So, with all the beginner drones out there, i think the dji mavic mini is a real contender, if not one of the best contenders out there. So when you buy the mavic mini, it will come with the controller. The drone, as well as a battery, but for me i got the fly more combo, so that comes with the drone, the controller and a charging hub with three batteries, one of them’s already in the drone. But the fly more combo comes with three batteries and i would highly recommend getting the fly more combo, because these batteries do not. Last long i mean, i guess, it’s, okay for a drone. It lasts 30 minutes per battery. So all three batteries i get about an hour and a half of recording um. I got the mavic mini because i didn’t want to spend so much money on getting a drone and i’m fairly new to drone flying. So i didn’t want to get such an expensive drone to have to crash it or something, at least if i crash this it’s not going to be as expensive to replace the drone by itself is 3.99 and if you get the fly more combo, it’s 4.99, so It’S, a pretty fair price for such a good beginner drone, so this drone is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera for photos which isn’t too bad i’ll post a photo right here of how the image quality looks for a photo and for video.

This drone can shoot 1080 or 2.7 k. I usually shoot at 2.7 k to just get that a little bit of extra quality, so i can scale if i need to but there’s a lot going for this drone. One of the best things about this drone is, if you, if you’ve, never flown drone before you know that any drone above 250 grams, you have to register and you have to have a license to fly. But this drone is 249 grams with the sd card and the battery installed, so you do not have to register it or get a license to fly if you are flying commercially. If you are going to be making money off of your drone footage, you do have to get a license for that. I know it sucks, so just keep be aware of that, but if you’re just a hobbyist just getting into drones and just want to have fun with a drone, this is the drone for you, because you do not have to register it with the faa. So, unlike dji’s other drones, the mavic mini does not have ocusync and what ocusync is it is a low latency transmitter built into the drone, so the farther you go, you’ll still have good latency, with getting the footage back to your viewing screen. This doesn’t have it, but in my experience, i’ve gone about a mile and a half out and it does lag a little bit but it’s, nothing too crazy.

The range for this drone is up to four miles, which is crazy. I’M. Never gon na fly. My drone four miles away from me, but it can do it the only drawback with a drone. This small is low wind resistance, especially at the beach. This morning, when i was flying it in windy areas, it does not do the greatest in windy areas. It can hold its own for small wind, but when the wind starts picking up you’ll definitely see in the footage. Your footage start to shake. So definitely keep that in mind. I really enjoy the ui on the drones, app um. You do have to connect. You connect the controller to your phone and you download the app, so you can see the footage that you’re viewing um, but this controller is really i really like it um it in here. It has the little knobs, the controller joysticks that you can screw on and you can take off and put in here which is but yeah. You just grab your phone and connect it, and now you have your viewing screen over here and control and it’s really nice. Something that dji does with their drones that i really enjoy is the return to home feature. So if you don’t know where your drone is or something there’s a little button on the remote and in the app itself that will return the drone home to you. You set the parameters and through gps and knowing your location and pinning your location before you take off, it knows exactly where you are and it will return to that exact spot.

So if you are looking for a drone to start your flying career, i highly recommend the dji mavic mini guys. It is such an amazing drone, and with that you guys have any questions you guys can always hit me up on instagram. I will have all my social links down below or you can drop a comment be sure to like this video subscribe and share. It really does help out the channel guys.