Rc cinelog 35 today were going to take that one out in the field. I have the hd version and i have the analog version. So thanks to gap rc for sending me both and since they did send me both, i think its only fair to do an hd review and an analog review for you guys so im going to do that im going to cover both of those quads for you. They are about a 60 different price point on both of those quads hd versions around 400 and the analog versions around, i believe, around 350, so um yeah, which one should you get thats thats up to you, whether youre flying dji, goggles or youre, flying the analog Skyzone goggles or fat sharks either one will work with the analog version of that quad, but it has a 600 milliwatt vtx on that they also have a 4s and a 6s version of both those quads. I would go with the lower kv version with the 1750 kv motors. If you can get that one snap it up hd or analog, because with the 1750 motors you know what thats all about under 2000 kv, like ive talked about on the channel before you can fly the lion battery so that quad should fly lions on that 1750. Kb motor setup believe they were 2004 series motors well have to double check on the specs coming up, but um. Please do comment down below and subscribe on.

The channel get yourself entered to win this months, drawing which is the flywood center race 20. So super cool little sub 250 gram, uh cinewoops, send it whoop itll also do kind of some mild freestyle, and that was a lot of fun that ones around 350. I believe that were giving away on the channel and its the hd version, one so uh all the bells and whistles on that one, but lets go ahead and have a little more coffee, guys and after that were gon na, go, say hi to the girls. This morning, i think the the chickens are having a good day outside were gon na, go, see them real, quick and then well go do some flying with the hd version and well come back in on the bench and well check it out on ill show. You both of those quads today in this review, what a special day today um. I i think that this one, it might be one of the most dramatic cinema releases, that gap rcs ever done so um, which one should you get the 3 0 or the 3 5 or the two five go with the cine log 35, the bigger they are, The better they fly hands down. This one will handle more winds. Itll fly a little longer and youre going to be able to tote something like a full sized gopro all the way down to the cadx peanut any camera out there.

You can put on this quad and fly more stable than any of the other cine whoops out there. So very smooth, very nice tune on here. F7 flight controller. I mean aio 35 amp escs squads, got it all and full size grommets. On the camera platform. On the front of the quad, so i mean this quads out of control. Lets go ahead and fly it now on a 4s 1100 milliamp battery that just came out from gap rc and well come back to the bench here we go. These enjoy all right. Lets check on our girls over here. How are you girls doing this morning? All right weve got martha wheres poppy poppys right in the middle of the mix. She has a multi color, feather array there, and this looks like this might be cis right up, close or caramel that might be cis over there theyre kind of hard to tell the difference between the two, but its a pretty nice chicken day out here got the Bus stop over there because it is going to rain. I built the bus stop, so they have a place to kind of go outside of their small little kind of urban coop. We want to expand on that, but this ones nice. It has three roosts in there. Oh somebodys getting nippy somebody getting jealous in there theyre picking on poppy all the time poor poppy. There is such a thing as a pecking order, which is kind of sad, but you see it even happen here in the coop, but its really nice to have fresh eggs cant.

Tell you enough about being able to cook with fresh eggs, is so sweet and just watching them is kind of kind of makes you calm, watching chickens looking after something besides yourself, you know taking care of something else, and then they give back to you. So its kind of nice they give us beautiful, gorgeous eggs, all right girls, its time for me to go out and fly here, comes the rain theyre gathering in the bus: stop Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, all right guys welcome back from the flight test of the hd version. This is the syn log, 35 vista pro version. It is the pnp version. You can also get one with tbs crossfire on there or an receiver um. Its awesome four or six s so which one should you get id, get the 6s version um. I unfortunately have the 4s version, but thats totally fine with me. I feel like the 6s version is just going to get you a little longer flight time up in that, like 12 minute range, and then, if you use like a lion pack ill try to put a link down below to a 4s lion pack, you can use The 4s lion pack on the 6s quad, the nice thing about that is, it has low kv motors. So when youre rocking 6s motors at 1750 kv its not going to put a hard amp draw on the lion pack and gab, rc makes a really nice.

