You found the right channel i’m justin davis with over 10 years of fpv experience, and i want to help you get into our hobby of fpv and the best way so far this year in 2021. To do it is the new gap. Rc tiny go: it beats the rest of the competition out there as far as you’re, ready to fly. Bundle ready to fly means ready to fly everything inside this bag to get you up in the air with goggles a charger four batteries inside and the quadcopter, the goggles also have dvr on board, which means you can record your videos. Take out the micro sd card. Put it in your computer and upload it to youtube before sharing with your friends, it also records in 4k, so that’s. One of the reasons that this particular quadcopter beats out. The rest and the competition is also indoor outdoor, quadcopter and it’s, also running a 1s or a 2s battery. Very very cool and we’ll go ahead now and jump into the flight test. After that, we’ll come back to the bench. We’Ll, take a look at what’s in this bundle and what you get for the money, so this is going to be in the very beginning of fpv best of for 2021. The tiny go is going to be my choice even over the tiny hawk and some of the other rtf’s out there, even from beta fpv gap. Rc came out with something here that is just above the competition and i’ll.

Explain to you why, after the flight test here we go Music, my Music uh, Music, ah Music, foreign, Music, ah and Music, yes, Music, all right guys! Welcome back from that awesome flight test indoors and outdoors. This quad is so much fun and with the 4k edition uh beautiful video, really nice video, you can also cut it down to 2.7 k and 1080p. If you want to record more video to an sd card, you can do that. I have to say this bundle blows, the other ones away, for so many reasons that this might be a little bit longer. Video in this review, because there’s a lot packed in this box that the other ready to fly, bundles, don’t, have and gap. Rc is one of those companies that waits around for everybody else, sometimes to do things and then they just come out with their version and it blows everybody else away so that’s. What they’ve done here with the tiny go everybody’s talking about this one people are buying. It it comes in analog without the 4k version right around 219 dollars for everything in this box to get you started flying fpv, and the cool thing about this transmitter is that it feels like a full size transmitter, and you can also bind up three extra quadcopters To it later, with any type of taranis type, receiver, xm, plus it’s, the most popular receiver out there, i think it’s about a 10 to 12 receiver, so it’s pretty cheap and you can bind this transmitter up to other quads and set them up on your computer.

For flying, so that is awesome from gap um, so they get. They get the award for the best transmitter, the best quad for ready to fly and they get the award for the best pair of goggles of any other rtf out there. They feel a lot bigger. They also have onboard dvr for the goggles and onboard 4k if you decide to get the 4k version, so this one is the most expensive one out of the bunch. 279 is nothing to joke about, but you can get. You know the regular analog version with the run runcam nano2 on there for 219.. So in comparison i mean we’re talking the other top ready to fly out. There is the beta fpv meteor 75 and that 75 kit comes in at 249, but the transmitter is not as good. There is no 4k option um and this one has more versatility as far as indoor outdoor capability, so um, the vr 01 goggles that come with the beta fpv meteor 75 they’re, they’re, okay, but they’re, nowhere near as good as these goggles and uh the bag, the Bag on this, one is actually a little bit nicer too. The the next couple that we have in comparison to this one that i could quickly talk about is the ready to fly kit from emacs. The the tiny hawk ready to fly is now under 100, so i think it’s on a flash sale for like 85 bucks, which is insane, but that one has no dvr on the goggles.

The goggles are not very good. The tiny hawk is great for indoors, but if there’s a little bit of wind outside you really can’t fly to much wind. The worst thing about the tiny hawk in my opinion and everybody’s talked about this, for for maybe over a year now seems like years. The transmitter feels really toy like, and it has these kind of what i call ball gimbals. It feels like the gimbals are kind of like robotic and i feel just feel weird compared to a standard style gimbal with you know most of the hobby radios out there. So not a good transmitter on the tiny hawk, but again that bundle is super cheap and the other competition we have there. That i recommend is the ishii novice v2, the ishii novice 2 v2 um a lot to say in one mouthful, but that one’s 159. But the goggles on that one they’re kind of like something you get from a gumball machine they’re, not very good, they’re, small and the tr. The best thing about the novice, too, is the transmitter that comes along with it, but that one does not have any prop guards as well. So if you’re flying that one around indoors – and you have animals or you don’t – want to hit your wife or kids that one has open blades so that one’s, mostly an outdoor bundle, so it’s not really comparable to something like this, because this is sort of what We call whoop class and in the colder months we like to say it’s whoop season, so let’s go ahead and move this box to the side.

