This is the insta 360 one rs Music. So if you guys arent familiar with the insta360 one, are this little guy? This thing came out in early 2020 and it was insta 360s entry into the action camera market and it had a really cool trick. It is entirely modular. You can separate the lens, you can separate the brain and the battery unit. The insta360 one rs is the second generation of that camera. Now guys with the one rs youre still gon na. Have that really cool feature of modularity? We still have the battery unit here on the bottom. We have this brain unit, thats. Also, the screen you guys can see right here. You can see yourself and then we have the lenses, the really cool thing. The first thing i was worried about when they sent this camera out was. Can i use all my old stuff with the new rs and yes, you absolutely can alright, so we got the one: rs were going to take off the 4k mod that comes with it, and here we have their one inch sensor, camera with the leica lens and All that kind of stuff still clicks in new battery goes on and then boom. You have a one inch sensored, one rs, pretty cool stuff so guys before we get to testing lets, go over all the new stuff in the one rs. Now the first major thing thats been updated is this camera? This is the 4k boost camera.

Somehow insta 360 has put a 48 48 thats 4 8 megapixel sensor inside of this little cube, no clue how they did that, but thats a thing im extremely interested to see some photos out of a 48 megapixel. Half inch sensor also like how how do they do that next up lets talk about the brain. This thing has an increased processor and core which is going to help us in a few ways its going to speed up file transfers wirelessly like over wi fi, which is huge because these insta 360 cameras insta360 as a company, seems to really rely on their apps. Having a faster file transfer and wi fi speeds is going to be massively helpful. The thing im most excited about with the new processor is with that faster ability. It is now going to have the option of building in the stabilization into your footage. That has probably been my major hiccup with using the insta360 one r, but well talk about that later in the video next up is audio uh. Now ive said it before. In my insta 360 videos, ive said it in my gopro videos. These things typically have trash audio. I dont even care about it. When im using these cameras like on motorcycles or in my helmet, i always have an audio pack or were recording audio externally, but supposedly this things got three different microphones in situations. Thatll help it against wind and all types of stuff, so were definitely gon na have to test that out.

But if im gon na be really honest, i dont really care final thing. Is the battery this battery might look the exact same as the other one, but it is 22 larger, and i am interested in that, because battery life is super important, especially with the insta360s with a gopro. You have those little batteries you just pop in and out of the camera, but with the insta 360, its got to fit here on the outside the cool thing about the battery. You have to have this specific one, but it fits into this little uh action, cage, which i kind of love already, but well have to do some more testing today to see how well that works. Specifically, the little door mechanism currently is working good, all right, thats. All the new stuff uh, i say, lets just go: throw this thing on a motorcycle and go out. Do some riding? Do some testing you guys, can see some footage and well be able to judge it for ourselves so im throwing some gear on were gon na get on the bike well, head out all right guys. First test is going to be the flow state stabilization. Now, if you guys cant tell this windscreen is uh, it is not the most stable of things, so i feel, like itll, be a perfect test to see how well the stabilization can work like look at that, so this thing will be looking directly back at me And should be wiggling around so uh.

Basically, at this point, if we get any good footage from that its going to be a miracle Music alrighty everybody that was the uh test for the flow state now im gon na give you guys something that i have been being asked for years. So guys for a while now this is typically what my helmet looks like when im doing bike reviews on the first rides got a gopro on the front, and i just run it like that, and i typically film in 4k 24 with an nd filter. I think that looks great, but inevitably in every one of my first ride videos, somebody says why dont you shoot 4k 60.. I figured what better way to test the 4k60 capabilities of the insta360 one rs than to put it on the front of the freaking helmet and go for a quick little ride. So lets find out what this amazing 4k60 footage looks like on the front of this helmet Music. Just a little side note before we head out for this test, the screens response rate to what im doing with my fingers, i dont know if you just guys saw in that last shot. I just you know, swipe forward and sideways to change the settings as far as the frame rates and stuff it is incredibly responsive, like shockingly responsive, very awesome update, i guess thats part of that new sensor and all that kind of stuff. Okay lets go see what 4k 60 looks like on a helmet Music, all right guys.

