It out in a second all right, Ive looked at both boxes and the only way I could tell the difference is by looking at the tag on the back. Let me bring it closer and show you, while you might be able to see this or not because its kind of blown out on this tag. But this version of the cetus X, which I reviewed previously and Im, going to put a link to it below. Because its a really long review very in depth, this one runs on betaflex. If you dont know what betaflight is its right here, its a software, you can put it on your PC or Mac, and basically all it is, is a configuration software. The flight controller on any fpv drone needs to be configured to do what you need it to do and you configure it with betaflight so thats. This version of the cetus X now youre wondering whats this new version, youre. Speaking of, let me show you this. Is it right here it looks like the same box doesnt it well it pretty. Much is got ta, look at the little sticky tag on the back, but this version is not betaflight its actually the beta fpv operating system and by using the beta fpv operating system. Theyve made this like a DJI drone. What does that mean? That means, if youre used to Flying Like A mavic or anything by DJI autel, even the DJI fpv series they put in basic beginner functions into all those drones.

This has that. So let me explain so exhibit a this. One here uses beta flight configurator, which is what we use in the true fpv hobby. So you have three flight modes, you have angle mode Horizon mode, and then you have Acro mode to do all your flips and rolls, and everything and everything on the Drone in this box can be configured the same way. We do it with all drones in the real fpv hobby, so in other words, beginners can fly this no problem, but they might get a little bit challenged with all the technical stuff. However, everything works right out of the box on this, and this is why I recommend this to anybody getting into the fpv hobby for those who have terrible hand, eye coordination or have been flying, DJI mavics, all their life and the now you have really bad hand. Eye coordination, this drone flies similar, but it also has the acro mode to do flips and rolls and everything else I think, theres, even an optical flow in this one. So you see where Im going with this. So in summary, this is a beginner fpv kit. However, its designed for people that want the true fpv experience with no assistance, whereas this brand new one is once again in the fpv hobby, can do all the same things except it has the extra functions that a beginner would love if youre having difficulty with hand Eye coordination, let me show you oh and before I go any further, the contents of both kits are identical.

I also have to mention that, normally, when I make a review of something, I usually do it a few weeks in advance of the product being launched, but this product is being launched today as youre watching this, and I only received this a few hours before the Launch so Im making this video really fast so that I could make it in time for the launch. Here we go so what that means is Im going to unbox it right here. Live Well live as Im doing it now and Im Gon na Fly it right out of the box, the batteries that usually come with these kits theyre theyre used. They usually have some charging in them, so you get a little case to carry everything around Im. Just throwing everything on the ground theres your case. I have another camera over here for close ups. I dont know if that ones working there. We go beautiful case unzipper this wonderful case, and let me show you whats inside without dropping everything there we go. Can you see it uh? I got two cameras here, so there we go. Everything you need in the fpv hobby is included in this kit, its really good. I highly recommend if anybody wants to get into the fpv Drone hobby. This is my top recommendation either kit. So lets go through each item really quick and then were going to make it all work. So the first thing you have is your drone right here and this drone is made out of plastic, as you can see its all plasticky right here, but whats really good about about this one.

Is it has a video transmitter in the back that shoots out at 400 milliwatts the other cool thing about it? Is that you see this camera well go over this one. You see this camera. It can go like this for flying indoors. The more you tilt this camera, the more the Drone has to Tilt The Fly. You know what I mean watch so if the camera is pointing straight and the Drone tilts down like this to go forward Im just going to look at the floor so in other words its really not going to tilt that much because your brain is not going To let it when you fly it youre going to leave it like this, and youll fly nice and slow, so its beautiful, but when you tilt it like this up to 40 degrees, that means now, if I want to see where Im going, the Drone has to Tilt like this, and when it tilts like that, look at the angle of the Drone Im going to get an awful lot of speed, and I believe this version comes with like a beginner mode, normal mode and a sport mode and a manual mode. Also, looking at both cameras here also brushless motors brushless motors, which are really good, and it does take two 1s batteries – it comes with four batteries and a charger and everything else, but uh its all set to go right out of the box. Oh and this one here – yes, this one here has you can see theres a little camera on the bottom.

