The drone racing league simulator this this simulator is com, is like owned and run by the official drone racing league, which is one of the highest forms of drone racing. I highly recommend going back and watching the races, theyre incredibly intense and super fun to watch so lets just get to the first question. I know its probably on your minds. Why do we need a simulator, its basically a video game? Why cant? I go just buy a drone walk outside just start, flying it around well, its kind of complicated the thing about fpv is that the drones they dont have assists like your regular toy drones. For example, you just go into amazon to search up drone. Just like buy one of the first options for around, like 100 bucks or so youll notice, that the drone maintains its elevation and whenever you go forward, it goes forward. A certain amount doesnt go any further and immediately fixes itself when it stops. Fpv drones do not have that fpv drones, um yeah. You have to hover all the time they do not hold their elevation, they will fall fpv. Drones are also able to do full 360s. Youre able to rotate them, however, you want, and they dont reset your position. You have 100 control of the drone and that could be really scary to a lot of people like if you look at videos of people flying like a real fpv drone. For the first time, you see that they crash it all the time because theyre very difficult to control, mainly because of their intense speed and the fact that they have no assists so thats where simulators come in.

The whole point of simulators is that well, first of all, theyre not like theyre, not like a 300 drone with like a 100 controller and 300 goggles, with like 100 worth of batteries, its just 20 bucks thats it and the best thing about the drone racing league. Simulator is that its available on xbox, playstation, pc and the pc one is on steam and epic games youre able to pick which edition you want theres, not really a difference, maybe just which launcher you prefer. So the benefit of this is you pay 20 bucks to have lets see how many to have all of these drones to have incredible, realistic physics, so that a lot of people say its incredibly just like flying in real life, and you also get all – and you Also get to travel for free youre able to go with all these maps race around the world. Youre able to do freestyle race against other people build your own drone compete in tournaments theres. Just so many amazing things about a simulator and the most you have to spend is like 20 bucks on the simulator in the drone racing league simulator its on sale, a lot of the time you can get it for, like 15 to 10 to 10 bucks american Dollars and one things i actually recommend when you first buy a simulator, please uh make sure if you can to try to get a drone controller. This is the fat shark controller.

I will have its currently cost 40 american dollars. I will have a link to it in the description, but another great thing about having a simulator is that your drone isnt limited to only drone controllers, youre able to take an xbox or playstation controller and plug it in, and you can go nuts and im. Pretty sure that for playstation consoles as well, youre able to plug in a drone controller, i dont know for uh, i dont know for xbox. You might have to look it up and im pretty sure that you cant plug in drone controllers to an xbox and have it work, but you can still use your xbox controller so when you first buy the simulator youre immediately needed at this menu. This is the main menu. This is where you can access everything. What i want you to do, first, is you know? First, you know just get used to the ui. You know check it out, then click the settings controller setup and then i want you to click. Quick calibration and please make sure that your controller is plugged in. For example, the fat shark controller can be a pain in the butt to set up. Because you have to because make sure that your controllers on, because you have to hold down that button and make sure to lights on just make sure that your controller does something that says its connected. Then you just hit quick calibration and it is incredibly simple.

But there are a couple of tricky things that you might need to know about. I recommend that you go to the official drone racing league youtube channel and go into their playlist. They have a whole entire drone racing league simulator academy. That tells you how to navigate the drone racing simulator, how to set up a controller, how to fly and its a great little little tutorial series. So now, im just going to cover a few of the things about the drone racing league simulator. That, in my opinion, makes it the best on the market. So, first of all, it has all these incredible modes. Incredible physics, everybody agrees its one of the best bang for your buck simulators out there, but first of all, i just want to quickly cover something. Incredibly, quick, i want to cover up the tryouts thing, so the drl tryouts is insane it. So, basically to summarize it quickly is you get to compete on the simulator and then what happens? Is they invite the like the top like 12? I think pilots on the simulator to a special lan event in vegas, where any, i think you have to be like 16 or 18 and older. I forget the exact age gap, im pretty sure its 18 and older um to compete and whoever wins that tour bank gets to sign a contract with the drone racing league and nbc to compete in the next season of the drone racing league to compete on national Television, its insane so many people from all around the world compete in it and at the end and youre gon na be won this year.

It seems that a halo walker one – and i remember watching a drone racing league ive, been seeing him fly around hes been doing great, and – and so it truly is just a crazy thing to know that when you buy the simulator, you immediately have a chance where, If you put in the, if you put in the work, you can become a professional pilot with a contract, you can do this for a living, but for now i know thats a little too far fetched youre still a beginner, since you are still a beginner lets. Learn how to fly so i recommend the first thing that you do is to go into the train mode and immediately start quest one. These teach you from the beginning how to fly a drone. They dont even its like. They assume i dont care if youve flown toy jon before or if youve flown in, like a simulator before i feel like youve watched up start with mission. One then go to mission two. I dont care. What your skill level is just start just start with mission. One then go into mission two, because you still got ta get used to everything and its incredible. So mission 1 starts in third person mode with a toy drone, so it maintains elevation. You know its it it still. It still limits you from going forward. It still automatically resets you, but it goes pretty fast and you get used to you know flying a drone, then in quest 2, its the exact same drone, but you start flying it in in first person view and then for quest 3.

