Well, this episode is all about a gift for the person who has everything in the rc hobby, male or female – probably more male than female, but you never know so on fathers day passed. My family got me this item here. This is the sky, rc, bluetooth, gps, and if i look over at my chart, they call it the gsm020 or is it o2o, im, not sure anyways? This is an item ive used all summer, its pretty cool and my family did not realize when they bought me. This it cost less than 100 bucks that i already had this this skyrc, you see to my videos a lot. This is what i use in the rc hobby. To tell me what the speed is of an rc car, an rc plane, an rc drone, something moving really fast, i just velcro it to it, and it tells me the speed and it does a bunch of other things. This can actually do more than this item. So this item is better and ive used this in my personal life, not so much in the videos but personal life, for an awful lot of cool things, because its a really cool product. Now, in a lot of my videos, you see me showing the speed im flying along with a drone and down in the corner. One of these corners is a speedometer and everything else. Well, that comes off a gopro. I have some software that pulls out the data from the gopro and i just pull out what the speed is and thats how i get the data from that.

But a lot of times, if you dont, want to put a gopro because its so heavy on an object. But you want to see what the speed is. Then you need something light like these, and these are both still available. But this is the one im talking about today, so this is a gift that i swear. If you get for anybody in the rc hobby, if they dont have this, they are going to love you beyond belief. Let me tell you why thats true well thats, because when you charge this up theres nothing to it, theres, no buttons on it! Anything when you charge it up, you get five hours of usage. It doesnt take a long time to charge up built into it. It has gps and glonass sensor and i will say it is the most sensitive gps and glonass device on the planet. For you, americans it has the imperial system and for most of the world it has the metric system. So you can switch between both and you do that by using an app on your cell phone and the app is so slick like. Let me just say this: this item here its not even on right now, if i want to turn it on, you turn it on with your phone and you turn it off with your phone and, if you forget to turn it off, it turns off itself that Might seem kind of weird but thats, because it has the most advanced technology in it that its always sitting there waiting for some sort of signal from your phone to say.

Do i turn on now? Do i turn on now and then it turns on. So i will tell you two things: this has been on the market for a while and when i got it for fathers day, i thought it was so cool and i was like why havent i heard of this before and sorry its taking me so long to Show you, but everybody keeps asking me for what gift can i get my husband for christmas, something thats under 100 bucks? This is the item so thats. Why im showing it today now it has three modes in it that are so applicable to everybody on the planet. So lets start off with the first mode, which is track mode, the one that most of us in the rrc hobby will use. So i have this arma limitless rc car that i built you buy this as a kit, and then you put your esc and motor and everything else you want in it. So i have this. It drives extremely fast um. The problem is, when you have a car that drives extremely fast, you need a very long distance. The only thing is is when i built this. I must have goof something up, because i cannot get to esc to put this on 100 brakes. My braking is like maybe 50 and since it goes so fast and it weighs quite a bit its very hard to stop this thing, so you need a lot of room so in this video im going to show you is me driving this car and just test Testing im dont drop that off the table.

Where is it and just testing this sky rc out just showing you is an example of how it works so watch this all right as soon as i start up the app here, this will come to life. So im going to touch the app and there we go light should come on. I see a blue light and a white light down there all right, green light on the gps, so thats, all good, so put it back on track and all i have to do is hit start now. I have a problem with my car here. I have no brakes so i have to like turn it when i put the brakes on like this, so it slides out the back. Now i have a gps on the back thats, also giving a speed and well just match them up to see if they give the save all right. Here we go, try not to fishtail it there we go put the brakes on and spun it. So anyway, i can stop it. The good thing is its so low profile. It will not flip so lets, bring it back and just see what that short little uh run gave us bring it on over ill hit, stop and ill hit read, and that says we got up that tiny little run got up to 98 kilometers per hour. Wow thats pretty fast with this baby. Hopefully the gps showed the same thing on the gopro. All right lets see if i can get it up to 100, really quick im going to go a little farther back face this way, and here we go slow, slow, slow and full Applause.

