The emax tinyhawk RTF overview is superb. It comes with fpv goggles, a superb feeling radio and an superior drone for a silly low cost worth. You probably have ever …


  1. HUGE shoutout to Ben for letting us rip the yard and having a crazy fun time at the first BRL (backyard racing league) : ) I cant believe how fun 4 little quads can be when everyone is evenly matched and chaos is unfolding on the track. this is a great kit to get started –

  2. @uavfutures stu could you come to Coffs Harbour and let people fly drones around because I would to talk to you about a couple of things

  3. Hey man! Thanks for doing these videos, I've been watching you fly for months now and Im pulling the trigger on these tomorrow !!!

  4. Dude would love to win the sim key!!!

  5. That kit looks absolutely amazing, i might buy one just to get my mates into fpv

  6. Sweet looking kit. Tempted even as a spare setup!

  7. I want to get into the Drone Way of Life! Love the Channel! Keep at It! Sending Miami Props! I'm Out!

  8. Cool product. I'm gonna get one. I never knew what to buy to get started. I do now. 👍

  9. Looks like a good little setup. Will be looking in to this kit to get the kids started in flying.

  10. This is nice!!!! Would love this for my daughter!

  11. I love your channel since you are in the neighborhood , I live in the Philippines…maybe I win

  12. Yo this is amazing I wanted to make my first drone for my birthday but this would be way cheaper and it comes with pretty much everything I need. Also if you wanted to give me the key I would definitely use the heck out of it. Great vid by the way it's a insta like

  13. Great video something that you could give to your friend or cousin and not worry looks great

  14. Sim key would be nice if u got any spares 🙂

  15. Can I wear glasses with the googles

  16. A free key would go perfect with my Grumpy Trev p.c 😎

  17. Beers, BBQ and haaaard laps! Such a solid day of racing. Thanks for coming to visit Stew.

  18. Nice!! I been thinking about getting a micro quad

  19. Holy f- balls I'm in thanks Man
    Long time subscriber always a good listener. You Rock mate.

  20. Going to get my son one of these for his birthday. Thanks for pushing me over the edge Stew… Stu?

  21. Micro FPV drones are great fun.

    Emax looks like a great starter for someone beginning from zero.

    Still having fun with my Mobula7.

  22. I think you have nailed the best way forwards, whether it's your $99 builds or these bundles you can buy. You got me into the hobby and many people too with these videos.
    When is the next $99 build coming out, though? 🙂 I cannot wait!

  23. Dang!!! I’m jealous of the fun you were having!!

  24. Nice that the drone has a frsky receiver because probably the radio itself is the first thing that can be replaced as soon as we get infected with drones. Greeting. Pick me 🙂

  25. Hey Stew! Love your channel! Thanks for all the information for beginners like me. On your recommendation last year I bought my first tiny whoop, Eachine E013 Small Pepper, and have loved Flying it around the house. I actually bought two, plus 10 extra batteries. I’ve had so much fun learning how to fly. Thanks so much! One problem is that I have a mostly tile floor house and so the crashes take some damage (cracked frame and Spurs around the props) and I’ve had very little success in finding a glue to fix it. Let me know if you have any recommendations! I do like how this one looks very sturdy…I might just pick one up. If you give one away…send it my way! 👍😀. ps would love a sim key!

  26. Several of these would really make a fun weekend of an otherwise basic weekend

  27. Wow. Nice RTF set for beginner. Goin to get one of this.

  28. Thanks bro ….sold me …cant wait to get one very soon …hopfully …im new to fpv

    …thanks to you

  29. I want one.!!!!! Good day!

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