Little by little. You go into intermediate mode which takes off some assist and you go to pro mode takes off all assists, which is true, fpv flying and it truly is just so nice. You know like knowing the amount of progression that you went through and then actually flying around. Remembering that you started off struggling to fly this little tiny toy drone and yeah its just a great feeling when you like, look back and try the first missions and youre, like god, i cant believe i struggled on this because you know you know that you grew And its just such a great simulator, it teaches you how to fly so quickly and you dont see yourself getting better, but as i as i mentioned like, as i mentioned a couple seconds ago, you there is a massive change going on. Your skills are rapidly improving. So lets go to the first little mode, solo race. So this is where you can just race it by yourself. You can race all by yourself or you can race against ghosts and heres the cool thing they have drl maps. These are the actual maps actual tracks that are used in the drone racing league world championship its insane. You have originals, which are some maps that drl made specific in the simulator. You got the virtual season because you know in uh in the 20 in 2020, they had to do it online thats the benefit of them having a simulator, so they create all these tracks.

These are also drl tracks. Um, you have the drl sim racing cup tracks, which is another torment that they did. You have your favorite maps. You have community maps, so there actually is a map editor that people are able to make and people actually do make some insane maps that are really cool, and i recommend trying them out. If you can, and then you have multi gp multi gp is another massive drone flying league competition thing and they have tons of multi gp tracks from over the years that youre able to fly. And, of course, if you want more up to date, um multi gp maps, you do and theres another simulator that you can get that actually has tons of multi gp maps. Some of them are even maps uh that go out on the sim before they even come out real life, but were focusing on deer about today. In case you want to know that a similar is called velocitron. I recommend getting it after you get used to flying in a simulator, but then heres, something i feel like is really important, especially for bms. We have the feature tracks, so these tracks, they start off simple and then they gradually get harder and harder and harder and harder and harder, and the best thing about this is its kind of like the tutorial. You start off with something easy and then you get and then gets harder and harder, and you learn more and more and more until youre actually racing on these really difficult tracks, so its great, like first hike, its an incredibly simple track, its really slow.

Very few elevation changes very big gates, and then you know you start doing, and then you start you little by little start getting into like some sharper turns start getting to longer tracks more of more elevation changes, faster reactions, more gates and its just a great way To get started next, another kind of version of it of that is the circuits. So the fun thing about the circuits ignore my horrible times. The fun thing about the circuits is, as you can see, its literally just a set of like five tracks. You get to go against an ai, you get to pick their difficulty and you kind of kind of get to like compete in a little competition. Thats really funny. You know you guys should compete multiple around theyre all around the same skill level. And then you know you have medium hard, hard hard and everything gets harder and harder as you go along and all them kind of have like a theme which is really fun and once thats another like great. If you dont really like the feature tracks, i recommend, starting with the easy, then medium then hard and moving on so then afterwards we have multiplayer. So this one people create their own, like lobbies or rooms that youre able to join. You see something to do with freestyle rooms, race rooms, race rooms, of course, are the most popular. You can see how many people are in them and then you can just race against other people and its a really fun way to you know kind of challenge, people you know maybe to meet new people, because this game does this game does have a global chat.

I just dont really know how to access it right now, um. Now, if we go over here every single week, theres two tournaments called thursday throwdown and sunday night flights. If youre feeling confident and you feel like your uh skills have improved, i recommend uh going to tournaments flying right here. Here they have the two us air force tracks, heres the map editor and if you notice ive covered everything. Oh heres, the usaf workbench were able to customize your drone, so make it whatever you want. You can even copy your own real life setup, so ive covered everything, but this one freestyle. This is my favorite mode. If you notice, this is the exact same thing as what we, just as what we just talked about in the solo race, but the difference is im just going to go into my favorite map out of service theres, this button called freestyle. You cant still do races from you, which is pretty fun in case. You quickly change your mind, so the thing about freestyle in case you dont know freestyling is a massive. Its very like, like i should say in fpv its very popular where you go to a big area and you just do freestyle. You know you freestyle around the place. You know you do tricks, you, you fly, you know you go through narrow gaps and i love doing this because, right after you complete the um right after you complete the tutorial, i recommend going and doing this because first of all, recommend uh.

I recommend just getting a five inch drone because those are easy to handle and theyre not too fast. I recommend getting a five inch drone and then just immediately going into a freestyle map and its flying around because theyre, so big and theyre not narrow, like all those race maps, because with the narrow race maps, if you mess up, then you have very little room To fix everything, but in these maps, look at all this empty space. I have lets. Go! Oh, no! Wait! Crap! I messed up its okay im able to pull up and do this okay im. Turning! Oh! No! I flipped over its okay. I have time and space to fix myself and you dont have to focus on getting like these really quick little turns. Instead, you can focus on doing starting off by doing big, wide turns and then little by little those turns get sharper and sharper and faster and faster. You start doing freestyle with faster and bigger drones, and your skills really do improve and i highly recommend using this mode to practice its truly just such a big mode. I love this map just because um i actually just love it, not just because its. Not only is it so big when you go over to little areas like this, where its suddenly super narrow, and it just has so many like options for you to fly around so thats. Basically, the drone racing league simulator in a nutshell, um, so yeah.

I highly recommend that you get the simulator truly is fpv. Is such a fun hobby? Everybody here is super nice um. So once again, i will have the link for my fat chart controller in the beginning, its only 40 bucks. I recommend, if you dont, want to spend too much money. You can spend a little bit more and i recommend spending a little bit more. But if you cant, thats, fine and im also going to leave a link to to the official drone racing league discord channel down below you have so many experts down there. Theyre all super happy to answer your questions. Theyre all super welcoming they all love having new people enter fpv, they dont care what you ask about they dont care if its whats, the color of your hair or whats, the difference between like a taranis, qx7 or qx7s, they will answer those questions. So thank you. So much for watching my first video, if you like, if you liked it, i will have a lot more fpv content coming out in the coming days.