Maybe this one will pick it up here right up here where Im pointing thats a camera. Thats Optical flow right there. So when youre flying with this one indoors as youre going to see here, it has altitude hold. If you have a true fpv drone, like the other kid I was showing that one there. There is no such thing as altitude hold when you let go of the joysticks. The Drone just falls to the ground, so with altitude hold, it means you can let go of the joysticks and the Drone just sits in the air. Just like a DJI drone and waits for your next command. Next thing we have: is the remote take off the little gimbal guards? You will notice its a true fpv remote, because this joystick falls to the Bottom. Now a lot of beginners in the fpv hobby all make the following mistake: they take this joystick and they stick it in the center, because theyre used to once again Ill say: DJI drones. I use DJI because thats the top company and everything below it just means its a camera GPS drone. So if you put the joystick in the center, youll never be able to fly your drone, because in order to fly an fpv drone, you have to pull this all the way down. Then you start the motors. Never try to start the motors with it up here. It wont start so really quick. You have buttons on the front and theyre already pre programmed to help you out.

I have to stop looking at both cameras like this, its as, if Im talking to two people. Let me just pick a camera Ill start with this. One, so you have these switches up top and theyre all pre programmed. I do know what the switches do, because I flew the last cetus X drone so over on this side, thats your start and stop the motors just press it in they start and they stop over. Here, thats your switch for like normal mode for sport mode and for acro mode too simple there on this side. If you press this in youre, going to change your video channels, so if youre flying with somebody else and youre getting interference, you can press that youll switch video channels to get a clearer Channel. If you want, and over here thats your flip over switch. So, in other words, if your drone is upside down Turtle mode, you press that and flip it flips over and then you can keep on flying. Also on the back. If I can remove it here, youll see this remote comes with the spot. You can put an external module, so if you wanted to hook up elrs to this, you could or something else or Crossfire it should work. You should be able to hook it on the back. Ive never tried it because theres no display on here to work with stuff. You have to use the beta fpv software Ive never used that configurator.

So I cant tell you how it all works together. Also, this remote does work with flight Sims Ill show you right here. This is me flying on a flight Sim using the beta fpv c2x that came out earlier, and it works really well its a really good remote for flight Sims. Last thing I should tell you about this remote is that this remote is not elrs. The other kit that is the true fpv hobby, with betaflight configurator, that remote that comes with that is elrs. This one is fr sky, so its a d8 remote and you get the goggles in a head. Strap comes with them Ill, just pull that out, because Im not going to use them. I cant wear these goggles because if you watch the all of my reviews on fpv drones, I wear glasses and if I take my glasses off Im blind everythings blurry inside and if I try to put these over my glasses well, this look at this one here. Watch What Happens you see it doesnt work, I cant get them over, so I use different goggles when I fly, but these are really good because they have a DVR in them. What does that mean if they even have an antenna for range? So you put the antenna up and over here theres a DVR. You can put a Micro SD card in there, so what Im going to do is add one right now so here I have some micro SD cards that Ive bought off of Amazon.

Ive got four of them and Im going to use one of them inside our little baby and Ill just stick the card in the goggles and thats pretty much it so now, when you fly what you see in your goggles when youre flying is coming from this Camera, it goes in the goggles and its recorded in here. Just in case you do something cool and you want to show people later or you want to re watch it yourself. You can play it back in the goggles and re watch it. Okay. Last thing in here is a goodie bag over here, Im not gon na take everything out because theres so much so you get a total of four batteries. So two more batteries are in there you get a battery charger. You get a battery tester! You get a USB cable, you get spare props, you get a prop removal tool. I think you got a screwdriver, a pile of stuff Im not going to take it all out, but lets go fly all right. Lets. Do our first flight really quick and Ill show. You how everything works. I told you its gon na be a fast video. So take your remote and make sure your switch over here is all the way out. Thats your arm switch to start and stop the motors make sure your left. Joystick is all the way down make sure you switch up here. It doesnt really matter where you have it at the moment, but if you put it all the way down, I already know that is going to be beginner mode.

So put it all the way down. The switches on the other side dont play with them at the moment, now press the power button until you hear some beautiful music and it changes a color lets see. If I do it right, man, theres beautiful music, did it change blue? So there we go so now we have to connect this to our drone out of the box. It should be connected so take your drone and take the camera and make sure it goes all the way facing forward and look at the bottom youll see it comes with two batteries. The two batteries are already attached, so you have two 1s batteries, so its an actual 2s whoop, its a tiny whoop, a 2s tiny well plug in the batteries, and I do apologize if Im going fast Im just trying to get this done quickly. So here we go Im plugging in the second battery. It comes to life, look at that and then put it down on a nice flat surface. There we go as you hold it still. You want that light at the bottom to stop blinking and just to show you Ill try to do it all in one camera. Here. If I press the bottom button here, I can arm the motors there you go see, props are going, you can hear it its buzzing away and if I move the left, joystick Im gon na go back farther. I can fly it right out of my head right now, its in normal mode with altitude hold.

