The reason i think it’s one of the best is because it’s pretty much full featured for a beginner and it’s only 49, and it comes with an ac plug a lot of battery chargers on the market. When you go look them up online, they might say 49, but they do not have a plug in the wall power source. You have to buy your own separate power source. This comes with it, it’s all built in one it’s, a very good unit, and not only that the benefit is it’s, a gens ace battery charger. Now, if you’re not familiar with jen’s ace, i have a link below these guys make the most desirable batteries on the planet for planes for drones for helicopters. Their batteries are the best and because they make those really good batteries, they also make a battery charger. So you know you’re getting something really decent and for 49 that’s a steal of a deal not only that, but because they are mostly a battery company. They include the proper cables that in the rc hobby, you would want to charge your batteries, so they have the ec5 the ec3 and they have the dean’s connector, which are all used for like boats for cars, for trucks for planes. The official name of this charger is called the imars 3 by gen, zase and there’s going to be a link below to it. So you can go check it out. I just want to show you some of the features of this charger, so you have four buttons on the front plus a display on the side.

This is where you’re going to plug in your ac power cord. They give you one for whatever country you live in. It will match and on the other side, so we’re going to plug in your battery, you have a balance port and you also have a usb out, so you can charge up any usb device and on the back of the charger there’s a little stand here. Just in case, you want to put this down and you want it to tilt up, so it looks at you and you can see the display a little bit better, all right. What i’m going to show you next is a really quick introduction to using the display and the buttons and charging up a battery watch. This all right. I have a camera over here and it’s, pointing down to the imars 3 by jen, zace and i’m, going to try to run through the display, so we’re going to switch over to this camera. All right first thing we do is plug in our mains right on the side, and this will come to life. You’Ll see our display. Little blue display with black lettering now included in the box. Is your balance connector right here and this plugs right into the side of the unit? Now the reason the charger has a balance connector coming off. It is because almost every battery you’re going to charge has a plus and minus right here. That’S your voltage going out into whatever rc device you have and then the battery consists of many many cells.

So you have this little balance plug right here, which has enough wires to go to each cell and it checks the voltage of each cell to make sure each cell is at the correct voltage. So when you plug this into this unit, and then this into the charger that you can check the cell voltage and balance them at the same time as charging the entire battery, so for this demonstration i have a four cell lipo battery. Here you count the cells there’s, four one, two: three four and it’s at 1500, milliamp hours so i’m, going to plug the balance plug into the spot. That says four cells. It only fits in one. You can’t get that wrong and then the other item here, which has the plus and minus voltage, goes right into the side. This is an xt60 connector and it fits right into the side. If i lift this up on an angle, you can see it’s right here. So plug that in and there we go we’re ready to charge. So let me go through this display screen really quick over here. Is your program number so that’s program number two! You have 12 programs in here and you can program them to anything you want so that you do not have to enter all this information again. You just pick your program number for the type of battery you’re charging or discharging or balancing or storing next over. Here is the type of battery that you’re attaching and then over.

Here is what you want to do to that battery, which in this case is charge over here is the amount of amps you want to send out of the charger, and over here is the voltage of the battery. So does any of that make sense? Well, here let me go through it really quick, so i’m going to press this enter start button. This is going to flash, and now i can use the increase or decrease buttons to go through all the programs. So if i increase there’s program number three number four and each time i change it notice how everything’s changing on the screen. Those are programs you can set up yourself so right now, let’s say i go to program. One well, let’s just go over here! So let’s just pick anyone i’ll go way up to like number 10. i’m going to set this up to charge our little battery that we attached here. So all i do is i hit the enter button and i go over and it says what type of battery are you charging? Well, this is a lipo battery but say it was a different type of battery. Well, if i wanted to change it, i can use the increase or decrease. So let me show you so there’s an nimh there’s, an lihv and there’s an life, so i’m go back to lipo, because i know this is a lipo battery next hit the enter. What do i want to do to it? Do i want to charge it? Do i want to discharge it? Do i want to store it, or do i want to balance it? Well, i want to charge it so let’s go to charge hit.

