What flying fpv is all about. I dont want to bore you with endless endless endless long drawn out minutes of specs and everything on this kit. I want to talk about the fun factor with the eachine novice 3. V2. So here it is on the kitchen table and you know what its nice, because for this price, you get an upgraded transmitter with this kit versus the older one it came with. I think it was the fly sky i6 and that locks you into one receiver protocol. So what does that mean without getting too technical? This is a 4 1 multi protocol, which includes a whole list of different receivers that you can bind to everything from like spectrum to futaba, to fr sky modules, receiver modules. So you can pretty much bind this to just about anything now. This is the lower version of this transmitter, its not the full blown one that has like 100 different receivers. You can bind to this. One has more of a limited list, but it is a jumper t light and it feels good on the sticks. It feels like im flying the a big transmitter which is really nice, so um and its really really precise. If you want to learn how to fly. Acro, this is a freaking awesome place to start much better than the tiny hawk transmitter with the kind of bubble gimbals, as i call them look like little balls that they rotate on these are actual gimbals in here, and they they feel really nice, so full size Switches on there you can go in there and set up multiple quads on here.

So this is a ready to fly kit that you can expand into later and you can bind up like as many drones. So this little transmitter as you want so um, the jumper tea light is one of my favorites and i actually have multiples of these. Now that – and i fly all of my micros on this one – and this is the cc 2500 version of this – if you want to look this up and look at the specs on it before you buy it, we also have eachine goggles in this pack. We have a charger that charges up the 3s for 50 milliamp batteries that come along with it, and it looks like a rebranded g and b battery, which is kind of interesting, um and im, getting three probably three minutes flight time on. If im doing like a hardcore, freestyle, justin davis type flight im high on the throttle, im doing punch outs, dives power loops all that stuff with this quad. So the cool thing about the eachine v novice 3v through two god its so much to talk about – is that it flies really good. Okay, number one. If youre a beginner, you can start out in stability mode thats, going to be switches all the way away from you and when you switch down its going to put it into acro mode. You can do that later and i recommend doing that. High up slip switch into acro the first time a lot of times when you guys first, do that.

You immediately crash because theres no stabilization, yeah but start out in that stability mode, and you can literally cruise around in your backyard. This is a little backyard. Ripper um and parking lot ripper its an anti karen drone, a lot of times. People dont hear this. They hear it momentarily, but then its gone, and this thing is really hard to see in the air, and i think its, i think its pretty fast. You can fly this thing around probably three miles per hour or up to like 40 miles per hour. I swear to god. This thing is super fast, so i love the fact that it can carry a little larger battery as well. If you want to get a long flight time, battery id recommend the 3s 550 milliamp battery, or maybe even a 650 on here so im going to put some links down below to my various different recommended batteries. For you, when you buy this one, you can probably grab a couple long flight batteries. I also like the fact that you can put an insta 360 go on top of here. It will carry a camera, so you could cinema or you could freestyle this little guy. So a lot of options on this one and it has a unibody on the bottom, its fairly durable, its lightweight its under 250 grams. You dont have to register this one. Its classified as a toy by the faa and the camera online is pretty good, were going to talk about some of the more detailed specs coming up in this review.

But im going to keep it honest on this review and were going to talk about the good. The bad and ugly, as always in this review, but first lets go fly, lets go rip well, do a little parking lot ripping and well come back after that, and well talk about the novice 3v2 on the bench and well talk about all the good stuff thats. In this package, and if its worth the money here, we go Music, foreign, Music, hey, Music, all right guys. Welcome back from that rock and roll flight test man this this thing is fun to fly. I have been flying fpv for over 10 years. I was having a ball with this quad. You know what, because i i i love lightweight quads – that have a high power to weight ratio. This thing, when you hit the throttle its so light that, with the 12 series motors on here, it freaking takes off. If you want to fly slow, you can back down off that throttle and fly at about 25 to 30 throttle instability mode. If youre a beginner, i mean you could safely cruise around your house with this indoors. So it is three inch quad though so you know, if you have other people in the house, its probably not a good idea to fly when theres someone else in the house. But if you have a a good sized house with an upstairs downstairs, you could absolutely fly around your house when it was raining outside with this guy in stability mode.

