The best part is it can let you charge up to six devices at the same time as you can see here here, you guys can see the mavic air 2 charger. It’S got red leds for the devices that are currently charging and a green one that’s. Currently, not in use or that’s, fully charged, as you can see, i didn’t plug in the extra cable but i’m charging three batteries at the same time that i got with a flying bomber once again, the best part of this is that you can charge everything at The same time, meaning in about 80 minutes you’re fully charged and ready to go here’s one for the mavic mini 2. Just in this retail packaging uh, you get your extra cables up to four the charging, cable and here’s one for the phantom 4, the phantom 4. Only can charge three and one for the controller, so four devices at the same time. At the same time now the phantom 4 uses a kettle plug or a larger plug, the same with the mavic pro or the mavic 2 pro, whereas the air 2 uses the normal figure of 8 cable enemy as well. The great thing is the mini 2 charger. Can be used for the mini one as well now, if you don’t need the original cable, the figure of eight that comes with the device, you can always just replace the plug itself, it’s, just a standard figure of eight cable.

So if you see the u.