So if I move the left joystick up past halfway, it should fly so here we go. Dont make a liar out of me: okay, Im getting to halfway and Im at halfway. Now there we go and then Ill break it up Music, and there we are so. Can you see it in this camera here Ill break it down a little bit all right. So there it is bring it down a little bit more. There we go so its right here, Im, not touching anything thats altitude hold you see what I mean its for beginners, so you dont need any hand eye coordination. You can fly it around with the right joystick now. If I want to go forward Ill, go forward nice and slow coming this way, I can yacht wow there we go and Ill bring it back in the cameras View, and if you want to land it Im just going to pull the joystick all the way down. Stick them all the way down and land in my hand, and there we go, the motors are still going. You could probably hear them spinning you can hear them spinning right there and to turn the motors off. You have to hit the arm switch and they stop there we go so. That almost concludes my review, its that simple right. So let me show you the goggles, so Ive got this sitting over here, Im going to aim this guy at me, Ill put it down! Put the camera up so its looking at my head and Ill turn the goggles on the go wheres the power button.

Oh yeah right here so turn on the goggles, okay, so heres! This is probably a terrible video. So what youre looking at right now is the goggles, so were going into the goggles youre going to look at it here, and you should see the Drone looking at the remote down here and looking at me over here and the colors look all messed up. But thats just because thats the way it looks it does not look like that in the goggles on your head. So look at the bottom. I guess its. The bottom left Ill put a yellow arrow, pointing to what Im talking about and Im going to switch the modes so youre on the goggles s s mode. And then you have M manual, thats full Acro to do flips and rolls, I believe, and on the other side, is your battery voltage telling you when youre running out of power and in the center is the arming you can see right here. I should say disarm and if I hit the arm button well go into arm mode, so I can arm it while its sitting down Im in normal mode. So there you can hear it starting up, see it doesnt, say anything right now and Im going to disarm it. There we go. It goes back to disarm. Pretty cool last thing to show you on these goggles is the record function, because a lot of people write to me and get confused and dont know how it works.

Its really simple. So let me show you the record function really fast. So as long as youve placed the micro SD card in the goggles, then you look at the top and you have this big red button. This red button is everything you need to know you press it once it goes into record mode. It starts to record all the video thats coming back into the goggles youll, see a flashing red item up in the top left hand corner. I believe, to stop the record when you land, you press it again to watch your video back. What am I looking at here? Im looking at two cameras, sorry to watch your video back press and hold down the record button, and it will go back into DVR mode, digital video recorder mode, and then you can use these other buttons up top. You can go between all the videos you made forward backwards and the S button is your play button. Okay, Im back here sitting on my couch in my living room and what Im going to do is power on the goggles just to show you the record function and Im going to power on the Drone. The controller is already on Im, going to take it for a flight Im going to show you the other modes, really quick, so Im going to take this camera Point It Forward because were indoors Im going to attach the battery, and it should send out a signal To the goggles and to the radio, and they should all connect and Im just going to put it down on the ground here if the light on your drone keeps on flashing and its not connecting just move the left, joystick up and down, or do some other Things like this hit the little arm switch in and out.

Eventually they should connect all right so Im looking inside my goggle goes in once again, do we see everything? So what Im going to do is put the record on so everything youre about to see. Thats being recorded is coming from the goggles, so I can hit the little red button up top and I heard a double beat: went beep beep. That means its recording and if you look up in the left hand corner, I believe it is youll, see a red on and off flashing light, which means its in record mode. And if you look down down there, you can see the propeller guards on the Drone, because I have the camera facing forward as soon as I lift that camera up to go really fast, you wont see those little propeller guards in your image anymore, so you can Get some really cool video, so Im just going to take this and put it over here on my arm, chair itll sit over there its recording away. This drone is ready to go Im going to plop it down on the ground and take off and just to show you it so Ive got it in normal mode. Let me just show you one other thing: bring it up coming up in the camera view hello. There we are okay, so let me just show you the speeds, really quick, normal mode Lets create this way. I dont want to bang it into my wall, so go back, you can see its pretty slow.

