I have a new review for you here today, we're gon na review the hobby zone arrow Scout right, no wait! This is the es. This is the east guy. Yes, you might be confused, but actually the arrow scout is made by this company called East guy and that's our logo right there, and this is the es model. It is the exact same thing as the arrow scout. It is priced in around 130 dollars for it plug in place. So that means you have to put your own receiver in here, but I put a little tiny spectrum receiver there on the side and it's big enough that it can carry a GoPro on top, which I did. I also put digital fpv on the front as well. That'S, the cat X Vista them testing out for cats for the full kit version I'm gon na show you some more footage of that in this review and a some really cool footage on a crazy windy day. This plane is great for beginners to intermediate, because not only can it fly really really well with the power system on here as a pusher prop you don't break as many props it's, also extremely aerobatic, so a very, very versatile plane and that's. Why it's a local favorite around AMA fields around the country right now around the US, this isn't, probably one of the most popular planes out there, that people are buying everyone at the local clubs are buying these and flying them because they're just so easy and they Have kids wheels they're easy to take off easy to land? They can flat spin, they can loop, they can barrel roll, they can t stall, they can do all kinds of aerobatic stuff or they can just fly straight and teach you how to learn.

Rc RC airplane flying so very versatile. I love it now. Let'S go ahead now and let's go out and do some flying with this little guy, and let me show you what you can do with 130. Here we go, alright, guys, let's go ahead and let's fly. The air scout ego let's, get it up in the air. I don't know what to call this plane because it has so many names, but I know that it's awesome, if you're just getting into flying RC airplanes you're one of those guys they're emailing me asking me, which plane should I buy for my first ever RC airplane. I don't have to email you back now, because I would tell you to get this one. This is the one to start out with. It has a nice sized wing on here. It has a very Universal battery. The 3s 2200 is pretty much the standard in the RC Hobby community for RC airplanes, most of the guys at the AMA fields, they're flying a lot of these planes, and most of them are considered what we call Park flyers – and this is a park – flyer style Plane but what's neat about this plane is that yeah you can get a good flight time out of it. You can get almost a menace flight time. If you have a little bit of a head win, you can actually back off the throttle to 0 and you can glide quite a ways with it.

It will also slow way down. If you point the nose into the wind, you can hover this plane, which is kind of amazing. On a 3s 2200 battery. It has a really nice flat, spin profile, I've seen people flat spin, this plane inverted flat, spins, really cool loops and barrel rolls and tea stalls and all kinds of aerobatic. That is the neat thing about this plane. Also, if you are beginner, you have plenty of room to grow. You can fly this plane just like you see me doing in this review. Just nice and slow and stable and calm and not super fast. You don't have to fly invert, of course, at first, but eventually you will learn to and this plane will fly inverted now. Let me show you what digital fpb looks like digital fpv is fun. You can also put the camera in the very front nose of the plane and you won't see any of the plane, which is a really neat option on this canopy that comes on and off of the magnet. But I have it back a little bit on the top, because sometimes I'd like to see the front of the plane just gives me a little extra pilot perspective, which i think is kind of cool. If I was going to keep flying in this position, I might actually paint that front part white. It would just look a little bit better, probably a little bit less pixelated in the video, it kind of looks like a porpoise or a whale across the air it's kind of neat now let's need also is that this plane slows way down.

So I can do like touch and goes really easily, even on a day like today when there's a 15 to 20 mile an hour wind. That is more when than any of you guys that are beginners should start out flying in. If you go out on your first day to fly your first RC airplane, it's, really important that you pick really good weather sunny day under 10 mile an hour when the more wind you have the more challenging it's gon na be and on your first takeoff guys. Take off head into the wind nose into the wind down the runway. Hopefully you have it down the runway. Winds and not a crosswind crosswind will make it more difficult to land and take off one thing to think about, but I'm happy that this plane can handle. Even an extreme amount of wind and it's quite fast, if I want it to be, I didn't do any barrel rolls or flips today, because honestly, I have my 360 camera, just VHB stinky tape to the top of the wing without even a zip tie so I'm. Just cruising around and hoping that camera stays up there for you guys and myself, so I don't have to go looking for it, but very stable. Really, nice turns and Wow look at that. Mount Hood is off in the distance right there, that's 11000 foot mountain right. There one of the tallest mountains on the west coast, the United States, but a great trainer very predictable and you can slow it way down and I'll show you a nice slow landing here in a minute, but right here, I'm nose into the winds and it's a 15 to 20 mile an hour wind I'm, almost getting zero airspeed right there kind of crabbing into the wind a little bit sideways.

As you can see really nice. This plane does extremely well in the wind, with the use of the rudder, to give you those stable flat, turns – and here I'm coming in a little bit off angle to the runway, because it is kind of coming across the runway. A little bit like that. But I was able to make it on the runway and now let's check out that steerable nose wheel and see how that works, and I want to see, found the power to get across the grass they recently mowed the grass so I'm able to make it all. The way across with that extra weight of the camera on top so pretty cool, I love this plane so let's give some final thoughts about the arrow Scout. All right, guys. Welcome back from the flight test, we're gon na do a little after flight report now and I'm. Just gon na give you my opinion about some of the things that I really like about this plane, maybe some of the things that they could improve on the version, 2. I'M sure there's gon na be a version. Two of this coming out, I'm sure there'll be an arrow Scout 2 and an es 2. One thing that I did notice on the banggood website. If you buy it from bang good that the link down below on the banggood website over here on my computer, it actually says e sky eagles. So if you're trying to do a search for that, you click my link and it comes up.