3. 000 milliamp pack, so this is the new battery thats specifically made for the cinelog 30. It just came out its the gap, rc 4s 1100 and its 110c, which i think is a pretty nice rating on there for the c rating and its an la hv battery. So a 4.35 volt on that for the top end of the charge so charge this one as an hv battery. So just even still a little longer flight time. Look at how nice and brand new that battery is totally flat on the bottom, no swelling after the first flight balance lead here and an xt30 connector right here for that uh, but yeah. I think i can squeak out, like maybe like um id say, maybe around eight minutes flight time on a cruise um and in the very back back there, you see the original cinelog 30, which this is the one to get. If you want to get something under 250 grams, with a full hd or i believe its around the 200 price point for the analog version of that one, but big difference in the size and im going to show you that in just a second over here on The right hand side in this review: we have the cinelog 35 analog version, and again this one comes in pnp, which is no receiver. You can also get it with crossfire or the rxsr combo. I happen to have the hd version right here with the vista pro on here and thats nice, because i got 700 milliwatt on here, full full range.

If i i would pair this with up with a crossfire. If i were you and do some lion, i know some of you guys were asking which cine whoop could i buy that i could do a lion on well youre. Looking at it right here so get the one with the 6s motors on there, and those under 2000 kv motors are going to give you that nice long flight time im expecting like probably 20 minutes with a decades camera. It has a really nice mounting point up here, and this is a standard gap. Rc 2 bolt configuration mount. You can use other mounts on here like this is the flywheel one, this ones for a decades gopro, and this would mount right up front here. I just cut one side of this off: theres, usually three posts here would give it like ultimate stability, but it is compatible with this mount and again that ones from flywoo. But you can also put the cadets peanut up here. You put a full size, gopro and look at the size of the grommets. I havent seen full size grommets on any quad in quite some time, so four dampening positions. There youve got a couple more bolts back here. If you wanted to move this camera mount for some reason back, you could do that thats pretty sweet. This is a unibody top plate right here and it says cinelog 35 hd on the back and it also says cine log 35 hd on the analog version.

So unfortunately, its not an hd one, but i guess they just printed out on all the frames. Now we do have some inverted motors again on this design. We have the caddix vista right in the center of the stack four bolts up top holding the flight controller down and thats an aio f7 flight controller from gap. Rc f722 35 amp bl heli s, escs youve got a little bumper on the bottom here. For those hard landings, carbon fiber bottom plate – and you know whats cool – is that its actually really easy to get to the f7 flight controller pretty sweet. So i bound mine up to my dji transmitter, which is this only takes a few seconds to do that run. It in s bus, no problem, but four bolts off the bottom. This carbon plate comes off and this cadets is connected to this bottom plate and then it gives you full access to the flight controller in here. So i feel like this design, its its totally stripped down and easy to work on um, some of the other ones out. There are way more complicated to get into. I mean look at this one. For example, we have a bottom plate here here here, and sometimes they dont give you good access to get into things. Some of these frames ive had to actually cut back, and this one appears not to have a straight access well over here, but its really tight.

So this is the spot. You have to get into register your dji vista, thats kind of a pain in the butt. So i like that, on these quads, they have open access to the vista on the bottom right. Here they actually cut out a space in the frame and thats thats, exactly what we need um. I believe it was the flywheels in a race20 i had to take my snips and just actually snip the prop guards apart, and this is thick enough that these almost look like two millimeter abs printed prop guards, and i want you to notice something about this frame Versus some of the other ones, with the foam bumpers, this one has no firm foam on it. First of all and second of all, theyre extremely thin. I mean from top to bottom here so theyve been shortened in the height and they have a lot of airflow through here. So when you are doing flips and rolls with the f7 flight controller, its super smooth and i didnt get any kind of um kickback from the flight controller, no wobbles, and really no washout thats pretty cool on the side over here we have sort of like a Little red piece of foam, its kind of a cool detail, kind of star wars. Looking we have gap, rcs antenna in the back here left hand circular, polarized, nice tall antenna, and you know its like theyve – been paying attention. Ive been saying this for a long time.