The brakes, oh, my god that should have been a good speed run. Lets see what that says, lets put it out here, im sure we got up to 100 on that one, because that was pretty fast. In that short little thing, so ill go, stop and ill go read: 103 kilometers per hour. You can also use this, as i was saying say you were on a skateboard, a bicycle or i dont know something else, and you wanted the real time display of how fast youre going on your phone in real time as youre moving it. Does that as well? You just open the app and you leave the app open and youll get real time, uh information. So i show you that here i was driving in my jeep and i was pointing a gopro at my speedometer to see how fast the jeep was going and at the same time i was recording the screen on my phone with the app from this. And you could see that the speeds match up really well. The cool thing about the app on here is that its in decimals, so on a car. You only can go like 24 miles an hour and then the next one up is 25 well on. Here you go 24 miles an hour, 24.1 24.2 24.3 and then, when it gets to 24.5, your car is going to say 25, but this will continue to say 24.5 because its much this is much more accurate than i dont know which im talking about this ones.

Much more accurate than your car speedometer anyways watch. This youll see what i mean here. We have a great example of what i was talking about. You can see on the left thats my speedometer on the jeep and on the right is the app and you can see the app is showing the speed in decimal point, whereas on the left, its just your normal speed, youd have on any vehicle. So from this example, you can see the wide number of uses of this gps by looking at the real time display it doesnt matter. If youre on a bike in a boat or on some other method of transportation, you can look at your distance and the speed in real time now. The next one i want to show you is the drag race mode and my jeep is not a vehicle to go drag racing in so i didnt use that i was going to use my motorcycle, but it was rainy, wet roads, so i didnt use that so To show you, i just took an rc car like this, and this is a drag race, rc car. I wanted to see what speed i could attain with this drag race car at a certain distance. Now the problem is this: drag race, car im, not going to say the brand name, its pretty darn good, but it doesnt always go straight. You have to control it, even though its got systems in it to keep it straight, but as soon as the tires slip on the road, then its squirrely, and this thing here, i kept it in pristine condition for a long time.

But look at this my roof. You can see its all dull and scratched up so in this video youre, going to see how that happens so check this out. All right, our gps is on the back of our little rc car were going to try a different mode right now. Lets turn this on so were going to do the drag racing. This is a drag racing. Car were going to try the drag racing mode, so im going to tap on that drag racing and then im going to set it up for distance. So for here i have to see what the distance is. I still have to wait for this to get gps signals. It wont work yet so im going to set it at 50 meters, something short and what its going to do is lets just stop this. What its going to do it has gps now its on green. What its going to do is when i hit the ready and drive the car forward when it hits 50 meters its going to tell me the speed it achieved at the 50 meter point yeah, pretty cool right lets. Put this down here right beside the car and hit the ready button were all set to go now as soon as the car moves it starts counting. I have to warn everybody right now, im just going to say this now this drag racing car uh. It takes a lot of practice to get it go straight, it will actually zigzag and go off the road.

You need a wide area, so i cant go full blast, so im gon na ease into it and get it going fast. So here we go ready. One two three go Music whoa, so that was easily 50 meters lets bring it back, get the little headlights up front and lets see what the reading is. All right and ill go read, and it shows me right there on the screen in that little area. Where i went, i got up to 76 kilometers per hour at 50 meters, so you can see my little graph going up and you can see a second graph there, its pretty sweet, its pretty cool on something like this here ill. Try, one more so on here. Again ill hit drag and you can also set it for speed. If you want like say when you say i said, i wanted it to go 100 kilometers per hour, and if i set this for like 100, i can then tell how far it had to go before it reached 100. So if youre doing like a quarter mile or something like that, but im just going to put it back on the distance thing which i like so start at zero. I said 50 meters, for the last thing lets reduce that now this is going to be its. Not going to go as fast, but in just 25 meters 25 meters is oh lets say going up here: 25 meters would be yeah just past that gopro and the pole over there.

So lets go like that and go uh. Yeah thats, good ready and it is all set to go – were shooting out 25 meters its just not very far. Here we go five four three two one try to keep it going straight and we have a total destruction. Oh, that was not good. That was not good. The car is over here, and the top of the car should be just totally scratched to pieces. You know i was always worried about scratching the bottom of this car, not the top look at the top holy crap. It is just oh, my god, thats it. This thing was pristine. Looking i had kept it so shiny for so long, never crashed it upside down, always just bang the front or something but nope. Oh well, so lets see what the the reading is. I dont think we can read anything. Can we? Oh, it only got to 52 and yet look at look at the acceleration. It goes way up and then all of a sudden blink comes down. I wonder what that was. Maybe when it was flying upside down. Oh well so its a pretty cool gps. I, like this next item, to show you would be flying mode. So if you have drones im a drone guy thats why? They call me captain drone. So this is a seven inch crocodile seven. It is a drone. I love because its so big, but its definitely not for beginners.

