, i’m justin davis, and this is drocams rc, Music what’s up guys. Welcome back to the camps channel, welcome back to camp life today this is the one you’ve been waiting for. This is the holly bro coppus cinewoop 2.5 inch edition center wood for naked dks, gopro beta fpv, smo 4k cameras, or you can run the insta 360 go. It comes with two different camera attachment points which is awesome, but you are clicking on this video because you’re wondering why the thumbnail is such clickbait uh, because it’s another one of those cases where i get to fly just about everything and until it actually comes in The door and i lift off for the first time i don’t know what something is going to do. So i have eight years on the channel now and over 10 years, fpv experience running also single rotors and building up gimbals from original servo gimbals to brushless gimbals. To going into multi rotors with fpv and the whole analog progression to digital, where we are today, so i have a very valid um educated opinion on every single aircraft that comes through my door, all the way down to the the last nut and bolt that’s on This airframe design, holly bro, has done really nice designs with the copper series over the past few years, and this is just another addition to their fleet of offerings. That is a solid, solid release that you can rely on um, first and foremost upon flying the first battery of takeoff.

I immediately noticed that there was almost zero vibes up high with this quad in the dji view, and i have flown other quads recently, like the demon, hd and others that have some jello up high and at the high end of the throttle so uh. This one has hands down one of the best tunes out there right now for a 2.5 inch center whip, and i know the other guys are going to come around and say it’s the best also because when they fly this they’re going to also tell you that It’S one of the best it’s it’s in the top three, if not the best 2.5 out there, so um haters go ahead and get your big bowl of hater soup start gorging and making your comments about you say: everything’s, the best blah blah blah i get to Fly everything and you don’t so yeah, i might know so – and things change from month to month, new things come out and something that comes out two weeks from now could possibly be better than this. However, this is going to be a 2021 staple that is going to absolutely sell out. They’Re gon na sell out the first batch of this one and the second batch and when you watch the review, the the flight part of this video coming up you’re going to see why so i’m going to show you both the dji digital dvr recording from my Goggles, the cadets nebula pro on here and i’m, also going to show you the smo 4k footage um in combination, but what’s so great about this quad is that with all the 4s power on here either a 650 battery or an 850, it holds its own.

It would freestyle with the camera on there and all that extra mass pushing on the flight controller, which is crazy to me, because normally i do a freestyle test without an action camera on there, because the action camera just gives it that little bit of extra push On the flight controller, to make things kind of freak out and give us that tumble that tumble that we’re, looking for in all these quads it’s present in 99 of the quads out there that are this style. This is the pusher uh inverted motor 2.5 inch carbon combo sandwich frame, um it’s, a classic front, end cine whip style frame and you’ve seen tons of on my channel. But this one is not designed drastically different i’m, just not even sure what holly bro did to make this one so good, because it will cinema and it will freestyle without all of the crazy washout. I mean just a little bit of interference to the flight controller on some of these cine whips. The way that they’re balanced out they try to keep things very centered here, but this one doesn’t have that the washout, like the other ones, do um. I can power loop, this thing with an action camera on it and when you take the action camera off, it flies even better because it doesn’t have all that extra wind resistance there. So uh it’s like a it’s kind of like an air break on the frame, because you got this big wide mass of the camera on there, so it would freestyle smooth with the camera on or even better without it.

So this quad has the ultimate duality. It’S. Absolutely worth every single penny of the 300 318 that this one is worth. They also have an analog version, which is around 165 dollars. I’Ll put that up on the screen now um, along with the the nebula version. It comes with external power ready to go on the side of here for plugging straight into whatever your action. Camera is your dks gopro. It comes with another cable off the back here, that’s already soldered up for the rxsr receiver from fr sky. So everything is ready to go on this quad and it’s. I mean holly bro Music. I just had i just had like drop this thing to walk away. I want to start out the video doing that because it’s that good, you guys it’s that i mean i got i can’t even just like you know they did it holly bro, you did it, you did it you, you beat you. You killed the competition with the compass you killed it. The tune is great: it freestyles it freestyles with the camera or without the camera, and the cinema footage looks inside the dvr from the main camera on the drone looks flawless um i’m going to show you this footage now and the proof will be in the footage You guys um so enjoy the footage, enjoy the flight test, the freestyle, the cinema, the power loops with this little guy, um i’m doing stuff, with this particular quad.

