This is my 3 instant wave of choice. So if you're gon na ask me which one should I buy for 2020, this will be on my number one pick for three innocent whoop this year. I don't know if there's gon na be another one to come out. That'S going to beat this one, and one of the reasons is because well it's one of the lightest number one number two: it flies the best it has less tumble and wash it out. It also has right out of the box duality. It will freestyle all day and it will shoot spectacular cinema. It does great in stability mode going straight ahead and beautiful cinema shots with your GoPro upfront. It already comes with a TPU mount, which is great for and 6s options, and the list just goes on and on and on with this we're going to talk about all the good stuff we're gon na talk about some of the bad stuff about this as well. There are a few few things that I have issues with, but it seems like they waited around for all the other companies to come out with a 3 inch sang, mook and they're all doing the the taller ducks with PLA inserts that that have often broke the Hd LRC rave a ROM broke on me on the inside, so I had to pull the Ducks out and just keep the foam bumper there because I didn't have extras these are TPU right out of the gate and they're shorter.

So that does a couple different things for us here, so it gives us a better freestyle capability and it's quieter than all the rest of the 3 inch Center whoops, where the foam bumpers out there it's quieter than the take and the green hornet the bumble bee. The veyron – and these are made into one piece on one side, so you're just going to pull off one side. If you had to replace this, but very much like the squirt but shorter TPU ducts, so very nice, quieter and freestyles better so right out of the gate, we have duality with this quad and it's also about the same price. But what I really like about is the fact that all the flying that I did with this quad it would pretty much do anything that I wanted to do if flies really smooth. It almost flies like a standard 3 inch, 2 or 3 inch quad without prop guards. You don't really notice that the prop guards are there, and I was only able to get this to tumble a few times, just barely a little bit of tumble and some really big air stuff. So that is really good news. So without this GoPro mount one here, it is under 250 grams without the battery with the battery it's going to get you and upwards of 300 grams and then with the GoPro it's, going to get you around 400 and some grams, but they also use the props That I love these are the gym fan 3 inch with the nice tapered ends, so these are a little bit quieter than the straight bullnose and they're a little more efficient as well, but plenty of top mountain battery truck bed back here.

What I call a truck bed, you could probably even fit a 2200 back here, it's so long. So on the bottom. We have lots of reinforcements here for all of the bracing in here, and this is 3 K. 3 millimeter, carbon fiber. We have a teepee ml on the back for your mortal T. If you want to hook up crossfire, it will handle crossfire on the stable F for flight controller 35 am PSCs on here as well, and we have a 2 up stack as well. So in the back mount right here we have kadek system and I actually flew this on the DJI transmitter, which was a lot of fun, really easy to set up that transmitter and just go and up front. We have decent protection for the camera, and you're gon na have full frontal impact like this and it's it's about even with the front of the quad here. So it looks like your your impacts would be ok. I had I had a couple mild crashes with it. I have any really hard crashes with it, but you also have if you're gon na run a 6s battery option. I'Ll try to put some of those down below this is an XT 30. So there's not a lot of batteries out there that are 6 that have the XT 30 connector on it. So you might have to mob make your own 6s. 1050 is going to be your battery of choice, but if you want 6s make sure you choose that option when you choose it and put it in your cart for banggood, but GampB makes some success.

Batteries that have xt 30s on them and those are really nice batteries. I have a whole pile of those mines of 4s versions, so I wasn't able to fly those on this one, but I think that if you want to do crazy, freestyle with a sinner woop and du cinma, you're gon na want to get the 6s version. If you don't, if you just want to do you know mild freestyle, go for the forest version, it doesn't matter and the the 6s version might actually give you a little bit longer flight time. But top quality is gap. Rc and you know, I've been waiting for them. It seems like forever forever to come out with their sin away and I think they sat back and they waited for everybody else to do their thing. They'Ve already had a whole line of successful smaller Santa whoops. Like the cynic king, the queen of the cinestyle and a little tiny Senate. I won that's the the tiny group style, but here we are with the three inch and they came out different. They didn't do the foam bumpers, they did shorter bumpers and I think that this is this is the way to go. These are much smaller, prop guards on here and it performs way better and it's quieter. So I think they're gon na they're gon na have a homeroom with this one. This is one of those ones that you can buy and not have to worry about quality control or worry about it flying weird.

So this one is able to do everything, which is what I've been waiting for from from all these companies. So this is the number one peg force in Europe this year. This one is a homerun, so good job get bar seat. Let'S go ahead now and let's put the GoPro on there and let's go out and do some cinema flying and some freestyle and then after that, we'll come back and we'll talk about the pros and cons about the new that's gon na go here. We go alright, guys let's go ahead and do flight tests now we're gon na start out with before s 850, and to have my young friend here flying his, I believe, it's, the UM X, timber, super tiny little plane, and this guy is a good pilot check. This out inverted pass over the runway, super cool and just to show you a little bit of more aerobatic flying this quad will flip roll tumble powerless do just about anything you want to throw at it, and the F for flight controller doesn't trip up will give Me any wobble, I was able to kind of trip it up one time during my entire flight test session, and that was in a big, big, deep dive from a couple hundred feet up so pretty much. You know any any type of freestyle. This quad will handle more like a micro, brushless 3 inch long kind of interesting, but I have plenty of control and this plane is like completely unpredictable, which way it's gon na.

