. Now a lot of people have kinda already done this, though so, instead of me just reviewing and comparing these drones, why dont I let the drones speak for themselves. Yeah, okay, Sound good drones! All right, I think thats, the plan. Mini 2 start us. Off. Lets go: Hey, yall, Im, the second Mini You can take me with wherever you go cause Im, so itty bitty forest or in a city. Weigh less than 250 grams Im in a class of my own float like a feather but still fly like a drone. Im a stone and your thrones are glasshouses. You better scurry, like mouses. My price is low, like my ounces. Under 500, yet over 30 minutes of flight time 4k, video 6 mile range and DJI Fly. Pro or beginner. I make you a winner. Im, no frills and cheap thrills like a good TV dinner.. I am the Sparks revenge., The Minis second coming. Creators all around the world on a budget yelling Amen, So Mavic Air, 2 and Mavic 2. Pro yall are family to me. So I wont go for low blows, but just know when they go and choose to upgrade to you its the Mini 2 that got them hooked on all the things that drones do., Whoa Whoa, Easy there Mini 2. You are punching well above your price range And remember. This was just supposed to be a little friendly, rap battle sparring match between drones that are from the same company so chill before you put in that next battery.

. Alright, Air 2 Air 2S. You guys good to tag team. This verse, because, honestly, at this rate, its going to be longer than your flight times Aright Is that good, Okay, all right take off those gimbal covers heres the mic guys and lets see what you got: Im the Mavic Air 2. But not also. Air is in the name cause Im lite like balsa., First drone with an ADS B receiver. So Im well aware that no one else is flying. In my rarified Air., I got 8k hyperlapses 48 megapixels three axis. Cutting edge like a room full of axes. Less than 1000, with taxes. Up your game and dynamic. Ranges. Get your list to all the changes. New control, the first generation. Air 2S Nah Im the midrange est. Alright Thats enough little bro. Time to get back to back with Air 2S. Bridge the gap between the seas. Suez. Got that 1 sensor so pro, but a price thats right for consumers. Specced out 5.4K sensors 4 way, OcuSync 3.0. I got all that you need, plus a little room to grow.. Just say: Give me some Air Yeah. Give me some Air. You dont want a Mini its only good as a spare. Yo and Mavic 2 Pro Thats. The old sequel Were the goldilocks of drones, good for all people. Ohhh Air 2 and Air 2S.. Damn They should call you too fire 2 fire 2s or something I dont know …, Either way guys please, in the future, have more respect for your elders and be nicer to the Mini 2.

. Okay, Come on now. Mavic 2 Pro. Thank you for being so patient. Youre the last drone to go so I hope youve gotten your batteries, all charged. Um …, what even rhymes with Hasselblad I dont know but yeah. Here we go: take the mic: its yours. Yo, Im, the old original, the pro the fly est., But less than four years old, so Im not ready to retire. These new drones coming for my spot. They better watch their back If only the Mini 2 had sensors. That could do that …. They call me Mavic 2 Pro for a reason I put the Pro in Prosumer best, believe it yeah., They say Im too fat. I think Im the right weight. Light enough to travel but still handle any windy. Day. Video 4K, with a 1 sensor, yo a Hasselblad lens and 10 bit, so the colors show., No fixed focus, hocus pocus Got manual controls and an aperture that closes down to better adjust exposure. Beeping, Oh Low battery alert.. But before I RTH, I really got ta assert. You two should fly back to your league with other toys like Tello leave serious pilots to me Ill tell Inspire you to hello. Who won Whos next, You decide Wait! Wait! No! This isnt Epic Rap Battles of History! This is uh Awesome, Drone Battles of Now story or something.. I dont know Ill have to workshop that for the future., But if youre still watching uh.

This is the end of the video so yeah. I hope you found it somewhat informative, while also being fairly entertaining.. If you did like it, click like subscribe, maybe for more videos like this and even leave a comment down below letting me know which drone you think potentially won the rap battle or maybe even if you want to see a different tech, rap battle or Mavic 3 Verse in the future … I dont know, but that is it for today guys. So thank you very much for watching Peace, out.