On the cinelog 30, for example, we have a short antenna, see this and youre not going to go super far with this one. You can still get 10 to 12 minutes flight time. It also has a wire coming out the side here for your dks gopro um, but yeah this one was a shorter antenna. I wish it was longer because i know we want to be able to send it out there. If i send it, i mean use crossfire and check this one out. This is just an example. Look where the antenna is here, its all the way squashed down into this tpu mount. I mean what the hell so um yeah to get the better signal. All these companies have been making fpv race, quads and cinema quads and cine lifters for so long now, and they know the deal. The antenna really needs to clear the battery wherever the batterys sitting right here. This antenna needs to be above that battery. Sometimes, if the battery is uh higher than where the antenna is, and you turn around to come back thats when you start having fuzzy video, so this alleviates that and thats kind of nice, so you have solid signal anywhere. You put the quad now on the bottom. Also, we have two millimeter bottom plate down here, its kind of thin, but you have this bumper here to protect it. You have a tpu mount for this antenna on the back xt30 with a capacitor here.

The gap rc strap is also big enough to accommodate the new battery. The 1100 battery fits on there, just fine, so thats nice, and this one is the 4s configuration version uh, which is, i believe, 2550 kv. These are 2004 series motors, the gr2004 two bolts on the top plate of the prop here: theyre inverted props. Actually, the props are right side up, but theyre inverted motors and those are the d90 props and we have the cadx polar on here. So for the analog version were running the cadx retell 2, so that is going to be a pretty sweet rig so for beginners. By the way you want to change how fast this flies. All you do is lower the camera for flying slow through tree canopies. If you want to just creep through tree canopy and do some super ultra badass slow cinema video through a tree or get some really small gaps lower the camera angle, if you want to fly faster and freestyle crank it up to about 30 degrees and youre, going To fly way faster, so thats the way we do that, but back here we also have, i believe, a 600 milliwatt analog vtx on this one and you have the same flight controller. We have same motor series setup and here you can see the carbon plate on the bottom. I didnt add the bounce bouncy bumper yet, but they have the vtx on the bottom down here with plenty of airflow.

You still have those same spots for the vista cut into this frame, so its all the same frame. These are by the way, two piece. They are two piece prop guards, and i think this one will keep karens way. So i think karen will pretty much chill out for any of the cinelog series once it gets up and flying these are actually a lot quieter than the 5 inch quads, and something about inverted motors really makes this a lot quieter. So, im happy with the power system on here. I think the hd one is the way to go. If youre gon na do professional cinema video get the hd version, you can really see a lot with dji goggles its just like the way of the future. Hd fpv is its its fantastic. You can frame up your shots and do rule of thirds and really get some unique shots with this type of quad cinema or real estate. Local television, if you needed, like some kind of really nice straight ahead, drone shot you can put in stability mode and just get that kind of straight ahead. Drone shot with a gopro up there. If you want – and with this one you can fly analog 600 milliwatt on here also will go miles out. If you do crossfire, you could also probably rig up some elrs on both of these quads. If you want to, it does have enough uarts on here to be able to handle 2.

4 elrs and 900 megahertz els, so that just came out. 900 is brand new on the street, so everybodys testing that now its kind of the open source, crsf protocol, receiver, series, um and and all of its open source, which i think is super cool, so happy model and beta fpv, both making elrs modules now um its The new hot thing so um some people are turning away from crossfire, but not me yet just yet. I still like crossfire so lets, go ahead and put the analog one on the scale for you just for funsies and were gon na get up to 221 grams, and i think that the hd version is heavier. So the vista usually is 236 grams and with the new gep rc 4s 1100 battery thats going to get us up to 358 grams and analog with the 1100 series battery its going to be up to 342 grams. So, just a little bit lighter for the analog version, but thats usually the case because the vista it has some weight to it and lets go ahead and put this one on the scale before i let you go. This is 165 grams and with kind of the standard battery for that be around a 4s 900 milliamp um looking at two even 255, so you have to go like maybe an 850 255 again for that battery. So youd have to actually fly 4s, like 650 or 550 on here, to get the original cinelog 30 uh under 250 grams, and you have to go even smaller to get your camera on there so yeah its up to you guys, um.

I would go for the three five. I think that this one is like. Probably oh, dare i say it one of the best releases for cine whoops ever in in in our industry. I think its really really nice. I i think its really fully meant to be a cinema rig so thats. What this brand series is all about. The cinelog series, all about cinema, not so much freestyle, but they can freestyle, which is cool, so um, either way you go. Youre gon na have fun with this one. I suggest going success, guys two thumbs up for me: 5.5 stars out of five um. They got everything right on this series and i think the tune is about 99, really really nice. So you can pick up this one or this one in the links down below and pick up one of those new gap.