Go that really nice straight ahead, filming and then plenty of throttle when you need it was just a nice thing, so I can feel like I'm really precise, on the sticks with this quad. So now, let's do a little slower straight ahead. Kind of cruising and I'll show you what some of that video looks like and with the GoPro. You can really bring home. Some awesome footage with this quad it just it feels as smooth as it looks in the video on the sticks. I can push through the grass and do kind of original shots like that plenty of throttle to come up and other city whoops that I've flown that maneuver right. There would cause the flight controller to tumble or do what we call washout but again everything's super smooth with this quad nice slow rolls and you can go a lot faster with it. If you want it, doesn't feel super slow on the high end of the throttle. Right there I just didn't time it right kind of piyo style bottom doubt but again making those gaps almost hitting a metal pole right there did you see that go back and watch that I didn't see that happen when I was flying it swells right up on It but the great thing about the DJI HD system is that you really can't even see those posts, but really nice power on that punch out right. There that's impressive nice pans and again, if you're, looking for some type of quad that you can fly indoors for real estate stuff, this one worked really well for that.

It does have nice prop guards to protect nice, soft bumper crop guards to protect any anything you're flying in or around. Hopefully, it doesn't get stuck in the curtains you're doing indoor stuff, but the three inch will bite you. So you have to be careful with that. Around people people think it's safe, but it it can't, get you, but look at the nice sort of pan around this tree that it can do and then a little dive here actually a pretty deep dive for this plot, and this is again where I've had a Flight controller, tumble or wash out in an extreme dive with a Sun roof and isn't that nice, really nice and smooth again playing around with some inverted stalls back down through the trees here and there's more of those metal spikes through here. So I really have to watch out and come up quick. The loss of control Music I'm still a little airplane landing here, playing around with it runway, it's, always kind of fun, but back in here for some you know some precise flying through really small gaps. So it has a lot of things going for it. It can fly small stuff. You can slow it way down if you're a beginner. You can start out in stability mode, and I like the stable stack, it's it's flying really smooth and the tune feels fantastic on here. So there's no problems with the tune at all great tune, durable, quad, freestyle or cinema, and I love the thinner prop duct design.

You don't need this prop ducts to be over an inch tall. It just creates a louder quad, and so this one has a lot going for with the thinner, prop ducts, a really great design and way quieter than the the foam, ducts and whoops. So let's go ahead and do some final thoughts on this quad. I think it's gon na be one of the best ones for this year. So here we go let's go back to the studio, duality, alright, guys welcome back from flight tests, so I have to say that this quad was really predictable. Most of the get parts he quads that I've had in the past were the type of quad that I could just bind up and go fly. If you are new to fpv. One of the things you have to know about gap RC is that this company is one of the companies of all the other companies out there that I have known. I know I have no nonsense with when I open up the box. This was all sealed in plastic, completely mint right out of the box, and all I had to do was bind up my cat X receiver and the switch is set of the switches inside the DDI goggles, which is really cool that's the benefit of having the the Transmitter and the DJI goggles so definitely consider that transmitter if you're you're wanting to really easy experience. I bind up this receiver on here this CAD X receiver, within about five seconds and done also.

It has great penetration on here better than a lot of my taranis xm receivers, which I've been using for years, so really good penetration. It makes it through thick sections of trees without fail saving. So my my my choice is CAD X, Vista for the DJI digital fpv experience and it's also nice, that they include all the TPU trimmings on here. We have the nice TPU prop guards which are seem to be thick enough. They are flexible. You don't want to leave it in your car for some some really hot days during the summer. You want to have this somewhere where it's cool, but the same thing with PLA or nylon. Ducts you'll have some damage there if you happen to extreme of a heat, but I think that the performance also is extremely high. It'S one of the best flying freestyle quads with Cinna whoop setup out there and that's, because they have these thinner prop guards so that it has less washout and having them just a little bit thicker like the foam versions. It really changes the flight characteristic of it. Unless you kind of battleship along and go straight, but the minute you start doing flips and rolls with the deeper problem guard duct styles, they start having problems and you even get some massive tumble with some of the other quads. Some of the other cousins Center whoops out there, so this one is not giving me that same characteristic. It doesn't feel awkward when I'm flying it and that's the biggest thing about this one.

So great motors on here they're a little higher and motors than what I would think that they would choose to put on here. 1507 1408 is kind of the average size motor that typically, I see on three interesting whoohh, but you have a little bit better power on the high end of the throttle for those three style moves and which is really really nice. So they've done their market research on this quad and we're at the point where I think some of the other companies might end up kind of following suit with gap bar C and getting in there and copying some of this stuff. So this one is right out of the box and it's awesome, so this is going to be my number one pick for this year the cinah go it's gon na stay in my collection, no one's getting this one. This one is mine.