That cannot do with other quads. In this same genre, like i can with the coppice. So when we come back after the break i’ll break down this quad on the bench, we will talk about all the components on board and we’ll. Talk about that nice case that you get with the compass and everything included inside the box. But right now, let’s go fly. The way camp’s style is meant to be flown we’re gon na do some full sand flying here we go Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, so Applause Music, all right guys welcome back from one of the most amazing flight tests that i’ve had with any 2.5 inch cinewoop um it’s better than the gap rc cinelog, i said it. The gap rc cinelog is good. It is great it’s a solid release it. It is beautiful, it sold a lot of units um, but yeah i’m here to tell you the truth, um and that’s. The big thing about this channel, like you, know, i’m a huge gap, rc person, i love all the stuff they release. Um. There was some vibes at the higher end of the throttle with the gap rc cinelog, and it would do some tumble and wash out on certain freestyle, maneuvers and holly bro just got it right. I mean you know it’s a great case along with it um that might be the extra cost of this one it’s a little more expensive than the other ones, but this case will accommodate up to a five inch quad in here.

The original hollybrook compass five inch fits in this. You also have inserts that you can take out for your batteries in here. Some extra insert here for a little more space there, but this fits really nicely in here, and this frame is sort of a true x with an extended camera off the front design. Carbon top plate 3k carbon fiber, very nice high quality carbon fiber. We have jim fan props on here. These are the five blade props two bolt configuration we’ve got the 1404 motors on here f1404, and these are 3 800 kv so i’m, just going to zoom into that a little bit for you there and show you that motor it’s an inverted motor design, just like The other inverted 2.5 inch series in this genre. We’Ve got a bumper on the bottom here with a huge capacitor, and we have what’s interesting is that it does have an f4 flight controller in here and all in one f4, which i thought that this would be an f7 with the way it flies. I mean it flies. I i didn’t even know what was on here when i first spooled this up and took it up. I also had to change out the camera mount and i had to splice in a new wire for the connector for my smo 4k here, because this connector didn’t work. This is a different style, jst connector that plugs and snaps in, and this one is for the dks gopro.

This one is for the beta fpv smo 4k, so depending on which one you’re going to run, which camera you’re going to run. It does not come with this little cable right here, but this does come along with the smo 4k, so you can kind of splice into the power there, which is cool so within about 10 minutes a little slaughter job, just snip snip uh. I had my insta 360 smo 4k powered right by this port right here, so this does fit in their case, which i also like. I didn’t have to snip this off, like other brands, and it does fit the insta 360 beta fpv smo 4k, which i think is great and it flies great you can you can’t get a whole lot of camera angle with it maybe up to about 30 degrees. Here, but really i wouldn’t want to go any further and it’s kind of resting on the battery once you put it in, but you have great cable access for the f4 flight controller right here on the side, just go straight in right there and you have rear Access for activating your vista and nebula pro here, which is also really great – and you can get your finger in there to the bind button. You can also fly this with the dji controller, which is super super great. This bound up with my cadex vista. It did not have another receiver on here when i received it from holly bro, so i was happy that i could fly with this controller and these are really easy to set up and bind if you’re, considering buying dji setup.

This is great, makes my life way easier and the sticks just work with s plus in the serial receiver provider. Tab inside betaflight so very easy to set up and get your sticks moving in the receiver tab in betaflight no problems there. So this one was one that i just set up really quickly. It also comes with some extra foam, eva foam. It comes with your wiring diagram, which is cool for your dks gopro. Where everything goes there, you have t4 for record. You can set that up as a function in beta flight, which is super cool on a switch we can do ground and then this is your voltage range from 7.4 to 26 volts for that particular cable coming up, which is kind of cool the rxsr receiver, cable. Back there, which i showed you before on the quad we’ve, got our cherry antenna back there and it’s, giving us some other notes in here about naked gopro setup for the tx4 and it’s telling us to do the cli command prompt in here. Serial rx serial underscore tx4 space 4 and none resource pinio, one: a zero, zero, zero, um and you’re going to have another series of numbers after that and set pinot box, save blah blah blah. So once you enter in all that, then you can go and activate it as a mode in the modes tab which is cool so set that on user one to whatever aux switch you would like, and then you can record without having to hit the button.

