In fact, right now you can get it for about 225. that’s a sale deal, but generally you can find it for 230 to 250, and is this a better drone than something like the mjx bugs 12 or bugs 20 well let’s find out so first let’s talk About the difference between the two xiaomi fema drones, the a3, the one that i’m talking about today is the less expensive of the two it’s. Definitely a little bit lighter, but, as you can see, it does not fold. It has a two axis gimbal and it’s. An eight megapixel camera: this is the xiaomi x8 se 2020 edition, um and it’s. Definitely more capable drone 3 axis gimbal capable of taking 4k footage, has a handful of different flight modes and it uses an app that has a whole lot of different connectivity and different functions. This is a better drone, it’s, also a more expensive drone. So this one generally speaking, is about 400 bucks, sometimes it’s a little bit more and if you’re lucky, sometimes you can get it for a little bit less. But really, i want to focus on the a3 today, because this, i think, is a really good beginner drone uh, mostly because of the price point, and there are some things about it – that i just really like now. One thing that’s unique about the xiaomi fiemi a3 – is that it does not have an app it. Doesn’T use wi fi.

It just sends a video signal back to the remote control which has a built in screen, and that, if you ask me, is a really really nice feature, you don’t have to look around your smartphone. You have to worry about your smartphone battery dyno. You don’t have to worry about an app or connecting to wi fi, you just get it up the air and you go. It does have some smart flight features like droney orbit, and i really like the follow me now. It follows the remote it’s, not a vision, based system, but it actually works really well, i got it up in the air and i had it following me and then, as i was walking, i was able to kind of maneuver the drone into the place that i Wanted it move the camera gimbal actually just was really smooth. This is pretty nice. Now i do like this camera, like i said, it’s on a two axis gimbal and it’s supposed to be electronically stabilized in the yaw, so that’s three axis of stabilization now. This is really good for a drone that’s just over two hundred dollars. Now the bugs 12 or bugs 20, those are just under 200, but they don’t use a gimbal uh. They use electronic image stabilization and that kind of degrades the quality crops a little bit. This gimbal does a really pretty solid job, and i like the pictures coming out of this camera now, unfortunately, for us, our camera is kind of focused, not quite right.

It really has a really nice sharp focus when it’s nice and close to something, but really as a drone. I want that image to be clear in the background, so ours is out of focus in that aspect now it’s, not terrible, but it’s, not something that i really like. I kind of checked the internet to see if that’s a common issue and it looks like we just kind of got lucky there, but just kind of note that that is an issue. I think it could be fixed if i took these screws off in the back and kind of tighten that lens down. But i really don’t want to do that and i probably shouldn’t have to i’m not going to send it back. But you know i don’t know. Maybe in time i’ll take care of that on a day where i’ve got nothing going on, but i don’t see that happening anytime soon. Now this remote control is really nice and it’s. Really nice, like i said because it has this built in screen, and that allows me to see the image now the image actually transmitted back to this screen is an analog one. That means for those of you, fpv people. You can actually connect this to your fpv goggles orcas fat, shark sky zones. It does not matter eachines, they will all work. Any sort of standard fpv screen will also be able to work. Now. I did fly this with my goggles just because i i had to experience it was, it was fun um you get the camera and the gimbal control too, but the field of view is kind of narrow, i think it’s 80 degrees, so that isn’t, quite what i’m Used to you know these fpv drones generally have a wider field of view that’s.

So you can see obstacles on either side of you, so it’s not really the recommended way to fly, but it is kind of cool. You know, maybe it’s a really sunny day. You throw the goggles on you: don’t have to deal with the sun glare, so that’s kind of nice. The dials i’ve got one for exposure value, one for gimbal control. Now i can actually change this one uh to do other things, the buttons on the back starting and stopping my camera, and this is actually for this is a customizable button. There is actually a port on the bottom of this. If you want to connect a servo and set that up, i don’t really know how and i don’t know that the instructions are super clear, but that’s kind of cool. Do you have that functionality? If you really like to tinker other things on the remote right, you got your gps switch, switch it out of gps into addi. This switch here has a variety of different functions, but basically get into the menu. Take pictures things like that. Take pictures of the screen and your return to home and, of course, your power button now not having an app is nice, but i wouldn’t say the interface here is super intuitive. In fact, when you’re doing a a smart mode like an orbit or a follow me, you have to go back into the menu to switch out of it um, and i found that to kind of be you know a little bit goofy i don’t know maybe there’s A kill or an automatic stop, but um none of these buttons were working for me.

I had to go back in and turn it off. I would have liked to see a stop button, usually on the screen. You just tap it, but this is not a touch screen, so that’s not going to happen. You can also record in here this place for an sd card. So if you want to record the screen the image on the screen, i don’t know why you would, but maybe, if you wanted the telemetry data or something like that, you can do that, but the drone does also record on board via an sd card. Now this femi has a flight time of up to 25 minutes and a range of 1000 meters now i’m, not so sure, you’re gon na get either of those numbers uh, the 1000 meters. You know you’re gon na have to have a clear line of sight, and you know the analog transmission will do better uh with a clear line to the drone. Now the 25 minute flight time, you can probably expect to get closer to 20 minutes if you’re really good. But you know you know flight times and ranges are always overstated, they’re under perfect conditions. Nobody flies under perfect conditions, or at least i don’t, but um. You know overall, not bad, especially for a drone again in this price range. Overall, i really like flying this xiaomi fema a3 it’s got some zip to it. I believe the top speed is 18 meters, a second that’s about 40 miles an hour that is fast there’s.

Also, a cinematic mode: if you want to go nice and slow um, you know it did seem kind of a little bit jerky at times, but you know maybe it’s not the smoothest of drones but again it’s. This is a really good option. If you’re thinking about getting into flying and you don’t want to break the bank, would i recommend this over a bugs yeah? Probably i think i really like this for beginner again, i like not having to deal with a smartphone app and just using this controller. That comes with it, but in terms of how does it stack up against? You know its bigger brother? Well, you know this. The x8 is definitely a better drone. You know this compares better to something like the mavic mini or the mini 2, whereas this you know this is not quite on par with that in terms of capabilities or camera, but again pretty dark good and not going to find a whole lot in this price Range that can do what this can do. I would have liked to seen it foldable and it’s pretty darn light, but it’s not under 250 grams. You got to keep that in mind, but overall pretty solid little drone, so you haven’t already make sure you click that subscribe button and activate notifications. So you don’t miss any videos or upcoming live streams, so we also have a patreon and once a month we’re giving away a free drone to a lucky, patreon subscriber don’t forget about our website, halfchrome.

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