It is one of the most dangerous drones on the planet, because its so powerful and big. So what i did is i put a huge battery on here and i put the gps on it and i took it up for a super quick flight. Youre gon na see the flight is super fast and uh. I got a really nice speed and a really nice height then check this out now. This gps unit also has a mode for rc planes or rc drones, in other words, when you go fly with this, its going to tell you how high your max height was as well as your speed, so were gon na try that now over here i have My seven inch crocodile seven, its a huge, huge fpv drone, look at the size of it. If i hold it in my hand, it is quite large. I know its a really dull day today, but its so large that the biggest battery i have is an 1800 6s battery, and when i put it on look it i can stick the battery on. I still have plenty of space here, so the objective here is to stick this battery on and as well. Stick this gps unit lots of room on it on here and take it for a flight secure the battery in place its locked in and look at how much space i have back here. So this little gps unit, im just gon na! Stick it right here on the end, let me just move this out of the way.

Stick it here. So there you go my gps units at the end and then it shouldnt fall off, and then i put the battery on its locked on there with a velcro thats all good and lets see. If i connect these two wires, no problem its going to be a little tight theres, not a lot of space here, but i think i can get it there we go. So gps is on the back everythings good, all right. So you can see the gps is operating, you got the little green lights and all the other lights. And if we look at my phone here uh, what i want to do is i want to use this one here flying so im going to hit flying and im just going to hit start and down here. It will tell me all the information when we land im not going to go for a long flight, but here we go hit start and it is working. So now we just have to start up the motors, take it for a spin and then come back and check the readings now. Once again, i just want to say it is a really dull day. I normally do not like flying on dull days, because everything just looks like it: mushes together, but yeah well see how it goes today. This would be a really quick one, quick up in the air super fast super high and come on down. Well, not super high, but high enough and then come on down and check the readings put in acro mode.

Our motors, and here we go straight up, going up up up up up forward now. I have a gps on this drone so as im flying here, its telling me right now, im doing 85 kilometers per hour, theres a gps on the rear built into the drone, and it tells me the speed uh. I think it also tells me the altitude yeah im only at 60 meters. It says so im going to dive and just im going to go way up and dive, so im really high and im diving. Here we go diving. This is going to give me a massive speed. Whoa it should anyways or maybe not. I dont know my speed. Didnt seem to go up when i looked at it, but either case you get the idea. This is a seven inch quad, so its massively fast super powerful can lift a tank, and it is awesome so here we go lets bring it down and land it over here all right, nice and slow, bring it back to me, poink. Ah thats somewhat near me. All right so here she is right here: im just gon na move you over there and were gon na check the reading turn my phone back on and come on. Come on come on lets see what the reading is so stop and read, and it says my max height was 173 meters and my max speed was about 112 kilometers per hour thats about correct, so thats pretty cool.

So if you have an rc plane, really cool thing to put on your rc plane, all right next item to show you really quick is what comes in the box check it out. Here is the box the product comes in. If you look at the bottom of the box, you can see many of the applications. People who buy this gps would probably use it, for there is a qr code on the back of the box for the app store and the google play store inside the box. You receive three items: one would be a set of instructions, another one would be a usb cable for charging and finally would be your gnss gsm, 020 skyrc, gps and heres a weight comparison between the old version, which is 46 grams and the new version, which is Only 37 grams – and i just want to show you now how cool it is ill see if i can do this with just ive, got my fingers here its not going to work. So if this is off and to start it up, is i just hit the app there? We go and its not started yet, and then i hit the top one thats. What i want can i hit it, hit it edit. There we go. This should come on. Do you see any lights? Yes, you saw the lights come on on here, so this is gon na find uh. When the green light in the center comes on will tell me, the number of satellites on here and itll be all set to go, and then you can use it and just pick any mode.

You want and go use it. Your records are all stored on your phone. So if i go like this, let me see i usually erase the record, so i wont have many um. Let me just go up here to the settings menu, so it has some of my records on there from recent stuff, because i erase the records all the time you can do that here on the phone anyways and you can share this information with friends or whatever That you want so once again, oh see, i got a green light, so the gps is on so once again the links are below to. We can get this. If you know anybody in the rc hobby, or maybe somebody with muscle cars or motorcycles or bicycles, and they you dont, have a gift for them and you want something under 100 bucks. I would highly suggest getting this one its been out for a little while, i think its been on the market for about a year now or maybe a little bit less, but its definitely a buy so anyways links are below check it out. Thanks for watching the video pink, i will catch you in the next one dont, you love the sound effects.