It don't worry that it doesn't say es for some reason on the east guy website. It says yes, but banggood has decided to call it the eagles but it's. Actually, the es i don't know. Sometimes the banggood description can be wrong or they they name things. The way they want to name them, I don't know why. But I think that if you want to add anything on this airframe, it is super versatile. You can add fpv on it. You could actually put all of your fpv stuff up inside this canopy, because you have all this extra space here and you have a vent hole in the front which you get actually mod to put your fpv camera in and then you wouldn't see any of the Front of the aircraft, i actually prefer to see a little bit of the front of fixed wing when I'm flying it, because it kind of gives me a good perspective where my, where my nose is pointed – and I kind of like to see that view. I usually hang on my camera a little bit down a tiny, just a few degrees down, maybe ten degrees down instead of up like with quads how we do, we usually do fifteen to thirty percent up on quads, but with this a little bit down angle, unless You see a nice perspective in front of the plane and it lets you see the down the ground down below you, so that's kind of a big thing with fixed wing fpv, but CAD X, Vista it's great, because I powered it straight from the battery lead right Here – and this is cool because I have my xt 30 right here – and I can take this on and off when I decide to – I just want to fly this line of sight.

I can do it digital fpv or i can fly at. I it at any time so, if it's a little too windy to be flying fpv. I can always take this off the day that i flew this. It was one of those days where nobody comes out to the field and we had one other group of guys show up a guy and his son flew there their beaver around, and I was able to do some chase with them. That was fun, but I think that the characteristics of this plane for a small space flying that's. This is great. This is the perfect park, flyer sized plane and with the extra weight on there, I had problems taking off in the grass, but without a GoPro in there you probably wouldn't have to hand toss it. You can take off the grass now hand toss wise III didn't. Once I put this plane up – and I had my services leveled on the radio – this is another good thing about this plane is that I didn't have to do any trim once I tossed it the first time it went straight up at about, I guess about 60 Throttle in the lump, so if you hand launch it, throw it up about 60 and it'll just climb right up. It was really amazing, even with a 360 camera on there, it took right off. I also think that it's a very interesting design, because everything kind of is able to come on and off super easy.

So for transport you can pull this carbon spar out and this whole elevator moves with the servo that's controlling this back elevator, which is kind of interesting, but I usually put them all the way kind of a little bit close to the vertical stabilizer they're, not touching. So that has a little bit of movement, freedom for movement, and you can see on the top here. It actually says up so you'll put these on actually a certain way and the servos on the wings are pre installed, which is also great. The landing gear is probably my most impressive feature about the Eagle or the the es or the Aero Scott, whatever you want to call it, you can push in here with a screwdriver and you can take these on and off and they are solid metal and they Mount to metal, which is also really nice, so it's a really solid tricycle landing gear. The Cessna that I flew on the channel last week when I landed, they were glued to into foam and a piece of plywood, but there wasn't extra reinforcement for them, so they they just popped right off. On the first landing so I'd say the landing gear is top quality on here you probably won't have a problem unless you have a real hard crash with any of this landing gear in the front wheel. Right here is super extra, durable, a really thick piece of sort of steel up front for the steerable nose wheel, really, really nice and again you have a flat wing profile in here.

So it does have quite a bit of speed if you're, one of those guys that wants to fly fast, you can slow this plane way down for the pusher characteristic of the plane, but you can also get some high speed passes as well with this flat wing. It has just the slightest amount of dahi drool in here, so it also glides really well and a little bit of headwind. You can kill the throttle and this baby will almost come turn into a glider. You have plenty of up angle and your elevator back here as well to keep the nose up if you need to so I think that it's a absolutely worth the money and for a hundred and thirty dollars, this one is gon na stay in my collection. This is one of the planes that I'm not going to get rid of because it's just great it's, versatile and you can almost land it anywhere. I flew it out at my friend's farm and I just landed it. Some knee high grass just came really in really slow and plopped it down so performance flight time was great. The components on here are great for something coming out of China and also it's it's a little bit cheaper than the the Aero Scout so either way. If you like the stickers on the arrow Scout and you want stabilizer and all that stuff, if you don't need the stabilizer get, this version and don't worry about a s3x on there, but you have a lot of options with it and that's.

Why I like it? I think this is probably going to be the most popular plane of 2020, probably the best seller out there of any RC airplane. I would almost guarantee that for Verizon hobby and for yeast guys so either way you decide to go you're gon na love this plane. I absolutely love it all the guys at my club love it. They already are all buying it or want to buy it. So thanks again for watching my channel guys, I'm Justin Davis take care, be well and stay safe during this Cova thing and as always, happy FB be and happy RC flying and crawling. If you're doing some 4×4 and guys I'll see you on the next one.