I know you are here for review of dji mavic mini. I dont want to take your moretime, those who are new dont forget to subscribe. My channel, I make travel, vlogs tech videos. We are going somewhere outside of city for to test dji, mavic mini my brother went outside somewhere and I am waiting for the car cuz. I dont have car to go outside of city. I am waiting here for him before we leave city. Let me show you some colorful painting on the street wall in my city, so that you ll not feel bored. Finally, the car is here here we go. Drones are some of the best devices to play nowadays.. They can be used for numerous purposes like photography and surveillance.. Today, in this video we will be talking about dji, mavic mini The Mavic Mini has several flying modes based on your piloting, experience and the kind of shot you want to capture., For example, theres the position mode for novic pilots and the sports mode for advanced pilots.. The Fly More Combo is 700 and includes the standard bundle plus a propeller cage, a two way: charging hub three batteries. Three extra sets of propellers and a carrying case.. You dont need special skills to fly a dji mavic mini drone, The most notable about it is its weight of 249 grams at takeoff.. Ultralight weight may be the Mavic Minis headline feature, but focusing on that overlooks the fact that its also a pretty capable drone at a very accessible price point.

Lets take a look at the Mavic Mini in more detail to understand where it stands out and what you May need to give up to get a drone. This tiny., When folded down the Mavic Mini, is 140x8257mm and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand., Its lighter than most smartphones. The remote which resembles those used in the Mavic 2 series. Just minus the electronic display – and it is slightly larger and heavier than the drone itself, which really puts the size in perspective.. The Minis camera boasts a 24mm equiv. fixed aperture F2.8 lens with an 83 FOV and provides an ISO range from 100 3200.. The camera doesnt support Raw image capture, so photos will be Jpeg only The Mavic Mini doesnt come equipped with obstacle avoidance, sensors in the front or back.. Instead, there are two vision: positioning sensors located on the bottom of the aircraft, and these sensors come in handy when flying indoors as they give the drone the ability to hover in place even without GPS.. The video portion is straightforward, allowing users to select Exposure Compensation resolution frame rates and opt for Quick Shots.. There are three flying modes: Sport Position and Cinematic.. The latter automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the joysticks, making it relatively easy to acquire. Smooth cinematic, like video on the fly without making adjustments in app. The user interface on the DJI Fly. App is clean, simple And Safe. Fly Zones have been incorporated into the app that tell you where its safe and legal to fly.

I tested the beta version and found it to be straightforward. Something a beginner pilot will appreciate. I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Mavic Mini both indoors and outdoors.. The light weight of the drone made me apprehensive at first, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it handled well in moderate winds.. Its much more aerodynamic and durable. The Mavic Mini lacks the ability to capture 4K footage, Something that may bother professionals or enthusiasts, but its still capable of producing decent video. Thanks to the stabilized gimbal., the Mini can fly up to 500m 1600 ft. above ground level and boasts a range of up to 4km 2.5 miles Overall, the Mavic Mini is the perfect drone for beginners. Its lightweight easy to set up and a joy to fly.. I tested the Fly More Combo, which at 700 It includes 3 batteries, the propeller cage, which is especially useful and a case to carry it all thats smaller than a sheet of paper. If you enjoyed the flight – and you think if the video is informative, then hit the subscribe button below, like my video Dont, just go without watching, I would appreciate if you subscribe, my channel.