You can start flying this and experience our hobby of fpv right out of the box. This is pretty cool, so it takes about 12 minutes per battery to charge up. These are 1s 450 milliamp batteries, and what youre looking at today is the beta fpv cetus pro. This is the larger one with 1102 brushless motors, and these are brushed motors. This is the smaller cetus ready to fly. Both of these kits are around 200. This one is 229 and it is comparable to the gap. Rc tiny go kit, which is one of my all time: favorites and whats the biggest difference between the tiny go and this one. Well, you can get a tiny go kit with recordable goggles for recording your videos and brushless motors, but no 4k on board camera. For about the same price as the cetus pro, so why would you buy this one over the gap? Rc tiny go that is questionable. So right now were going to talk about the cetus pro in this review and also a little bit of comparison to its little brushed counterpart a little smaller and easier to fly in smaller spaces. This one is for indoor outdoor. I feel like this. One is a little bit fast for beginners for indoor flying. So if youre looking for something thats going to get, you started, you know during whoop season as we call it in the fall. You want to start out with something like the brushed one.

The brushless one is great for those days when its sunny and nice outside and im going to show you how fast this one is. This one will be a great acro trainer. This one flies 100 times better than this one in acro, so this one can freestyle, it can do power loops, it can do loops and rolls – and you can practice some of those freestyle maneuvers that you see the more popular fpv pilots doing. So if you want to progress, this is a great next step if you start out with the setus. So the next step is the tiny go 4k version that ones around 300. It is about the same size as this one and records 4k. Video at 30 frames per second and it records down to a micro, sd card, so thats, pretty cool this cetus pro is a nice follow up, i believe, to the original cetus. What sets these apart from the tiny go, is that both of these flight controllers have something on the bottom of them that the tiny go does not. It has a little tiny camera right here. Infrared camera points down at the ground. The much larger drones that you see in best buy very similar technology is, is something called optical flow and what it does is it maintains its altitude, so it has altitude hold and position hold, so itll actually see the surface below it as long as its not Like water, it can track the surface and stay in one spot and maintain its altitude, so both of these will do an auto takeoff and come up to a specified height about three feet off the ground and hold its position so pretty easy to bind up with The radio this is the radio that comes along with it and it is usbc chargeable.

These also have proprietary connectors on them. These are bt, 2.0 connectors and those are only available from beta fpv. So, like you know, youre gon na have to buy these batteries only unless youre using a converter, to use this standard ph 2.0. So without further ado, guys lets go ahead and get started with some beginner flying today for the cetus pro were going to fly indoors. Real quick and were going to fly outdoors so many different flight modes here weve got stability mode to play with weve got a sport mode, thats going to get us a little faster and we have manual mode, which is the holy grail of fpv called acro mode. So were going to do some beginner house and outside freestyle and a little bit of finding some tree gaps out there, a lot of fun to do with an fpv race. Quad lets go ahead and get started with this kit. Now the cetus pro flight test. Here we go guys lets. Do it? Okay, guys lets start out by flying indoors, thats, where you want to start out flying fpv dont, take it outside because its likely that its going to end up in a tree so start out in the normal mode. I quickly switched into s mode with that top left hand switch its just so much easier in sport mode, because the normal mode to me was kind of like weird and it kept flying up to the ceiling of my house.

Um. Im not sure that is totally worked out. I have got it to work before with the smaller cetus ready to fly, but its kind of neat if youre flying it line of sight, but when youre in the goggles it just feels weird and the camera angle seems too high. So in sport mode you can see im able to buzz around the house pretty fast. It is definitely about id say twice as fast as the original cetus, so 1102 motors are usually for outdoor micro, brushless, drone flying and thats for smaller fpv quads under 250 grams. You dont have to register this little guy, its no big deal to the faa. This is considered a toy and there you go first crash indoors and now were going outdoors for some fun. I feel like if they made a 2s version of this. This would be extremely fast on 2s, because right here, im on 1s. This is one of the fastest 1s quads. I think ive ever had my hands on and it actually does pretty good. The video transmitter seems to go around the neighborhood quite well, and doesnt have a ton of breakup, even though im running the lowest vtx power, video transmitter power on this quad right now is set to 25 milliwatt with trees in between cars objects. You know other things in the neighborhood: they fly by little fences like this. This baby tracks really well and has a pretty solid video signal.

I only have momentary breakup when i fly around and under and past trees and solid objects and im able to slow down this quad enough outdoors, even to have some really precise flying right here. The house is in between me and the quad, so i yeah again, i think the transmitter is pretty good. There is, i believe, a 200 milliwatt transmitter on the tiny go which i think is a little bit better than this transmitter. But here again you can really get low with this quad, and i even want to fly under my prius over here. Lets give this a shot too, because i feel like. I have a lot of control here now the camera whites out a little bit, but then it comes back so theres some light to darkness adjustment. With this camera. I feel like the tiny go cameras just a little bit better, but this ones flying great today indoors or outdoors all right guys. Welcome back from the flight test, be sure to comment on this video because check this little guy out. This is the ultimate ultimate cinewoop. It has dji on board and youll, be able to fly this with dji goggles. Only this one is an analog, and this one is an analog signal, so the difference between dji and analog well, its like vhs tape, kind of old school tv. Looking 43 type of video and the dji video, it looks like a 1080p flat screen up its a really nice video, so were giving this one away the month of october.