I i normally, i just hit the button you guys, so i like to keep things simple but it’s nice, that they give you that information in there so um yeah, just which is really cool so um. They also show you some information in here about connecting the vista unit and the rxsr, and they have some exploded diagrams in here that are really nice. This assembly guide for all the different various cameras, the camera mount configurations here with different dji cameras, and it shows you how to put on your evo foam, pads or eva foam pads, which is great exploded version and diagrams for taking on and off. One of your: should you break a prop duct, which is cool you. You want to make sure that you use the right length, bolts of course, but i also got two extra ducts in here and these seem like they’re fairly durable and i flew it without the foam pads on there. So the phone without flying, uh flying it without the foam pad, is going to make a difference so it’s going to give you a little bit better performance. When you add the foam ducts on there, this is going to fly a little wonkier and you might actually get wash out, and i haven’t tested that so that’s, something that you guys might want to do on your own, but here’s. The extra 3m sticky tape. That comes along in the box for putting around these once you put that on you peel the other side off, and then you put on your foam duct around the outside of the quad, so that’s that and then also in the box.

You get this insta360 go mount and, to my knowledge, this does fit the the older insta360 go i’m, not sure if it fits the version two that’s coming out, but hopefully this will accommodate both cameras. I believe there might be a little size difference or weight difference in the new version of that camera, but uh yeah, nice case tons of accessories, and this one flies really really good in comparison to the rest of the fleet out there i just i was blown Away by the performance of this quad it’s under 250 grams it’s under 200 grams, with the 4s 650, which is great, this is my battery of choice for this particular quad, and the 850 will also keep this under 250 grams, so kind of wild. If you want to run your sport camera on there of choice – and you want to keep this under 250 grams you’re going to do that with the 650 in combination with the smo 4k and i’ve been having a great time with this camera i’ve got my nd16 Filter on there – and yesterday was a good day to run it because it was super sunny out. It was a perfect day to fly and that footage turned out like really really beautiful. So i hope you guys enjoyed that flight test with this quad. I was just blown away with how well it handled even a low power loop around that sign. I mean full sand.

You guys like low to the ground power loop is something that i never do with these cine whoops. So this guy flies super super solid, backseat vista top mount battery beautiful setup here, and this is not an aio by the way, this is 35 amp esc’s down. Bottom, with the f4 floating up top so it’s, not an all in one board there you do have this plugged into the flight controller. So this is an hd version of a flight controller but cool that they do both analog versions of this for 169 dollars and the 300 version uh for hd. So if you guys are thinking about going hd Music, this one is the one to get i’m, not i’m, not going to say anything more about this quad because it’s fantastic and it has less vibes and performs better freestyle wise than any other 2.5 inch. Cinewoop. That i’ve flown i mean in the past in the past six months, so here we are it’s uh just about april 1st 2021 amps again, we have another home run um out there for you guys, so i will put both of my thumbs up on the screen And i will give this two thumbs up from me: uh honest opinion on this one, and this would be a five star, quad and package. I think everything that comes along with it is great. In the box you get tons of extras extra foam. You get two extra ducts in case you break them and an extra set of props so they’ve got it all.

Two different camera mounts also come with it. The dk’s gopro or your insta360 go. Whichever way you decide to go um this one it’s, my number one right now: it’s my top choice and i’m. Sorry, if the haters don’t like that, but you can’t hate, if you haven’t flown it so um yeah, the other guys are just gon na, buy this and enjoy it, and the haters can just hate so uh anyway. Guys, thanks again for enjoying my honest reviews and um. The proof is in the footage, go back and look at it again. It is. It is a great great flying quad um 2.5 inch roll in the pool, so congratulations to holly bro for all their r d and actually getting a quad out there. That has a freaking nice factory tune on there. Thank you, holly bro, for doing that. So that benefits the entire fpv community and now all the rest of the guys out there, jb and and nick burns and all the other guys albert kim. They will give you some good opinions on this quad too they’re all going to say it’s one of the best um it just is so fly it with your dji, goggles or the analog and just enjoy the coppice, and it is incredible so thanks again guys um I’M going to say bye for now, and i will see you on the next one: please do click subscribe and the notification bell down below for when the new videos come out and if you really enjoy my channel and all the information you get here on the Channel, please do become a patreon.

I really appreciate that you can check out the holly bro links down below. If you want to get the analog or the digital version, either way.