Today, price information and links to all products mentioned in the video are available in the description. If you have other products, you would like us to review. Please tell us in the comments or visit without further ado, let’s jump right into it, Music to starting at number. Three. We have potency d80. Are you ready for a higher quality, yet still beginner friendly drone, then the potenzik d80 is just for you. It is a solid choice with excellent features at a budget friendly price. The d80 has a gps built in and it’ll automatically return home when the battery runs low or it loses connection with the controller there’s one touch takeoff and landing, and the app has several useful shooting options for better footage. You can set the drone to follow the controller or a preset path that you’ve drawn within the app. You can also set a limit on where it can fly to avoid accidentally going out of range or into restricted airspace. The camera records in 1080p and can tilt to 90 degrees, offering several points of view of its smooth lag, free image, transmission back to the app your phone mounts on the controller, so you can easily see what is going on. Moving on it’s number two, we have snaptane a15h, if you’re a total newbie looking to fly a drone for the first time. This snaptane model is the ideal choice, one of the most affordable drones out there. The a15h is a full flying camera, rather than just a flying body that can hold the camera.

As with many budget drones, its body is pretty rocked and can stand a beating vital when you’re just learning how to operate a drone. Despite that solid body, this drone falls up for travel and remains reasonably light tipping the skies at 635 grams. The a15h has more features than we’ve come to expect from a budget drone, and the app is better than many as well. You can trace a path on your smartphone’s screen, for example, and get the drone to follow it. Basic voice control is included and it’s even compatible with certain vr headsets useful extras, like one touch takeoff and landing and automatic collusion avoidance help keep beginning pilots out of trouble. Even so, you will want to be careful in windy conditions, since that is when problems are most likely to occur on number one. We have dji mini 2.. Dji is the market leader in consumer drones and for good reason, it’s been turning out high quality models for many years. If you’ve ever watched and loved a travel, video with drone footage there’s a very good chance, it was shot on a dji. The company unveiled the mavic mini 2 last year, an upgrade to a model that was already the firm favorite of new and mid level drone pilots looking to shoot quality video without the size, weight or price tag that usually accompanies dji gear. The mini 2 is tiny. It weighs only 249 grams. You will easily fit the drone into a jacket pocket.

Its weight is actually more important. Flying drones is now a regulated activity in many countries, but modeled under 250 grams are often subject to fewer restrictions. Despite its small size, though, the mini 2 is far from being a toy. You will get up to half an hour of flight time, which is better than anything else of a similar size and weight. It also flies better than most other small drones and although strong winds will still be a problem, it’s rated to handle gusts up to 24 miles per hour, that’s all for this video everyone – big thanks for watching.