Let’S go getting into fpv might be a little bit confusing and i totally get that, but before you splurge into dji fpv setup or actually decide if you want to do it anyway, you may consider getting something like ready to fly kit that are available right now. For pretty cheap beta fpv has recently came up with kits that will equip you with fpv goggles transmitter and a tiny web drone. You can train with both radio and fpv goggles are fully compatible with your future. Drones transmitter is equipped with the for sky receiver and goggles will catch everything. Analog specs that fpv meter 75 light contains one 102 motors with 18 000 kv, topped with jump and 40 millimeter free blade, propellers light brushless, all in one board, with nine amps esc c01. Micro, camera by beta, fpv and drum comes with two milliamps 1s batteries with bt20 connector, which has been used to avoid the power sag. All of this will guarantee three to four minutes. Flight controller included is the beta fpv light radio 2, which is a little bit confusing, because if you open the place for the battery there’s nothing in there, the thing is that version 2 has a built in battery inside. So if you open your radio and you are like where’s, the battery – absolutely don’t worry about that. This radio contains a hobby grade, gimbals which are pretty comfortable, but not my style personally and finally, the goggles vr01 contained 4.

3 inch 800 to 480 pixels hd lcd, with free straps for your safety. Now just a side. Note i’m personally, not a fan of boxed goggles and i have personally in my fpv life, never flown with boxed goggles. So when i tried those on my eyes started to get a little bit watery and i found it really hard to fly with them. So during the test, i will switch those goggles to the goggles that i’m using which are fatruck hd01. You can find the links to all of this down below and all of the products so be sure to check it out. Setting up all of those things is extremely easy. Just turn on your quad turn on your radio and it’s already bound to each other, so there’s, absolutely nothing! You have to do, except just powering on everything, to give you some quick instructions, uh on how to start with this i’m, putting the little dvr somewhere here uh. So this thing right here changes the channel apparently so this took me a while, but this uh particular thing changes the mode of flight from level to horizontal, to acro, so be sure that you know which switch does what i was actually shocked about this switching channels. But i think it’s kind of handy also the whole thing comes with extremely detailed user manual, that’s, probably the most extended version of the user manual of fpv. I have seen up to date except the dji stuff.

All of this considered let’s go outside and see how it flies. I do have to say it’s getting a little bit warmer here, so we are waiting basically for the trees to start blooming and stuff like this, and i actually saw a couple of trees down in the road that already have a lot of flowers and it’s. Really pretty – and i really really love it, so we have the bets fpv advanced racing kit and i’m actually really interested on how it will perform outside it’s, not windy. Today, there’s, like it’s, actually perfect, i even changed my jacket and i don’t know about you, but for me, if i get my winter jacket into the wardrobe, it ain’t coming back like never up until the next winter. Of course, are you the same? What is like? The thing that you do always when you see like spring has came and you don’t want winter anymore. Leave me a comment down below, but that’s just you know a side. Note let’s get this bad boy to work. Always now. One thing that i don’t like about those goggles right away is the fact that either it touches my eye or i have a really big space in between the nose and everything like this, so it does have an aqua mod and, to be perfectly honest, i don’t, Like those goggles at all, so for me it’s so so hard to actually see stuff in them, like my eyes, work so i’m gon na just land and switch to my normal goggles, i’d say fpv is actually a lot about what you are used to.

So, for me, flying with the other type of goggles was actually extremely hot and, like my eyes, started watering, and i couldn’t see that much, but i couldn’t believe that this wouldn’t have exactly the right camera. For it i mean the camera is fine. It was just me and the goggles, so if you are already having some of your own goggles, of course you can use it for them, and then this drone is called meteor 75. You can probably get the radio to the light radio it’s kind of nice. I would say for a beginner pilot, but to be perfectly honest: oh okay, as you can see, you can crash and it still kind of recovers stuff, which is cool and also, if you have any problems, yeah i’m, especially trying to like hit a couple of things. Uh, so if you have a problem, when you get stuck or gets, i don’t know scared of stuff like this, you can just simply flip a thing, not this one, though you need to also remember that when you flip things, you need to remember, which ones to Flip, so i of course did what i was used to, which is flipping something on the right, which was absolutely not a good thing, and i switched the channel so good good for me uh, but yeah. It flies actually extremely good. I, like it, the necro and, as you could see, i already crashed in a couple of things and still flying.

There is no problem, so i would say it’s a really good thing for a beginner pilot who’s going to crash a lot. Well, as you can see i’m also crashing along it, doesn’t flip, it does flip and it’s really cold. It did roll. It did. Flip i’m actually pretty excited about this drone, because guys i mean don’t, get me wrong. The goggles – probably not my thing, absolutely not my thing, but the drum itself is flying pretty cool. I like it and come on as you can see, it’s pretty let’s let’s try to crash a couple of times and, as you can see, it’s pretty sturdy. I mean i crashed into trees. I crashed into concrete it’s still flying and we’re gon na see in a couple of seconds uh how much destruction did it go. I’Ve just heard a little bit of a prop wash, but i guess it’s normal, but it’s also, i mean look how fast it is and it’s. This is worth it. Oh it’s still rolling, oh no, i’m in level. Ah, those switches are too hard. Okay, yeah so, and i grew back after the crash. The canopy moved a little bit out because of the gummy actually sticking out of the fc and the place that it should be, but it’s a really easy fix and it’s, not a big type of a problem. So i would say that this run is really really good for people who are just starting with the adventure, with drones first day with fpv and it’s really on the budget.

So you don’t have to buy this really expensive, dji fpv. You can buy something like this and it’s going to be really a nice experience with crashing a lot of course, but it’s a part of the whole journey i mean come on now, since we went through this let’s go back to the office. For a final part, i actually think that this is an extremely good setup for persons who want to start with fpv or actually just have fun, because that was a lot of fun in acro. I have to say that so it’s really easy to switch from level to horizon to acro mode, but my personal advice would be to switch to acro after two lipos, not father, just don’t fly in horizon or level mode, because that will teach you bad habits when It goes to fpv, so then, when you switch to acro, you will kind of have to re, learn a lot of stuff which is kind of nonsense, so just start with acro as quickly as possible. Also, if you are about to be learning how to fly fpv with things like this also be sure to check out some kind of a simulator, and i would propose to you getting velocity drone because i’m also making lessons on how to fly with velocity drone and The playlist for this is down below in the description box. Now i do have to say. I always liked better fpv products connected with tinyums because they always flew so well and they were so easy and they were surviving everything.

This guy has went through concrete trees, branches and stuff like this, and it was still flying extremely well and nothing happened to it. So it’s a perfect drum for your child or if you are trying to land, fpv and stuff like this and it’s, really cheap. Considering, if you are looking for a gift to introduce your child or your spouse, or basically yourself into fpv, this is totally a really good choice, because the radio and the goggles you can reuse for your future builds or future drones that you will get, which is Actually extremely awesome, because that means you are making this purchase once and then you just go with drones. If you want to upgrade your radio or upgrade your goggles, you can absolutely do it and there is no problem with it, which is making it an extremely good starting kit, i’m, leaving the links to this kit for banggood and beta fpv website down below. In the description box, i guess that’s all i wanted to say about this kit. So, thank you very much for watching and if you like, this video don’t forget to leave the thumbs up to help me, make algorithm extremely happy and push my content to more people, which is always awesome for us youtube. Creators don’t forget to subscribe and if you are interested i’m, also leaving you a playlist here with all of my teachings about how to fly fpv in a simulator called train insane velocity drone so be sure to check it out.

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