This is like a beginner to fly this. There we go thats pretty much your forward, speed coming by my head coming over here, bring it over to that camera. Well, that was close. Okay lets not bring it that close to the camera. Again, try not to scratch my legs. Okay, next thing, Im going to show you is sport mode, do not switch it into sport mode while its flying, because uh its gon na go pretty fast. When you move the joystick a little bit so Im gon na land, it over here come on back to me, come on over here and down there we go and now Im going to flick the switch the propellers are still going. I havent turned off the motors. Well, I guess I should turn off the motors and Ill flick this into the middle position on the goggles. If its still recording yeah, I see it its in sport mode now and then Im gon na put on the ground and start it up in sport mode. Here we go, the cool thing is that in sport mode you still have a type of altitude hold. Can you even see my head with this drone in front? But, more importantly, you have a super high speed drone, so Im going to turn it this way. Im not going to crash it into my walls, but if I want to go forward even the slightest bit in sport mode, this is for outdoors its gon na yeah.

I dont want to do it here, its gon na Boogie really fast. This is for octo get back here, you but yeah. I didnt mean come and crash into me, but the sport modes for outdoors dont use sport mode indoors. So the last thing I want to show you is Im going to put my fat chart goggles on Ill. Just show you what you can do with this thing, so Im going to tune into the same channel, so this is Altitude hold and everything Ill, bring it up to the camera. So with my fat sharks on you can fly it really easy. So Im going to go forward through the house here it stays at the same height, so I just have to watch out. I dont hit anything going through the walls and everything its super simple to fly like your grandma could fly this with the altitude hold function. Theres no difficulty whatsoever coming around here. I dont know if I can do circles around me, but Ill try to go behind my head Ill go over my head coming back. Hopefully, the camera picked that up coming down going around going in front of me right in front of my face so with the fpv mode with altitude hold its so simple. Let me try it in sport mode Im, probably going to destroy this, but well give it a shot here. Lets bring it down and well put it down over here.

Holding the Ill just hold the left. Joystick down it lands nice take off the arm switch there. We are Im going to put it in sport mode and lets try that so its in sport going up gon na be faster this time, so itll be a lot harder to fly around the house Ill, keep it lower, but uh there we go Im only just Barely touching the joystick there is an altitude hold happening. I can tell you that right now, uh its taking very little effort to fly this around the house, yeah very little effort Im, not going full blast. If I did, we could pick up some speed like this Im gon na go faster and faster, and there we go now were really booging through the house and if you get really good at this, you could go even super duper fast there we are ready. So I got a spin around 180 and Im Gon na Come Back to Me and land there. We go so really simple drone to fly in the fpv hobby for beginners. Alright super cold out super snowing out super winter out lets see if this can do flips and rolls Ive only got a little bit of battery power left right. This is on and its full of snow Ill put that down there. The goggles Im gon na turn them on Im gon na plug this guy in another. Stick them right here! Oh I just put snow and everything I got ta stick them right, get rid of all the snow and stick them right there.

Oh hes gon na slide right off the car Im gon na put them up over here. You can see me up here. Lets get rid of some of the snow, all right, uh, my hands are frozen S Mode M mode. Okay, thats, good and Im gon na hit the record on here. Wheres the record button Ill put the record there we go. I heard two beeps Ill. Just put these down lets, go lets, take it for a flight Ill, try not to lose it or its. The arm switch cant even find the arm switch. There we go. I think Im armed here were going were gon na move baby. All right come back to me at high speed there. I am dont want to lose this on my roof and I want to see if it does flips and rolls so here I go coming at me and whoa yep it does it it does it. So you can fly this Acro mode, okay, its going down my road whoa. I am running out of steam and Power yep there we go baby, okay, so lets uh, bring it back. Yeah, a little low low voltage is telling me on my screen because the batteries are at the end of a life cycle whoa and there we are in the snow disarmed all right. So hopefully, all of that worked Im gon na end this video here, because I have to go in and edit it and post it, so you can be watching it as youre watching it now.

So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to know where to get this, the links are below go check. It out. I think its awesome for beginners. So with all that said, thanks for watching and Ill catch you in another video pretty soon until then, I say bye, Music.