Now i think acro mode it might be just too fast to fly indoors, but for a acro. Your first acro trainer quad that would be pretty durable outside to learn acro. It will do any type of freestyle. Move that the five inch quads could do. This thing will power loop? It will do dives from 80 foot oregon trees. I mean i can do s s bins. I split s with it um i i can. I can loop it. I can gap it. I i i can do anything with this thing. You can madi flip this thing, its crazy, so its totally capable of of doing just about anything you want to throw at it so very, very cool. It also comes with an onboard vtx recording dvr, so this little sd card right here goes into the side slot and you can record 1080p videos from this eos 2 video video cameras, which is really really super nice. The goggles also are the ev800 goggles that come along in the box. Those are pretty decent resolution. Those are 800 by 480 pixels theyre, actually better than some of the other beginner goggles, which is pretty interesting, but i think the two biggest things about well three biggest things is that this is under 250 gram. Number one number: two: it comes with the new, updated jumper t, light radio, which i absolutely love and adore. I did a review on this one. While back – and i said it was the ace h – i t it is – it has also an external module bay um that comes with the pieces and parts in this.

All you do is plug in a cable on the inside of the radio and put these two screws on right here and this little micro kind of jr module bay installs. Here you can run crossfire and other long range protocol modules on there like elrs. So, very very nice, because you can you can load unlimited models on this and not just one quad can bind up to this. You can also fly it with taranis receivers. You know fr sky receivers, futaba and dsm dsmx receivers from spectrum, so yeah buying this up to your other models, its not just locked down to this model, which i love, and this thing has its own version of open tx, which is like very good its not Like a fly by night, build thats on this for the os for the radio thats super sweet, so the weight on the quad, as you saw earlier, is 66 grams. So this little baby is under under hundred grams without the battery thats crazy to me, um, because of the performance of it flies like a little five inch. I mean it even even feels better than a five inch, because its so small that you can you could power loop, its just about anything, something that was like three feet off the ground with the battery looking at 109 grams. That is really really nice and the secret sauce of this quad, two things: the radio, the updated radio. It feels way better than the tiny hawk uh little bubble style gimbals.

This one has very natural gimbals on here and it feels loose on the freestyle. But if you slow down in stability mode, it feels nice and locked in and it tracks really well. So if you want to fly this in the backyard or like even as a parking lot ripper the eos 2 camera is not my favorite, but you can really see where youre going and you can see if theres people around, which is super important. Now. The next thing thats absolutely awesome about this quad versus most of the other beginner quads out. There is that this has updated motors on here. So this is 12 series motors from eachine theyre eachine branded here on this side, flip it around and youre. Looking at 1203 5500 kv motors, the 12 series motors ive talked about this before there has been kind of a a paradigm shift in the evolution of micro quads. In the past five years we started out making brushed ones. Little tiny whoops fly around in the house, made gates and things, and then we went to outside quads with brushed motors for micro, sub 250 g scale, and we started out with 11 0 say 1102 motors 1103 1104 and we kept getting bigger and bigger. In the 11 series motors, but the problem was the 11 series motors have a high amp draw rate and they have high rpm. The kv is super high on them, the higher the kv, the more less efficient they are for the onboard battery.

