tours up here, theyre using more heavy duty, parkas jacket with good isolation. Some years ago, four to six years ago, stina and i decided to get a lighter down jacket.

This jacket is only 1.3 kilo, its very light and when you pack it its just a small bag that you can put into your sled or whatever you can have it in the backpack back in the snowmobile or wherever one thing we was worried about with this Jacket is that the fabric is so sensitive, so we would rip it. If you compare to the parkas jacket, they have usually waterproof very heavy shell outside the way. How we use this jacket is that when were dressing, the dog team, when were packing dogs when were loading up the sled when were loading up the snowmobile whatever we do, then we put this away. We dont wear it. If its not super super cold, then we usually wear something else like this. Before we step on the sled or on the snowmobile, we take this big jacket on that should keep us warm ive, been using my mountain equipment annapurna for four five six years. I dont really remember actually, but i use it a lot and i wear it when im feeding dogs – sometimes i wear it when i drive dog, sled and snowmobile, i always wear it when its cold stina bought her jacket one year before me and she still use Her same – and this is my first one that i have here on me – the blue one. Now i actually get the new one. Also, this this model of mountain equipment and purna have exist since 40 years.

I dont know if there have been some some adjustments or something like that, but the model is 40 years old, thats. Quite a long time. The jacket is light, so its really very, very nice jacket to wear you dont get tired of your neck. You dont get tired from carry because, when youre working outside a lot long extended times 20 hours in a row or something like that, when its cold, your body gets tied from carry heavy clothes. This one is light and i can really recommend you to carry a lightweight down jacket if you havent tested that, before the fabric, the outlayer fabric, this is not waterproof, it should be water resistant, but you dont wear down jackets if its raining, if its raining its Warm put this away, put it in a dry bag and put it dont use it. If its raining, you have another jacket on the top of your puffer jacket or something different clothes. So i dont want down jacket to be waterproof. I want the down jacket to give away all moisture it can give away, because when you wear it and youre working, you get moisture inside the jacket and it should go away transport away from the down. Another thing thats really important to check when you buy down jacket and this mountain equipment annapurna has something that called down codex. They guarantee that they havent picked it down from birds that are still alive. They guarantee that you can follow and tracking the down and find where the down comes from and that there is some good places they are taking them down from.

I dont know if its actually more better, that they kill the bird first and take it. It depends on what theyre doing with the bird, if you are vegetarian or vegan down close, is maybe something you should think about, not using anyway check, always when you get down things. Where does the down come from? I think thats, a kind of kind of important stuff down have different kind of fill power. This jacket have 700 as a fill power. Some feel power is 700. 800 900. This is anyway warm enough for me light enough for me. If you go to higher field power like 900, the price pop up, but you also get a warmer jacket if you compare to the weight, but for me this is totally enough. The jacket have this down down here in the arms and everywhere over the shoulder in the shoulder part here on the jacket. They have put another kind of feeling they have put the synthetic feeling because usually down falling away from this part. So i am really happy with that, because that havent been problem on top of here on this jacket, its also a little bit stronger fabric over their shoulder, and this part – and i think thats also make the jacket living longer. I think thats good the zipper with all one. I have problem that its sometimes this fabric gets stuck into the zipper. That is something i dont like with this jacket.

If i look at the new one, it is similar so that that will be sometimes you had to take it up and forward a few times down jackets like this, if youre driving a lot of snowmobile, the best jacket for snowmobile driving have zippers on the hips, If you look at canada ghost jackets, they have a zipper on the hip. If you dont have the zipper on the hip. The jacket usually starts opening from down here when youre sitting with the legs to the side. So, but i anyway like this jacket very much, so there is a small button in the bot here that you can close, but i have problem that this bottom is opening and the jacket starts shipping up from the bottom. That dont happen. If im walking with snow shoes, if im just going around its not happening when i driving dog sled, either its only when im sitting with my legs on each side of a snowmobile, then that happen. And then you get cold air into the jacket and thats. Not super nice, if were looking at the pockets, you have two good pockets out here. These pockets are perfect for small things, theyre quite big anyway, but you can put gloves telephones and so on there. You also have these two pockets here. They are really nice uh and a lot of room. Some really good thing with this jacket is this net pocket here you can store. I drop a camera lens here.

I can actually drop my whole camera there sometimes and gloves. You also have another big pocket on the other side, with a zipper that you can close, also good. You can have notebooks and everything in this nice pocket. My first microphone died. I had to do some part of it again. The hoodie on the jacket is really warm. This hoodie we have changed a little bit by ourselves, its the same with tina. You can see on the red jacket she used im, not happy with the hoodie. I will show you with the new jacket here, because im not happy with the hoodie, the hoodie dont protect your face from wind on the side. The hoodie should go more forward. It should be like a tube in front of your face if you want to get a real protection. If you can get the tube in front of your face, you get like an air pillow, and then you dont get frostbite in your face. This jacket dont. Have it i dont know how to make a solution for that. I dont know if im going to try to find a thinner jacket. I can have in under this with that thing or if i had to try to add something on the jacket. If you are a skier, this is not the problem. If youre a skier, you dont use this jacket while youre moving, you dont use it in snowstorm. If youre a skier, you use it as a insulation jacket when you stop with the camp in the camp.

Stop for lunch sitting on the top of the mountain or whatever, and then you dont really need this tube. Then you have the tube on your storm jacket for me who use it while driving dog, sled or snowmobile. I would love to have that tube on my hoodie, its possible to sip off the hoodie. I dont really know why you should sip off the hotel, maybe if you drive snowmobile and have helmet, but usually, if you have a jacket like this, you want even the warm hoodie, so the zipper on the hoodies. For me, i dont need it. I they could take that away actually and make something else in front of the houdi that had been a better jacket for me. Actually, if youre, looking at the at the arms on the jacket, its the kind of thing down here that close you dont get snow in you, dont get wind in here uh. You can actually close like this and pull the glove on top of this things. That are not good on the jacket like this, its usually things that you think about the arms and how this is constructed is actually detail. I never was thinking about it just working somehow, so i think actually, this is a good way. Of course, if you put the arm in the fire, you burn the jacket. Of course, if you use it violent, you destroy it. So this is just natural damaged. After four five or six years, using so mountain equipment annapurna, i would say all over its a kind of good jacket, its really lightweight its a lot of jacket for the money you pay.

My jacket has started collapsing with the down, but it had been soaking wet. Ive been using it for many years, ive been pushed into the dog sled and i havent treated really well. I have really lived with this decade, so, of course it starts collapsing after some years. If you think this jacket is expensive, you should see close as in investment, dont just buy clothes, buy few clothes and, if youre looking into your equipment, there is few things you always use and a lot of things that you never use, try to find out what Things do you need what things do you use and put more money into good stuff that you use instead of little bit money into a lot of stuff? I saw some investigation right now that a lot of people all over in the ghetto that you use maybe 28 of the clothes i dont really remember, but most of the clothes you dont use during a year. Most of the clothes is just hanging there and you actually dont know that you have them more or less its. Only a few parts of the things that you gather that you actually use when youre living in yokmok north sorotic circle, the temperature go down to minus 48 degrees, sometimes, and you still have to go out working. The dog need food every day and we have people arriving and want tours. Then you need good stuff. You need good equipment thats.

The reason why i choose to buy a new jacket and this jacket started to collapse. So it was time for me to get a new deck, yet i think that was all from me today, its quite cold for my hands. I will go in now and have a cup of coffee. If you like this video, please give it thumb up subscribe.