For others. A drone is a tool to put a camera into the sky, hello, everyone. This is noah from 9 to 5 cameras in this video we’ve taken a quick look at the best camera drone available. Today, price information and links to all products mentioned in the video are available in the description. If you have other products, you would like us to review. Please tell us in the comments or visit without further ado, let’s jump right into it, starting at number five. We have flyability alios 2. fly ability change. The way drones can be used with the original, alias that was designed for indoor inspections with the flyability alios 2. The company has built upon that success and created their most advanced drone. To date, its unique configuration features a spherical cage that encases the entire payload. Its overall dimensions are just under 40 centimeters or 15.7 inches. It will fit into just about any space. The robust transmission system works beyond line of sight, which means concrete walls, still structures and other obstacles will not interfere with the inspection during certain inspections, such as those that take place in tight spaces like boiler rooms or even nuclear reactors, collisions are unavoidable. These are also spaces where, in person, inspections can be extremely dangerous. The alias tool was created to make these types of inspections safer for people by removing the need for a person to physically review a tight, dangerous space. A dual sensor, consisting of a thermal and 4k camera, can identify even the smallest cracks.

The dust proof 10k lumen lighting system is the most powerful lighting system ever used on a commercial drone using the oblique lighting technique allows inspectors to identify textures and find even the smallest problems. Music, Music number four free fly: alta 8: the free fly alta 8. Drone is an octa rotor configuration designed for aerial cinematography. It is truly an engineering marvel with the ability to carry up to a 20 pound payload on either the top or bottom of the drone. Foldable carbon fiber, propeller, arms, propellers and free flies. Quick release. Gimbal system ensures simple setup and increased portability. Its weather resistant plastic enclosure will be appreciated by aerial cinematographers who film in a multitude of climates, flying a large drone. Doesn’T need to be complicated, fly with ease with free flies, industry leading synapse flight controller readings from accelerometers barometer and an advanced gps are blended to hold altitude, which allows the operator to focus on getting a saturn in shots. Velocity clamps have a similar effect in that the speed of drone can be adjusted in real time to get a precision shot every time. Music. Music number three dji inspire 2.. The dji inspire 2 is a top of the line drone that has become a favorite among aerial cinematographers, who are looking for hollywood camera quality in a relatively small package. Its sleek design, intelligent, sensors and premium materials. Make this a great platform for cinematography. Its solid construction features a magnesium aluminum composite shell and carbon fiber arms that lift to provide an unparalleled, 360 degree view.

The inspire 2 was built with filmmakers in mind, but its advanced camera, sensors and cinecore 2.0 image processing system makes it ideal for anyone who wants that perfect cinematic shot. The 2 axis fpv camera allows drone pilots to see what is ahead while simultaneously recording with the main camera in the opposite direction. Not only is it capable of running two cameras, but it also has a dual imus barometers and a dual self heating battery system. There are simply too many features to list them all, but this drone will handle anything thrown its way. Music. Music number two dji phantom 4, the dji phantom 4 rtk is another visionary drone from dji with an rtk module that is designed for real time aerial mapping. It may look familiar and it should because it utilizes the iconic phantom platform. It features a one inch 20 megapixel cmos sensor with a mechanical shutter, which is an essential component to capture high quality image data, a unique feature with the dji phantom 4 rtk is the remote controller with a built in screen that is loaded with the new dji Gs, rtk app. This allows the drone to be controlled through intelligent flight planning modes, which include 2d and 3d photogrammetry waypoint flight terrain, awareness, block segmentation and various other flight modes that are ideal for aerial mapping, Music, so Music, Music, number one dji mavic 2. Pro the dji mavic 2 pro is one of the most popular camera drones from dji, with a professional, great camera from swedish camera manufacturer hasselblad, the 1 inch cmos sensor, hasselblad camera offers 20 megapixel photography with enhanced hdr and color sensitivity in your future.

The bot to come along with the dji mavic 2 pro is omnidirectional obstacle sensing. It can sense obstacles from 5 directions, forward backward downward left right plus it is equipped with upgraded versions of active track, waypoint and point of interest modes. So professional photographers and videographers never have to place a cap on their creativity. The mavic 2 pro is great for professional, photographers videographers and content creators. Its portable design makes it an essential companion for travel bloggers, documentary, compilers and commercial drone pilots in any industry that’s.