Now, let me show you: this is the bag that comes inside the box and kind of looks like one of those old school camcorder bags a little bit, but it’s all canvas on the outside you’ve got several pockets with zippers in the front. This is maybe, where you keep your extra video cassettes for, recording your family and your home videos uh, but kind of funny. You could put extra props in here your batteries uh. I would recommend you guys hook up with one of these chargers. This is a 1s charger from eachine. This will do like six at once, and this is way better than the included charger that comes along with this. This is about a 18 deal, but you can also charge from an xt60 any 4s 1300 lipo i’ll put some links down below for this and the power cable. So you can use a 12 volt power, cable, also plug it into the wall, or you can charge in the field, so that’s really really nice and it gives you the voltage display of each port. You can also change it from regular lipo to hv, which is really really cool, so crank up. You have two switches here. You can crank the voltage charging voltage up to about one point i believe it’s .6 and you can change it from standard lipo to hv. Lipo and this one also comes with the new et 2.0 connector right there, so ph 2.

0 is what comes with the batteries inside this bundle, and let me just go ahead and show you there. You also have two hooks on the side here for adding a strap. If you want to add a shoulder, strap on this bag, which is nice, carry handle here and look at all the fun stuff in this bundle, i mean you really do get your money’s worth with this bundle, so we got the goggles fit in there with the Antennas folded down, which is great and best of all, there’s, the dvr right there, your sd card slot, you can use up to about a 64 gigabyte there. We have another spot here for maybe firmware updates, headphone port. This is the power button. It has a built in battery in here, so you don’t have to worry about bringing an extra battery with you. If you want to power it from say you want to power it from a battery bank plug in the usb cable there it’s an android style, cable. So you push here and it will turn on. We have a speaker here record button here for your dvr channels here, one through eight, and this is changing your bands. So if you go to the field – and somebody else is on your channel – make sure you talk to them first before you fly and get on different channels, so you don’t overlap channels, but a really nice pair of goggles we’ve got soft foam.

You got the over the head style, strap here and it just says: goggle in the front. I don’t know why they should have put fpv goggle on there, but those are the goggles and those are far superior to anything else out there. Also, we have the quad itself and this is the tiny go and you can start out with your camera as low as this see how i have it kind of horizontal. This is perfect for flying indoors. If you want to go outside and fly super fast, you raise up your camera level to about 30 degrees. There 20 to 30 degrees and you’ll fly much faster, so the higher your camera tilt, the faster you’re gon na go and what’s great about this little quad is that it is flying on 1102 motors and we have flown these on the channel for maybe over five Years now and i’ll just zoom into those for you, the 1102 10 000 kv motors. These are going to get us about a four and a half minute flight time. Super awesome we’ve got our cadets loris up front right there, that is the cadex loras camera, and this is pretty wild there’s. A three layer stack in here f4. All in one flight controller, 200 milliwatt video transmitter right. There there’s a little tiny connector there and they have some glue on it, which is really good, so it doesn’t pop off when you’re flying that’s called a ufl connector comes out the top.

This is our video transmitter. This is a dipole antenna. Also, you can upgrade that you just want to pop that off. You can put a little tiny nano size right hand. Circular polarized antenna will get you a little better. Video and the canopy on here is fairly durable and another huge thing about this rtf is the fact that this one has 200 milliwatt transmitter yeah, but it also has superior range, the other ones. This is a full size receiver on here, so this is going to transmit out to about a mile and on 200 milliwatt. You can get way out there, so this is again superior to the other receivers that you’re using on a lot of rtfs. They use spi receivers and those are the ones that are built into the flight controller board and those only get you about a football field or two before they fail safe. So the quad will drop to the ground. This one most likely will not fail safe on you, and this is a left hand, throttle style transmitter. This is in mode two, and this is the best thing of all. The transmitter is really really great guys. Look at this. This is the gr8. We have throttle yaw aileron, left right and pitch forwards and backwards here, and it does not have altitude hold if you’re wondering about that. A lot of the toy drones and some of the more expensive drones have altitude hold. But this one has stability mode and that’s about it.