Now why are most of these micros two inch 2.5 inch and uh? Some of these toothpick style drones, coming out with 12 series motors now well theyre a little larger than the 11 series motors and theyre more theyre way more efficient for the amp draw to the battery. So in times past say four or five years ago, when i was running 11 series motors, i would puff my 3s 450s, like super quick youd, see them start to puff. The 12 series motors have a really nice high end of the throttle, theyre very smooth. I think theyre quieter, they dont kind of scream like a bumblebee like the 110 series motors do and they puff the batteries way less. So this is a smart move on the manufacturers. Standpoint so were benefiting there for nice, smooth and quiet power, its not a its, not a caring drone. It is definitely an anti caring drum because you kind of momentarily hear it, but this thing is so small and fast. You have a hard time seeing where this thing was coming from or where its going so its very stealth as far as an outdoor ripper goes, but the tune on here also is freaking. Fantastic im loving the tune on this quad and i did bounce down a couple times without any damage. We got three millimeter bottom plate here. I believe it was 132 millimeter from motor to motor here its a true x design top plate with recessed leds.

It has a flat top on the top, which i love, because you can get an action camera up here. You can put the go 2 on here, give it a little tilt its got a lot of holes in the top of this top plate as well. For adding zip ties or anything else you want to carry along if you wanted to add gps, you could probably also do that. We have a flight controller thats rated up to 4s as well, but i really wouldnt put 4s on here because i dont, i dont think the 12 series motors are are capable of 4s. So i wouldnt do that. It does have really nice leds so ill light that up for you real quick. I wish it had a better strap on here. Its one thing that i dont, i think the strap is kind of chintzy but check out the leds in the dark or on a cloudy day. These things are super visible and they move around a little bit too isnt that cool they flash back and forth, and then on the very top we have 400 milliwatt vtx, guys thats freaking awesome. You have two buttons here on the side and this first button is for changing the channels and the bands. You can see that little tiny led there moving across. Hopefully you have your glasses on. You can see that and if you long press it itll change the bands the bands are over here and those are in blue.

This button right here is for the onboard dvr recording, so this is kind of cool. It has its own little sd card slot. On this vtx right here, put in your sd card and youre recording videos at 1080p on here via sd card thats, pretty cool. If you press this button in the back right here, that will start a red light flashing on this side. Um and youll be recording videos from your onboard camera, thats nice uh. Other thing is that you know cadets eos 2, its not my favorite either. I would say that this could probably be a better. Camera could be updated if youre, a beginner, and you get this quad in the mail, go ahead and bring this camera down to about 10 grade of pitch right here, and that will allow you to fly this quad slower in stability mode and really be precise with It because, since it doesnt have prop guards, the props can hit things and they probably could hurt you if they hit you at a high throttle or high speed. So um be careful with other people around now, a little bit more tilt up to about 25 to 30 degrees, thats, where you want to be, if youre going to freestyle, doing power, loops or trying matty flips or things like that or big dives. I just like a lot of camera angle and that increases the speed of the quad, so youre going to fly much faster now, because youre going to have be able to see on more of a tilt, so the higher this quad tilts like this in the forward Position of the flight youre going to go much faster, more leveled out youre, going to be slower and be able to go through the tree, canopy a lot easier.

We also have an xt 30 connector here, thats, giving us really good power here on this quad and im, going to recommend that you take a zip tie and zip tie it off to the arm. If this battery somehow becomes ejected from the quad in a bad crash, you dont want this being pulled on. If these two break off right here, its going to break the tabs off and youre pretty much going to have a useless quad. If these tabs break off theyre theyre not able to be put back on unless youre total pro, we also have tape over top of the motor wires, which is good. It keeps the wires out of the props. Here we have three inch props on here. Two bolt configuration these are, i believe these are gem fans. No, these are hq, props and ill put ill. Try to put some links down below to my favorite prop. These are also t three by twos, so not a lot of aggressive pitch here. So you have a pretty efficient quiet prop if youre flying like low throttle. Barely probably anyone would notice this quad being around. You have four bolts on the top to release this top plate also very easy to get into, but i think my favorite thing about this update too, is you know the 12 series motors thats awesome, f4 flight controller brand new flight controller. We have open tx on this jumper t light, and this is a transmitter that you can bind up as many models as you ever have to this one transmitter.

