: Music Applause, Music let’s, get into this it’s a nice case, it’s not too bad it’s about 13 inches in width. You got 10 inches in height there by about five inches deep or so it’s, not that bad. It could fit anywhere in the car and trunk under the seat under back seat wherever you want to put it it’s, not going to take up too much space. So the mini drone does come in this little leather case, it’s, not very secure, it’s too soft or something i wanted a hard case. I’M gon na be bringing it a lot of places doing a lot of things. So i want something: a little more secure for traveling and banging around or whatever so it’s got a nice handle it’s a good grip, um it’s solid. It really is so to open it up. We got these two latches right here: press the button in pop open. The latch and then in it there we go got the drone got the remote and the battery charging hub drone. Everything is molded it’s the shape of the drone shape of the remote everything they pull that out there. It is underneath the drone. If you can see it got a battery slot for the battery, it fits right in there it’s not too bad slide that into charging hub, and you got the remote take the remote out. Underneath i got the books, i need those and then underneath i have there’s another battery slot um and i have all the extra propellers, the extra joysticks for under the remote.

I went over all of this in the drone video i did um. You can see up hop here, got the charger plug then over here there’s another slot. Once you see it that’s where the wire is charge, everything but yeah this thing it could take a punch. I actually did drop this off of my countertop with the second. I put the drone in there closed it all up, and i didn’t notice that the sleeve of my sweatshirt was caught in the end of it. When i closed it and closed, the latch fell right on the ground, bounced all over the place. The brand new drone brand new case, a few bucks spent on this and opened it up, turned everything on worked fine, so i know that this thing as fragile as this thing may be. This case will definitely protect it and for 49 bucks on amazon, some off brand it’s, nothing special, but it does a job it’s lightweight it’s, not that heavy. I can’t wait to bring this thing around. Do a whole lot of flying make some good videos get into a couple of things so that’s all i got if you like. The video hit like subscribe, hit the bell.