The enter again goes down here. It says how many amps do i want to send out of this unit to charge up that battery. If you are new to batteries, you will not have a clue what to set this at. So you will have to watch my video. I have a video all about batteries and how to charge batteries and i’m going to link that below, but right now, i’m. Just going to explain if i can flick this around this says: 1500 that’s 1500 milliamp hours. So basically that means i need 1.5 amps, so let’s just set that so i have to go to decrease 1.5 there. We are we’re good. Now, let’s go to the next one. It says what’s the voltage well right now it says 22 volts 6s, which is incorrect. This is only a 4 cell battery, so it’s a 4s battery, so let’s bring that down. It’S, not 5s. It is 4s that’s. What we want we hit enter and now we can set it to charge this because that’s what we want to do so we just hold this button down there we go and it says, confirm, enter and there we go. We are now charging this here battery and you can watch right here. You’Ll see that the number of amps will increase until we get to 1.5 because that’s what we told it to do, there’s the voltage of the battery. It will change as well. There’S.

The time elapsed, if you hit this increase button, you can look at all the cells. So remember we did our little balance thing here. This is plugged in so now we can see the voltage of all the cells, so cell one is at four volts and this one’s at 3.99. The next cell is at 4 volts and the last cell is at 3.99. They all have to get up to 4.2 volts to be fully charged when the battery is fully charged beep with a little beepy sound to let you know that it’s finished and you can come and unplug it for right now, we’ll just hit back and now. If, in the future, you want to charge this battery again or discharge it or balance it or do anything, you don’t have to input all the settings because you have it at program number 10.. Now, in the box, you get all these battery connectors, which are really really handy and it’s very nice that they included them. Let me show you how they work now. I’Ve shown you already that most batteries, you’re going to charge have an xt60 connector and a balanced cable. But what if you have a battery that doesn’t have this type of connector? For example? I have a massive rc car battery here and look at the connector on it’s got this huge blue type, connector well, that’s an ec5 connector and a tiny little balance plug. So then, all you need to do is take the included connector here that will match up to that see, i can match them up.

Uh like this. There we go and then put this in the side of your unit, then attach the tiny little balance plug here to your little balance, input it will fit in only one slot perfectly. The same is also true. If you have a dean’s connector, they include a little dean’s connector to xt60. You plug those in together plug this into the side. And finally, the same is true: if you have an ec3, so they give you a little ec3 connector to xt60, plug that in the side and you’re all set. So this is the box that this unit came in and let me show you everything that came in this box here we have the box and if we look at the side of the box, we can see all the specifications of the charger and if we open The box, we see the charger pull the charger out and underneath it we see the instruction manual plus all the cables i spoke of in this video. So you can see if you want to get into the rc hobby. Well, you need a battery charger to charge. All the batteries you’re gon na use in the rc hobby, no matter what you’re doing flying planes flying drones, driving cars, trucks, boats, everything they all require batteries and, as you’ve seen in this video i’ve got a pile of them here. The bigger the battery that’s because it’s the bigger the device you’re using in the rc hobby and they’re all of different types, so you need a charger that can charge all the standard types that are out there and this one can do it.

Definitely trust me on that it’s. I have chargers like this, but they’re much more expensive, that i paid a lot more money for sitting over my charging table back there. I have about like 10 chargers to charge up batteries. So if this one had existed in the days when i got on the rc hobby, i would have this one, because that is not very expensive, 49 bucks for what you get and the fact that they include all the cables that we use in the rc hobby. Well, the most the major ones – anyways that’s, a nice touch. So if you’re new to lipo batteries – and you don’t – know a lot about lipo batteries and you’re new to chargers. Please watch my video it’s, not very long. I’Ll put a link someplace here, underneath this video and it’s all about it’s called fpv for beginners by captain drone episode. I can’t remember what episode it is and it’s all about batteries, how to read the numbers on them, what they mean and then how to charge or discharge or store all the good stuff that you do with batteries. Watch that and you will be an expert all right guys. Links to this product are below, like i said, it’s only 49 u.s, so it’s a steal of a deal, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.