I had the original model, but what sucks is dji is kind of like the iphone. Every time you get the new one, another one comes the following year and i bought one of these and then three months later the new version came out. So im like oh, my god, come on. Sometimes they make little minor changes a little bit extra added on that you know might not be different changes that you might not really care for or get, but then i got a chance to get my hands on one of them to control, and i was just Like you know, i got ta get one so todays box opening is the dgi mini 2 yeah dji mini 2, so i have the dji mini one. I got as a gift. Thank you, liz in cash, so i mean ive been using it for a while. I hadnt flown a drone in a minute like the last time i owned. A drone was the dji phantom 2.. Basically, before you can even have the camera on the actual controller, you had to get like a separate third party little like goggle thing, so i was basically flying everything blind after i got this guy. I was really hesitant because back then i like, i, was pretty decent at flying the drone, but then ive crashed a few and other people had me. Just fly theirs and ive crashed it before also, but you know what thats what happens with flying drones.

Sometimes you crash them. You know thats what you got ta expect like. Sometimes you kind of lose a little control and and just go the wrong way. So when i first got the dji mini, i was kind of a little skeptical about flying and stuff like that. But then you know i got a chance to really fly more and more and i really got the hang of it honestly. I probably crashed it. Maybe once and i crashed it very low, so it wasnt such a big difference. So i went to a music video shoot this past weekend and my boy that was there. He just picked up the dji mini 2 because he saw me flying at the weekend prior for another shoot that he was a part of, and he liked it so much. He went and bought it so then he brought it out and told me hey. You want me to bring this out. You know it shoots 4k and im. Just like. I mean 2.7k 4k. A lot of people dont even have 4k tvs at home so like they wont, even see the difference anyways and a lot of times when you export this on social media and stuff its crunches everything down. So you dont get to see that real 4k quality. So he brought it out, he flew it, brought it up in the air and then handed it over to me. It was a whole different controller and i was like wow.

This is kind of crazy and i liked it so much that i ended up just buying it right then, and there so i havent opened the box. Yet i just got to play with his that he had um, so i ended up just like always ill get. The best version – this is the with the pro kit. So here it is right here, um heres, a crazy thing, so i flew it in the air. We had a jet ski scene, so he let me fly and he wanted me to fly. He was. I was flying it around the jet skis and like at that moment he was telling me like man, the only person ill trust flying this drone. Is this guy yellow right here and then boom went right into the damn water im like wow. I ended up buying two the exact same day so its like all this money, like i mean its, not the most priciest thing compared to the other drones, but i mean like it adds up. So i bought two drones that same day, and i was like man. I was just gon na give him this, but im like nah. I mean i need this too, because im going on a nice trip to hawaii and i need a nice drone to film it so theres, a few reasons why i wanted to get this too. For that specific trip, but lets open this up and ill show you whats inside trusty knife as usual, which im gon na bring to hawaii.

Also, you never know, itd be some crazy animals out there in the wilderness. All right take plastic out its a nice box. Tear it up so, of course, with dgi. Lately, all this stuff, you buy a pro kit. They always come with, like some type of nice, packaging right or nice case um, the old one. Okay, let me show you this, so the mavic meeting one had a case like this nice nice little case, but you know its like a nice little zip open. You know, put your stuff inside fitted correctly type ordeal now, with the this guys. A nice high carry case nice look. You know casually wait around your your side. Let me rip that open im end up using it anyway, so open that up right, see, im gon na wait around here beside lets check out inside. So this is what it looks like in here nice little. It has a zipper up on the lid right here, as you can see, if i open that theres a zipper on the outside too. So let me open that up theres, nothing inside, but i mean if you want to put like memory cards or something out there, so it has a little tag right here. It says accessories inside so and what is there accessories inside? So let me pull out the accessories here, so, of course you got Music, blades and extra blades, so you can see right here. We got blades for days and i think theyre a little bit different than the i dont know if its engineered exactly the same as the mini 2, but i mean holding the mini 2.

It looks the same as the other one, but well take a look. Well. Do a comparison, of course, a little screwdriver which the one also came with as well joysticks. I think these are extra because the first one came with extra joysticks. So if you need you know, you lose one, you got another pair okay. So let me pull out the first thing, so you got a little booklet open that up real, quick, simple manual. You know nothing crazy, so you got another little box here. This one says accessories right here, all right. First things first got your cables and cores. So these are basically the cables connect from your phone to the controller, its a little bit different on this one. Oh, it came out like that im a little worried because i have the iphone 10 that uses this so lets see how thats going to play out. It comes with usb im, assuming you know, for charger Music, usb usbc. Of course you got your uh charging block. Also usb right here right here, batteries right here, Music, so this one is shaped different than the mini one theyre black and theyre a little more oval shaped this one that has like more like a rectangular like rectangular shape, rather than the oval shape on the mini. But you know same setup, you know you got your power charger by usbc and you got the usb port if you wan na you know plug in and use this as a battery to charge up like your phone or something like that too.

