My name is david and if thats your first time on my channel, i do drone and take related videos if youre into those things consider subscribing and like this video enough of me being boring, lets see what we have today for the review. So this is what i would call really good beginner drone if you want to get in a hobby without spending a fortune on it, its called the derc. D50. Surprisingly, it comes in a carrying case, which can also be a shoulder bag with provided straps. Of course, we have some papers that we dont read its always great to see a full set of extra propellers, and i think all companies should do that. This version comes with two batteries, so thats why we have two usb to micro, usb cables. Battery is 3.7 volts, 1500 million per hour, which gets around 12 minutes of flight time. Since there are two we can get up to 24 minutes, which is plenty to play with the drone phone holder and propeller guards are also included. Remote controller uses four double a batteries. It has plenty of buttons, which are very good explained. Do Music battery slides from the bottom and clicks in place turn on the controller and the drone and lets see how it flies. Attaching landing legs is pretty easy. Just put them in the right place, open the app calibrate the drone, and you are ready by the way, if you guys are looking to buy or just to see, the current price of the drone links will be in the description below make sure you click those.

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