You can bind up to multi protocols without having to have like any external module in the back years ago. If you wanted to bind up a spectrum receiver, you had to go get a spectrum module say like from a hobby, king and now these four in one multi protocol radios have like a whole list of different receiver protocols in here. So you can actually bind up. Like spectrum receivers fly sky, you could bind up, uh, taranis, fr sky d16, xm plus receivers or rxsr receivers, uh. So, and even some of the the hobby grade, toy drones can bind up to these, like bang, yang toys and other uh quads that you get that are super cheap, like 30 dollar brushed quadcopters. This is not the full blown tea light. Unfortunately, you have to pay a little bit more for this bundle, so they made it cheaper by giving you the cc 2500 version um. The jp, i believe, is a jp four and one module a jp401 version that has the full blown list like 100. Maybe i dont know 50 different protocols, but this one is great: it will get you started and probably be able to bind up to most of your other models if you own other models, so im not totally sure, but i believe it can bind up to the The emax tiny hawk, if you already have those a lot of you guys already have that quad and youre wondering if you can get away from that terrible emax transmitter.

Also again, like the the resolution on the the eachine goggles is pretty decent starting out. This will get. You started. The only terrible thing about these ev800 goggles is that it doesnt have a dvr on it. So theres no sd card support here it does have an internal antenna here and a secondary antenna here for a right hand circular polarized antenna. It works very well like in a parking lot environment and if youre running 400 milliwatt on this guy, its going to be pretty solid. Video. And i have to say that the resolution on here its better than some of the other ones out there and its a five inch screen in here 800 by 480 pixels resolution, so thats kind of cool. It has a smaller open here. So that has less light leaks all the way around and i feel like this could be a little nicer here. It looks like it if you have a really big nose. You might be touching plastic, so you might have to put some extra foam here so thats. The one thing about that, but i feel like that, should be a lot less light leak there and really with goggles. You want to try on a pair if you have a friend that has some to start out, but most of the time when youre, a beginner, youre kind of uh, hoping that the the ready to fly package comes with something decent. And i would say these are decent theyre not high end goggles, but if you want good goggles grab a pair, if you have glasses grab a pair of the sky zone, cobra xs, if you dont, need glasses, grab a pair of the binocular style skyzone of 4xs.

Those are freaking, awesome, thats. What ive been flying a lot lately, so those in the 030s, my original skyzone goggles, and it has a great dvr. I will also put a link down below for you guys for an eachine dvr that can record and show you like. A little monitor its like a little kind of watch that goes on your arm or you can give it to someone thats, like maybe your your grandson or your kid, and they can watch your flight while youre flying, even though youre in the goggles. So it shares the signal between a bunch of uh 5.8 devices, which is cool and youll also be able to record. I think those things are like 35 bucks or 40 bucks ill put the link down below for those and all of my recommended batteries. For that, my long flight battery, which will be like a 3s 550 and my recommendation to you guys if youre brand, new and youre just getting into our hobby, grab this kit and also buy yourself. Some 2s 450 batteries im going to put the link down below for some 2s 450s as well, because what will 2s do for you? It will slow down. This quad 3s might be a little bit free, much free to handle in the beginning and – and i would recommend starting out on 2s and then moving up to 3s with the novice 3 v2 great update new motors new radio, really nice package get the two battery Bundle grab some extra batteries because youre going to want like five or six batteries with this little guy and these charge up in about uh id, say 20 minutes time on the the charger that comes in the box, very simple, to charge them up, you just plug Them into the balance port here on the side, i believe its this one right here.

This will also charge up to a 4s battery, which is cool, 2, 3 and 4s batteries on this charger, pretty stinking nice, so yeah guys, you can check out the link down below. I appreciate all of your purchases on the channel if you like and want to subscribe. Please do like this video and subscribe to my channel. More new drone releases are coming up on the channel. This one was a great great fun for me and i enjoyed showing it to you. So thanks again guys stay humble and be kind out.