Here is the controller right here. This is the new controller. See right here. Has the power button? Okay, it has like normal mode, cine mode and sport mode. You know its the landing button. If you want to land flip camera. Is that what that is functions? You know this is where you slide up and pull your phone out, and do i see oh look right in here. The third quarter is hidden. Remember what i said: im kind of worried, but no worries they have it right on the inside, so they made it more compact and convenient on how you set this uh camera up, because the other one you have to kind of like fit the whole thing. So you see right here, has like a little pocket where your your cables can. So this one right here is where the connection going between the cord and the controller and on this side is just like a little uh spot, just to kind of lay the other side. So whenever you do plug in your phone, you just pull this one out and just un wrangle it and then put your phone right in here stretch. It out. Stick your phone in here and plug it in. But you know. Obviously, you got to go the other way, sorry about that. So you plug your phone in right here all right and then plug that right on in here, boom thats it so thats, pretty dope.

All right im gon na take this out just so you can see it so theres our fingers right here. I dont know what these grips. Do i dont know if its just a grip, you know just to kind of put your finger on. Oh, you know what duh okay. So when you put your phone on there, it can at least rest a little bit nicely down here, so its more of like a grip to keep it there. I thought it was like a grip for your finger, but you got to have your fingers for this. Obviously so you know you hit record right here or take your photo and then here this is to tilt your gimbal camera up and down, and then last thing is: where are the joysticks joysticks is down here? So you just pull them out, screw them right in all right, so once youre done using it just unscrew them put them right back in here. Boom thats about it yeah its a very bigger controller compared to the other one. But you know side by side. Do comparisons last but not least, Music, the drone itself so whats dope is you know i always had trouble putting my drone away in cases and stuff, because the blades will come out and come apart or just kind of like move around. So what um i had to do was buy like little rubber, like third party cases, to kind of hold the the propellers down just so they dont get all over the place, but this one kind of holds everything together.

Even though, like this, this is supposed to kind of lay like this, but they put like a nice little wrap packaging for this. Just because of this, so you see down here, it tells you how to put it on, take it off or how to like put it together. You see right there. Please use the pillar holder to protect the propellers when storing exactly you should have this in the first one, but its all good yall made it up for this one. You see here drone a little snap on the side boom. Take it apart good to go just like the first one, you pull the backs out and then you flip the bottoms back, and that is the drone. So let me take this out. This is basically where the battery goes in. Im gon na be a scientist to figure that out and then the batteries already in there all right so back there, so micro usb. Of course i got a 256 because they can maximize, as that make sure you check the website before or when you get this and see where you have to buy this, so you can know its compatible because sometimes you might get one thats, maybe a terabyte. I think they have those two, but that wont be compatible enough because its not ready to handle all that yet and then uh the old model. You know this is usbc. The old model was micro, so thats another thing, just like the first one that has like a plastic case to kind of keep it protected when youre, storing it putting it away or traveling somewhere.

All you do is just pop it up down and just hook it out there is your camera has little stickies on it too. It says 4k on it. You know this is the real deal holyfield, so yeah, exactly damn near the same. Looking model says: ultralight 249 grams, which is one gram shy of having to register it. When you fly your drone thats. The reason why i like taking this usually the mini doesnt, have the greatest quality compared to like the other dji models. But you can get some good stuff, you color it right shoot it right. Do some nice, cinematography or nice camera movements when youre flying the drone. You can pull it off and make it blend in and look good with. You know your sony camera your red camera, whatever youre youre blending this stuff in with – and you know like i said you dont – have to register this guy and you can take it away with you but yeah. Another difference is, it says, mini 2 boom, but yeah, that is your dgi mavic mini 2.. Let me pull out the first one. Lets start with the controllers before we compare these guys all right. So here is the mini 2, and here is the mini controller. I style my stickers and stuff on that. Pretty much take care of my stuff as best as possible. As you can see, one is bigger one. This one is a little bit heavier than this one when you feel onto it um, but the one thing about this one is when you put your phone on your controller just like game boys when we grew up, we were used to holding like this and looking At the screen up here where it comes where it compares to this guy, when you open it up, because you need the antennas, i guess for this one, you have to fold it open and put it down here so trying to like look down and control up Here is a little difficult, so i got used to it, but you know it could have been done better.

You know what i mean also like storing it its. I mean its okay, its small compact, but like taking everything out. You have to open this up. You have to uh put uh. You know take this pop this out right here to put as your joystick my idiot self ive been using this for a while, and i didnt know that you can actually take one of the cords and keep it stored in here, which is pretty easy, but i Didnt find this out to like a few months ago, so you know i was at the tail end of using this to finally figure that out that, because it used to be a to always take this cord out, store it somewhere and then go back and find It in my camera bag and then put it in here because i dont want to lose it. I want to at least put it somewhere safe, so i dont lose this and then another thing i didnt like about this guy was when you put your phone on it. I have a phone case. Of course you know i mean like a protective case. Ive always have to take it out, put it on here, so it fits a lot nicer and then put it back on when im done. When it comes to this guy, i could put the whole case on there and have no issue with it now. The reasons why they have these two different models is one when youre getting your video tap through your controller through the actual drone.

This is going off for wi fi or your wi fi network that youre connected to here and wi fi can only go so far as you know, so i would fly this id always get a lot of that when youre on a bad, zoom, meeting or facetime Call where it like starts to cut out a little bit thats what this guy does. So this can only go so far now, with the new dji mini this.