Now my favorite budget drone for real estate. Photography is the dji mini 2.. Now, when i say budget im talking about a budget of 500 or less – and this is an excellent drone, i actually would compare the quality to the original mavic pro for as small of a sensor as it has. This thing is super light, but if youre just getting into real estate, photography id probably recommend potentially getting another one. The only reason why is because this drone does not have any of the obstacle avoidance sensors. Now, if youre pretty comfortable flying a drone, you probably dont need the sensors, where you might even have them turned off, because sometimes when youre filming drone videos and photography at properties, you might have to get close to a pool or a fountain or something like that. And it might mess up your shot so anyways. What does this come with? Actually, this is the fly more combo, its probably the most used drone that i have right now when im out at real estate shoots im using the air 2s. But if im traveling around – and i have a really light pack – and i just want to have a drone just in case – i need to take some shots or somebody wants to add something on then ill carry around this one. This is one that you could easily fit in a pocket or a little backpack, but one of the biggest reasons why i love this drone.

So much especially with the fly more combo is its battery life. Now a lot of drones, they will advertise 30 minute battery life, but when i get up up in the sky and im in sport mode and moving around a property, i see that the battery stamina is nowhere near what they had advertised now. I would say this drone is probably one that is close to what its advertised or is much closer than some of the other ones. Ill fly around with this one in sport mode and the stamina is excellent, literally, have an hour and a half worth of flying in a little case like this, you got two batteries, youll have the other one charging, but ive been super impressed with this drone. Now, if you have the mini one, my biggest complaint with that drone because i had it and i actually returned it – was that it had really poor signal. So if youre flying further than 100 yards or something it starts to lose signal, and it just doesnt make for a very good real estate shoot, and i would probably compare that that range to more of the some of the original phantoms, where i would have that Issue as well, but it seemed like all the more modern drones didnt have that issue up until the mini one, but im glad that this one has just as good range as like the mavic 2 pro or any of the newer drones.

So i really like that, and then it comes with the same standard controller for the regular dji drones. Now i personally like to shoot with the smart controller as a screen, just know that if you do opt for the smart controller that youre going to need a cell phone or something to tether, because sometimes youre going to need internet on that all right guys. So if your budget is less than 500, i recommend buying the dji mini 2 drone. Now, if you have 600 for 5.99, you can get the fly more combo, which gives you three batteries in total, giving you a lot more battery life when youre, adding a property which is nice. If you have multiple aerial shoots on a particular day now, if you have a little bit more budget for 700, you can get the dji air 2, which is a significant upgrade over the mini 2, and i definitely recommend, if youre a beginner and you need those Sensors to fly your drone, all right, guys well thats, going to do it for this video on the best budget drone for real estate, photography, if youre interested in learning more about the real estate media business feel free to check out our free one hour, training where I go over my top 10 secrets on how i created a seven figure: real estate media business. I also take you on a few short job shadows so that you can see what its like shooting real estate media.