So on the top left here we have an arm switch. We have lock and unlock so your motors will spool up to about 15 throttle when you turn them on at the lowest point of the throttle, so that will allow the quad to do flips and not fall out of the air. If the throttle is all the way at the bottom – and i love that these are all labeled – we have aux four button. There it’s also a three position switch. So this is great. You can add a lot of stuff on this transmitter and right here is your model selection. So, right now we have model number one. If you switch over, then you can’t connect to this quad you’ll notice that you can try it and you’ll you’ll fail safe. This quad, but go all the way out to three, so you can have two other quads on this transmitter and just switch it just like that. That’S that’s, pretty easy for beginners. We have our on off button and it’ll turn on and start vibrating immediately as soon as you turn it on. It is a 2.4 system as well with four double a batteries in the very back that are required for this transmitter, and those will get you going. I don’t know that it’s upgradable to on 18650s, but that would be super nice on the back. We also have two extra buttons here: a bind and an extra momentary switch so bind is nice because that will allow us to bind up two more quads to this transmitter and our antennas are super short.

So no worrying about those breaking off and we have over on this side, we have normal buzzer and crash flip mode, which is turtle mode, that’s already enabled so to use turtle mode. When your quad flips over and crashes, you disarm the quad flip into crash mode arm it again and then throttle up and the quad will flip itself back over. Just be careful doing that in the grass and then when you’re ready to take off again disarm and go back to normal mode, and then you can begin flying in your mode of choice. So these are your mode switches over here we have a three position: switch running acro all the way up right here, horizon and angle. An angle when i said agility earlier it’s actually angle angle will allow you to fly in basically stabilize mode, and then you go to horizon still stability uh after a flip, it kind of brings you back to level a little bit and sort of eases you into Acro so learn to fly angle first then horizon and then acro mode and acro is no stabilization. It’S. Basically the holy grail of fpv, all right guys, so let’s go ahead and take a look at the accessories that come in this bundle. I think that gap rc is winning again here, because they include more gear in their bundle than the other rtfs out there, and probably the biggest thing that they did in their bundles.

They made it a little bit better value by adding four batteries in this bundle. So that’s kind of nice – and these are gap – rc branded batteries. They are also bigger than the other rtf 1s batteries out there they’re usually one s450s, and these are 530 milliamp, which is really nice and they’re, also hv battery and the c rating on. It is really nice and high so 90c and 180c, so a very different high quality batter than what i’ve seen on the other quads, so ph 2.0 connector there it’s very standard. You don’t have anything odd on here, so there’s more of these connectors out there, so that means that this quad will be more compatible with most of the batteries out there that are available either on banggood or amazon or wherever you decide to get your batteries from. So you also get some extra stickers in the box, their facebook, their website, instagram and youtube. You get some extra hardware here. Some zip ties a usb cable for connecting to betaflight. This is a data cable. Without a data cable, you won’t be able to connect this to your computer for betaflight, so think about that. You also get a video cable, which is pretty cool for video in and you get the cadex fpv loras controller. This plugs into the little plug on the side of the quad here, it’s the same color green as that – and this is a 4 up charger.

This goes into an ac outlet on the wall or your computer or a battery bank. So if you have a battery bank, something like this, you can plug it in here and you can charge these batteries on the go which is pretty awesome, so it lights up like this. You just take your ph 2.0 battery connector here and when it’s all done. It’Ll go green and again these take about 10 to 12 minutes to charge per battery, but you’re not flying them all the way down to total dead i’m, just kind of topping them off. When you go to charge them so that’s, the charger which is pretty nice and the best thing about this – is that you don’t have to have adapters for that charger. The beta fpv one has to have a little adapter on it, and they only gave me one. So i can only charge one battery at a time until i went out and bought extra adapters to fit those ph 2.0 connectors. So that’s really awesome that all this is compatible and i can charge four at once. You also get the vr g1 user manual for the goggles fairly short little manual in here. It shows you that we have a few different bands available. We have race band, which is cool, so we have a b e and f and f is fat sharp. Most of the time they come on fat shark channel, one so inside your goggles that’s.