All you have to do is subscribe on the channel. Make a comment on this. Video. Send us an email at on the contacts page. So if youre a beginner, this one is a great one to start out with. It will also freestyle and do some super nice cinema flying so that ones up for grabs for somebody on the channel. So we have the vr02 goggles here um, those are, i guess, theyre around 89 or so you can check out the link below for those specifically. If you want to get started, these goggles will work with any 5.8 fpv systems out there. So 5.8 is pretty much the analog standard. The only thing missing on this pair of goggles, in my opinion, is an sd card slot. So you want to be able to record your videos and thats the one downfall of this. Now, if you want to record your videos, you can actually go on the banggood website ill. Try to put a link down below for a little miniature 5.8 dvr with an sd card slot. So itll pull up the signal, itll auto, scan and then start recording your video from your drone. Then you can take that sd card out put it in your computer and then you can go, make your fpv videos and share them online. So we do have an fr sky d8 receiver on both of these as well. So if you get tired of playing around with this radio – and you want to upgrade to something more fancy like the tx16s over here – it will bind up in fr sky d8 mode.

In this transmitter, so this is pretty cool. This is a a four in one radio that has around 100 different protocols in here. This radio master is one of the most popular brands in the hobby right now, itll also run crossfire and els modules. So those are the two big hot things right now for long range and thats, something that you can do you can get into later and itll. Let you fly miles and miles out now lets talk about the cetus pro. This one is pretty nice in comparison for for somebody more advanced if youre, if youre starting out beginner and you go to the intermediate level – youre gon na love this quad, because 1102 series motors these little brushless motors on here. This is what i call my micro brushless sweet spot around 1102 to 1103 series motors. These are 18 000 kv and they are super fast on these tri blades. So you can slow it way down and you can do flips and rolls in acro, and i was surprised this little guy would power loop now a lot of times. I feel like these type of quads fly better without these prop guards, but i really didnt feel the prop guards as much and honestly, they kind of saved me when i didnt have a couple crashes. I also crashed in a tree that was just full of dew. This morning and the whole thing was covered in leaves and wet stuff.

All the way around this frame right here actually did a really good job of not allowing this to short out. If a drop of water touches that board right there, it will fry it um. One of the other things that you need to know about this quad is that it does have plug and play motors. So if i burn out one of those motors, i can unplug it and i can just simply plug in a new one once i get it so youll have to check motor direction. There is no usb port on here, so also you dont have to hook this up to a computer. You dont have to hook this up to betaflight, so starting out you dont have to set this up with your radio setup switches, thats a whole nother video. I have a video called betaflight for dummies. You should go and check that one out, if youre interested to learn betaflight its got a lot of really good information for beginners. So i think that other than that we have 40 millimeter three blade props on here. If youre going to order props for this one, it is a 1.5 millimeter shaft on here. So there are also one millimeter props. This sides for for the one millimeter shaft so make sure you dont order the wrong ones and ill try to ill try to put a link down below to those on the bottom. Here, if you look again, we have that little camera here and that little camera is our optical flow up at the very front, theres a little tiny gold button right here.

That is the bind button. We have the bt 2.0 connector back here and this little wire right here coming out the front that is your vtx wire, so they dont have like a right hand, circular polarized antenna on here. I actually have just this little wire coming off the top here. You can also use an alternate set of goggles if youd like i have the sky zones, which are also my all time, favorites and – and i would definitely go for that – so i feel like the flight time on this also is about four to five minutes. The tune is, i would say, mediocre its, not super super smooth. Like a protune on here. I did see some kind of wobble at certain points flying down the sidewalk, but i have to say that it flies really slow or extremely fast, and the biggest difference between both of these is that they do feel locked in straight to the ground. Both of these do track really well and both are fairly fast, but this one is much faster. So if you want something that you can go ultra slow with and then kind of really speed up later, the cetus pro is the way to go again. So both of these are 1s quads again, but we have the three different flight modes in here. If you look at the control, the quick start guide here for the controller, the switch is the arm switch is sa right here and thats, going to army motors and itll, put you in air mode and starting out youll, see in on the screen in the bottom Right, which is normal mode and thats the optical flow? If you want to turn that off, i found that to be annoying but im a seasoned veteran pilot, so it felt kind of like worse than like, having your drivers, ed teacher holding onto the wheel while youre driving for me once i took that off it took Me into s mode, and s mode still gives me stabilization for the quad, but it allows me more stick control without all of the kind of kind of nanny flying that that that the normal mode so to speak, has so uh.

I turned off the optical flow and then its not bouncing me up and over things uh. If you fly it actually its kind of wild, because if you fly it at an obstacle, itll actually rise over the obstacle as its going in this normal mode. Its kind of crazy – so you know, is that needed, not necessarily, but sport mode was probably my favorite mode for indoors and then, if youre going to go outdoors. This is where you can start acro training in manual mode and the cool thing about this particular quad versus all the beta flight. Quads out there like this one that were giving away this one doesnt have a slow, medium and fast mode on there. So these quads actually have a secondary mode on there for the manual mode, which makes it fly even faster and gives it more angle of attack. So slow will have about this much till medium. This much and the fast mode will have you just screaming down the sidewalk, so a pretty cool kit. You can check out both these links down below. I would definitely start out if youre doing indoors, with the cetus rtf comes with the goggles batteries charger everything. I also put a six in one charger down there, for you guys to check out that will charge up to six of these one s 450s, and if you want to fly outdoors later, indoor outdoor get the cetis pro absolutely hands down.

If you want 4k on your drone check out the tiny go link down below as well and thats the big competitor to that one, that might even fly a little bit better than the cetus pro but two thumbs up for the cetis pro bundle guys its around 229 dollars to get you started in fpv and again, please do subscribe on the channel. Make your comment to get into that. Drawing for the flywoo center race, 20. super cool, dji drone. You have to have dji goggles to fly this one, but thanks for hanging with me guys again, this is one for the beginners and i hopefully you enjoyed this video and review. I will see you on the next one.