What makes it pro find out soon, okay, so Music, believe it or not. That was all filmed on one battery by myself. Look at this spa, beautiful theyre, just having the time of their lives going sailing beautiful day spring is here summer, is coming couldnt be more happy. Okay, these mini drones are getting a little out of hand, its 249 grams, because at 250 grams thats, where most of the drone regulations start at so because its just under that you can basically fly this anywhere without a drone license in most countries, its pretty smart. This is the perfect first drone if you havent had a drone before this thing is incredible, and it also happens to be the first pro mini. You now get 4k up to 60 frames per second, which is literally doubling the frames of the last mini and in 1080 you get 120 frames per second now. The quality isnt gon na be as good as some of the more expensive dji drones, but its really good. I never thought that we would get to this level on these tiny little put in your pocket drones, but i dont think that thats what actually makes this a pro mini drone ill tell you in a second but first but first i got ta thank the sponsor Of this video motion array motion array is your one: stop shop for all of your video needs. Unlimited downloads of over 80 000 premium quality assets.

Let me ask you: why would you spend hours and hours making mediocre motion graphics when you could just pay an affordable subscription and get really high quality graphics? In literally seconds be honest, your motion, graphics, probably didnt, even look that good and thats okay. This is perfect, especially good for those people who are not good in after effects and motion array, isnt just motion graphics. They have everything from music to sound effects, to photos and stock video footage. You get unlimited access to everything for twenty dollars a month and they even have a bunch of free assets. You can try to get. You started so check the link down below to make your videos a little bit higher quality and save you so much time. Thank you motion ray for sponsoring this video to me its not the improved image that makes this thing pro, because the dji mini 2 was already really great its this thing. The controller just got upgraded, has a built in monitor, which is smaller and lighter than the previous versions of the controller display combo, which is really great because oh just stepped in the water. If this thing was really heavy, it would completely defeat the purpose of having such a small and light drone. I love this its so fast to set up its easy, youre, never forgetting cables or anything like that. How many of you forgot the phone, cable and youre like how am i supposed to fly this thing and the antennas are even built into this? There were some instructions about like tilting the controller, not sure how much that affects things.

This really makes the combo feel like a mini pro, but theres more vertical is back its like a million of these little bugs every i dont know if you guys are seeing these, but yeah vertical is back, which is huge, especially for photography, not that anybody cares About photography anymore instagram, but i have really missed vertical photography and, of course you could film in vertical floor video now, so that to me is a really really nice upgrade. Also, interestingly, this gimbal goes so far upwards, like ive, never seen a gimbal on drone. Go that its like pointing straight up. I dont really know how to use that yet, but thats interesting theres got to be some cool shots. You can do with that. I was trying to get like me on the one wheel and the trees above, but it was wasnt a space. You need like something lower ill find a way along with that. This thing shoots at 48 megapixels which again great for drone photographers out there small light vertical 48 megapixels. What more could you want, and it has internal storage, but its only 1.2 gigabytes im, not sure why they put in such a small amount of storage. But it is nice if you completely forgot a memory card, you can still get like a few clips. A few quick shots, but maybe a little bit more could have been, could have been nice too overall, with the 4k sorry bugs on the lens.

4K. 60. Upgraded controller vertical shooting 48 megapixels. I think it is fair to call this the mini pro im still having a hard time believing this is how small heres my iphone mini. This is an iphone mini the smallest iphone and look at this setup. I still remember my first drone, which was in a pelican case that was literally like this big nightmare to travel around with it was huge fun fact. Actually we were on a road trip with my brother and our wives and friend and uh. We were at bixby bridge, started driving down the highway, and my brother didnt close the trunk of the van well enough. It opened up that was camera bag fell out. The drone pelican flew out onto the road at bixby bridge yeah that wasnt good Music. Overall, i very much like the dji mini 3 and i think it will be very popular, especially because of the vertical shooting its also very satisfying. I dont know why just look at that, its so great vertical, shooting tick, tock ig reels youtube shorts being all so popular. I think this will hit harder than they even realize once again well done dji. This really is the best beginner drone ive ever used in my life. It packs up so nice and tiny small light, great plug and play straight out of the box. There really is no excuse not to bring a drone on every single trip everywhere. You go all of the time when its when its that small and powerful and now its time to go pack up for the surfing trip with peter and my brother and isaac and tyler its gon na be really good.