So what is that? Basically, these are the goggles. You insert your phone right here. There is a phone holder. I was using the iphone 8 and the iphone 12 pro max of my girlfriend and its a much bigger screen, as you might have guessed, and basically you have a special lens right here: its a single lens, not two separate lenses as in true fpv goggles, and You can use your dji go app or dji flying app or any app of your drone and get something like fpv experience for much less cash lets start off with the build quality of this unit id say its built like a tank, really nice materials. Everything is stretched and sued with perfectness, and i would say that the zips are great, the overall feelings about it, its kind of premium product id say everything is padded really nicely. The lens itself looks really nice. The phone holder is made out of metal and has some stretching strap right here. Also, the straps on the back for your head are kind of adjustable, and here we have a leather kind of a pad that holds your goggles on your head and you can adjust it in all the ways. Also here we have this little lock and you can adjust the distance from your eyes to the phone and adjust the focus in that way. Also in the box, we get a little cleaning cloth and a big huge pouch with magimax logo on it its a nice addition, because you dont want to scratch the lens of the goggles for sure in terms of comfort, its a little heavy, especially with the iphone 12 pro max inside and i was kind of leaning my head backwards to so the weight is kind of pushing towards my face not downwards and id say 30 to 40 minutes is okay wearing this thing on your face and your head, but more than that, its A little heavy to me, what do you feel wearing these glasses, its a little tough to explain and to kind of deliver your feelings about it, just in the words, but i would say it looks like an imax, especially with the iphone 12 pro max.

Imagine that youre sitting in the imax and everything you see is just a huge screen. This is the experience you get with those goggles and it was really fun to watch my video from dagestan, russia, with a lot of cool drone, footage and the mountains, and all that – and i gave those glasses to my daughter – and she was like 15 minutes doing. Like so, and she didnt understand that its not working like this youre, not turning the camera inside youre, just watching a bigger screen, but overall its a really exciting experience and flying a drone with it, its kind of a different feeling, its really immersive, and you feel Id say not more confident but more excited about the flight for sure by the way smash the like and subscribe bottles. If youd like to pilot and to fly your drone basically in an imax theater, it would be really great those goggles kind of provide those feelings and lets find out. Is it any good, so fpv style drone with the regular drone lets fly? Okay, the first try is straight into the forest im in auto exposure right now and its really scary guys, but i feel quite confident flying like so lets. Try a little faster. The remote is beeping like crazy, but actually its working, pretty good and im able to fly through forest and yeah. It sees the obstacle somewhere. Oh, am i crazy doing this so guys? I can see myself right now, Music.

Here i am auto exposure. Yay whats good guys, it feels really good. I can definitely see everything clearly im in focus basically, and if i need to change the settings, i can simply unzip this part right here. Flip it up a little bit like so first is to go to manual mode completely like so so right now, im in manual mode – and i think this is okay – so lets try playing a little different and now well be trying to fly an fpv style. So let me change the setting to fpv, so i can control my exposure with the aperture using the wheel right here, as you can see right now, im changing the aperture and yeah lets switch to normal mode and i have switched to fpv style flying oh well. We got ta be careful its definitely more fun than flying. The regular drone lets try to get the sport mode, but looks really cool. The picture is crisp and nice and i can definitely see everything and the feelings are great. Okay, let me get back to myself right here, because the battery is low. I always try to put my head somewhere, like turn into the size, trying to have a look where i am, but definitely this is not the case guys. So these are just the lenses and the glass basically, and you see the same, monitor of your phone and nothing else otherwise, its the same basically well guys.

This was awesome, thats, a totally different experience, guys, i can definitely say so: yeah thats it weve landed and i really enjoyed it. Usually, you get two different kind of lenses for each eye in the fpv goggles, but in those goggles from magimask we get one single lens and it projects the image from your phone to your eyes. Just like a single picture and its really comfortable to use and theyve made a test with a phd doctor and develop the least harmful lens for your eyes, but be careful guys, not wear those glasses for more than one hour make some breaks, because its not the Best way for your eyes to work, and you need to give some breaks to your eyes to relax and magimask says that youll get four times better resolution when using these goggles than if you were using the separate lens for each eye like in most fpv goggles. One more benefit is that those goggles are totally protected from the light, and you can basically shoot in very sunny weather and have no issues with it, and also those goggles have no lag because you connect with a cable to your phone through the goggles and then To your remote control and you have instant response, but some fpv goggles provide a little lag, so youll be definitely confident with those goggles piloting your drone flying your drone, i see, is there a word? Can i pilot my drone? Is that a verb write down in the comments? I have a secret info.

The guys are planning to change the name of the company a little bit, so they are leaning more towards the drone sphere and lets write down in the comment section below the new name. For the company and for those goggles that is connected to the drones and to the goggles and just to lets, help the guys from norway by the way theyre from norway. As they said me so write down in the comment section below the new name for the company and for the goggles lets move on. My conclusion is: this: product is made with big love and passion, and i really enjoy the build quality and the quality of the glass itself inside i mean plastic, maybe inside of those goggles, and the experience is really great, but to me its a little too bulky To carry around because i travel a lot and its just. You know too bulky to me for me to carry around with me in all the trips, and i prefer being compact and small and lightweight. But if youre a drone enthusiast or you want to have some new experience, new motions from piloting your drone or youre thinking about buying an fpv goggles and you dont want to break the bank, because those goggles cost only 130 dollars ill leave. A link down below. In the video below the video and youll get definitely some new emotions from flying. A drone with those goggles from njmask, maybe well have a new name soon, and thank you very much maggie mask company for sending those goggles to me and reaching out.

I really appreciate it. So what are your thoughts on this magi mask goggles guys and do you use fpv style goggles in your drone work? Please share thoughts in the comment section below as well, and here is my instagram. Thank you very much for watching and a couple of videos for you to watch next from awesome locations.