If you like to learn about drones and drone technology I'm, going to cover today with you, my five favorite drones for under five hundred dollars and I'm hoping, I can do it quickly in less than five minutes. These drones are really targeted for people who have never flown before, who are maybe giving a gift to somebody, or maybe a kid who wants to get into flying drones. These aren't high end drones by any means, but they're good quality and they're a lot of fun to fly so let's jump into it. So we're gon na start with the least expensive and go up to the most expensive and they're all under 500 bucks and I'll. Tell you why I like each of them link out to my review of each of them, because I have reviewed all of these and then finally give you affiliate links in the bottom. If you want to click on them to see how much they cost. So first of all is the Potenza k, a 20, which is a little line of sight flyer that I like for a number of reasons: first of all, it's very cheap it's about 30 bucks. Second of all, it comes with two batteries which is great, because one battery doesn't really last that long, probably five to ten minutes and so having two is awesome. It doesn't have an app that comes with it. It doesn't have a camera, it does have a really cool bright, LED on the front of it that you can light up and it's just a lot of fun to learn how to fly.

It'S got a ducted fans or rotors so that, if you bump into something you're, not gon na hurt anything you're, not gon na hurt anyone it's very small, it's, fairly quiet there's, just a ton of fun for indoor or outdoor flying. So for 30 bucks. I really recommend the Potenza a 20 if you're looking for a simple beginner indoor drone to get started with, it does stabilize itself so it's not super hard to fly, but it's a great one to learn on so check it out. The Potenza, a 20 is number five on my list. Next on. My list is a little bit more expensive at forty bucks, but it is still a great beginner drone it's, the syma x5c, now there's a variety of these out in a variety of colors. Some of them have a camera, some of them don't. Honestly, the camera is not that great on it that's. What not? What this drone is all about. This drone is about getting outdoors and flying with it. It does have different rates, which means it can fly on more of a beginner and docile mode, and then it has a higher rate that is actually pretty aggressive and fun to fly in once you're used to the docile mode. Also, the higher rate is better in the wind I've been recommending this drone ever since I first tried it about three years ago. I can't say enough good things about it: it's very common.

You can get batteries for it really cheap. You think fix parts on it. I'Ve actually broken several of them and fix them, they're really easy to fix, very lightweight, and you can fly it indoors or out, although it's better outdoors. This is more of an outdoor flyer. If you want to fly indoors, primarily I'd recommend the last one. I talked about the Potenza k20, but the syma x5c is definitely on my top five list at number four, and it comes in at 40. Bucks and it's definitely worth checking out if you want to get into flying line of sight drones. The next on my list is the Telo which is made by a company called rise, but marketed through DJI, it's kind of a weird thing. Dji and Intel both contributed to building this drone, and because of that, it has a lot of great tech in it. It flies really well using your phone and an app takes decent video and decent photos and it's pretty fun to fly. It also works with some programming languages. So if you want to do some programming with it, there's a lot of aftermarket stuff for this drone, including this little skin, that I have on mine, the Union, Jack it's, a really fun drone at 99 bucks and if you're, wanting to get something a little more Advanced that you can fly indoors or outdoors, the Telo is a great option. It does not have GPS and it does not have obstacle avoidance, but it does have downward sensors.

That kind of keep it in one place, locked in one place as you're flying so it's. Not quite GPS flying, but it is also a little bit easier to fly because of those downward sensors, so it'll actually hold in one spot, even in some wind. So if you're looking to spend about a hundred bucks, I've seen them as low as 80 and usually around 100, I would recommend the Telo and I've got a link below if you want to check it out and check out the specs. The next round. On my list is the only fpv drone in the group, but it's a totally beginner fpv drone it's called the easy pilot from Emax. Now this came out only recently in this package for 109 dollars comes with everything you need. It has the drone. It has two batteries: it has. The remote control has the fpv goggles with an antenna everything you need to get started, flying fpv and it's, really a great little kit for that this one also has some really easy flight modes. You can actually fly this one with just one: stick where it holds the altitude and the stick combines the yaw and the pitch so that you can get used to fly in fpv if you've, never flown fpv, it's, really pretty amazing, but it's also pretty hard to Do and hard to get used to, but once you kind of get over that initial shock of what you're doing and kind of figure it out, it's a ton of fun.

So if you want to get into flying fpv, the easy pilot for me max is definitely a good choice to get started with, especially if you want to fly indoors over the winter. The last drone I recommend highly for beginners that's under five hundred dollars, is the DJI Mavic mini. This has not been out very long, but it has really taken the world by storm. This drone is 80 percent as capable as it's big brothers does. A lot of cool stuff, where the three axis gimbal takes amazing photos has great GPS, has returned to home. Has an amazing flight. Life is very lightweight just so many great attributes about this thing. If you want to go see them all, you can look at the review. I did earlier I'll link to it, but the Mavic mini is truly getting into the higher end drones. Now. In all honesty, this is probably the easiest to fly of all of those because it has GPS and because it has so many features built in, but I don't recommend this as your very first drone. I would definitely get one of the less expensive ones, learn how to fly line of sight, get used to how it feels and you're only spending less than a hundred bucks on those, whereas this one you're spending almost 400 and so with it. You'Re gon na have to learn a little bit more to use the app and such, but ultimately, if you're looking to get into taking really great photos or video with the drone, the DJI maverick mini is definitely a contender and then from there you can get into The higher end Mavericks and the Phantom's and the inspires, and all that other great stuff, but for me for under 500 bucks, this is the most thing you can get for your buck at '9: Music Applause, Music.