What you’re going to go to! We also have eight bands or eight different channels on each band, so a lot of a lot of channels to choose from there on that video transmitter, and we have the instruction manual here for the gr8 as well in english. It shows you where all your switches are and all the functions there now. I know some of you guys are concerned with weight, so i’ll go ahead and put the quad on the scale and without a battery 56.2 grams and this with the extra 4k board on there. So that’s pretty light let’s go ahead and put one 530 milliamp battery and it gets us up to 68.7 grams. Now, if you’re flying a 2s that’s going to get us up to 81.5 grams, but really really a lot of fun to fly on 2s. So well. Under 250 grams, so the quad itself – i mean what we have here: 79 millimeters from motor to motor here. As far as the frame size goes, sort of an abs style, molded plastic frame, which feels pretty durable we’ve, got three strut support on each little duct underneath and we have little 3m bumpers on the outside of each prop guard here so that’s, making it pretty extra. Durable and a very durable top plate now this canopy and this quad in general. It looks exactly like the thinking p16 that we reviewed on the channel. If you remember that one that one looked exactly like this, but it had a clear canopy on top, so um pretty much the same quad, but you get all this extra stuff in the box, so um that’s, that’s kind of nice.

Now this one does come with the 200 milliwatt vtx, like i showed you before it’s riding in the back back here, and i showed you, the ufl connector on this side, and it doesn’t appear that this one has any physical buttons on it. So to be able to get into what we call smart, audio and change the power level on this quad, it does come defaulted to 200 milliwatts, so it’s going to be cranking and get pretty hot if you’re a beginner. When you turn this quad on, if you’re going to leave it sitting for long periods of time, make sure that you turn it down on 25 milliwatt and the way you get in there to change the power is you’re going to press the left. Stick to the left and the right stick up and that will take you into the menus and you can go down to the transmitter, menu and change the power band and the channels on there. Just below that. We’Ve got the f4 flight controller and 12 amp esc’s. You also have your power cable running out the back here with the ph 2.0 connectors, but you do have a lot of options with this quad. It also has plug and play motors what i call plug and play you can unplug these. If you have one go bad and a lot of times, these brushless motors don’t go out quite as much as the brushed motors, but you really can replace it easily.

Just take these four bolts off the bottom: you have a screwdriver in the box and put a new motor on there and just make sure you replace it with the same kv and the the same gap rc branded motor and that way when you’re flying again after Your repair, it will be as good as new and no soldering needed, which is great usb ports right there for an android style, cable, and you got one in the box for hooking up to betaflight and you can go in there and change things around on the Screen move things around, but i think we have a good value with this one, because you know the goggles are superior. We’Ve got 4k on board, which i think is fantastic, that they brought that they they leveled up their battery. The resolution on these is better than the other goggles out there uh very simple to use and easy format with the buttons to navigate things or find what channel you’re on also change the brightness contrast, color and all that good stuff in there and the. I think the biggest win for gap with this one as well a great flight time, little little larger power system on this one as well, and the fact that they labeled all their switches just blows me away, because no one else has done that. Yet i think that just you know if i had that when i first started out that would have made things so much easier, so i think that they were really smart to do that and the only i guess the downside of that is, if you switched one Of these switches later, none of this stuff would be any good anymore, but worst case scenario you just scratch it off or cover it up or just remember which mode you have on which switch.

But everything is changeable in betaflight, so you can really have a lot of fun with betaflight and get into the hobby pretty easy with this kit so that’s. Why it’s my my biggest recommendation for 2021 right now outside of any other rtf kit out there um gap? Rc is really kind of just ruling the pool out there, so they keep bringing quality stuff in. They also won the best four inch long range category in 2020 as well. So the baby crocodile one of the best long range four inch out there under 250 grams. So if you’re kind of person who’s looking for getting into fpv under 250 grams, this is going to be a great year, a lot of cool stuff coming down the line so stay tuned on the channel guys and if you’re brand new. Please do click subscribe because i will definitely keep the information coming on the channel and the content really strong for beginners and the intermediate guys out there and some fantastic reviews so guys thanks happy new year, and i will definitely see you on the next one.