I want to do a couple more tests with this camera and uh were in the very bright sun right now, so most indie photos gon na look like, but im very curious. What this 48 megapixel photo can look like were gon na, go over to photo mode and lets see what its all about there are. So many things you can do so theres hdr photo and regular photo and theres. Also hdr video in regular video, so im going to do a test im going to take the same photo hdr and non hdr, and then im going to do like a little push in with the camera on the motorcycle with regular video and hdr video well see. If theres a difference between either of those and then we get to throw the 360 pole on which is going to be really cool, all right lets. Try it out. So just try to do 48 megapixel photo on the regular photo setting. You can go to 48 megapixels somehow, but in the hdr setting you cannot in the hdr photo setting. You can only go to a max of 12 megapixels. So now we know lets check out the video all right. This is regular video setting um 4k 30.. All right, this is 4k 30 hdr video all right something im noticing while using this is when you hit the shutter button, it does take a moment for the camera to start. I dont think its that much longer than a gopro is, but there is a little bit of time in between so now, im gon na go grab the cool little selfie.

Stick im gon na show you guys this invisible selfie, stick that this thing can do thats pretty much. The final thing we need to test it for this, like initial testing period, alrighty, everybody final thing i want to test out. We got the 360. You guys see a little 360 camera mod on there. I want to test out how the stitching is with their invisible selfie stick. Okay! So now, with this invisible selfie stick, you guys see how this is perfectly straight. It is now perfectly straight up. On top of this stick now i, with a 360 camera, can just hold it out im going to use the audio to you guys, but i can hold it out here and its still recording me now. If you guys notice, you can do some pretty cool shots. Like this, i wonder if we can go straight through the bike. Lets try look at that. We can go all the way through dont hit anything hey. 360 cameras are so freaking cool, especially for motorcycles, because theres a lot of stuff going on with motorcycles. If you have a 360 camera, you can just point it around and capture everything. Now the thing we got to look for in 360 cameras are the stitch lines that are here. Stitch lines typically happen here on the edge of the camera thats, where both of these super wide angle lenses are having to stitch the video together, but it allows for some pretty cool shots.

Earlier we sent luke out to go to a bridge to get a cool shot. It looked like this. We are on a much brighter day today, but you can have it out from the behind the motorcycle. You can get like fake drone, shot, theres all types of stuff you can do also youll notice. I can put this down to the ground. I can move it up. I wonder if we could do something like this like be on the helmet and just be like. Okay, im just messing around now so heres, the cool thing. Oh wait! So hypothetically, i can talk to this camera like this. Okay, so heres the cool thing, weve tested all this stuff, weve tested the flow state stabilization. The one thing and the huge thing with insta360 cameras that we have not tested is the app and what all this footage looks like. Obviously, you guys have been looking at the footage, but i have not so lets go back to the shop and lets find out what all this footage looks like and uh wrap this video up and see how this works check it out. Theres, the camera that were filming on pretty neat okay, this cameras, gon na die momentarily so were gon na, were gon na go to the shop. Oh, i didnt see you there Music, all right so for a lot of you guys uh this isnt going to matter the killer of productivity in the shop is time uh.

So the more time that it takes to take a product from capture to release is very important. The thing that has always been true about insta360 is their focus on mobile and their desktop app for processing. It just takes extra time to get it from the camera. To an editor, the processing is long and in order to get to a usable, editable state requires the insta studio, which just adds rendering now the new one see. This is the original one. They are flow state data baked in, but in order to get flow state onto the footage theyre using inside your editor, you had to process it through their app first and it was chunky and it took a long time. Adding flow state baked in reduces the workflow time drastically. We were processing videos in a matter of 15 20 minutes for very large files, which is good its still not like. I would like it. I prefer being able to take an sd card out of camera and throwing it into an editor and thatd be done. I need the easiest way to get. What we capture to you, guys as i possibly can now being able to bake in the stabilization, solves one of the biggest problems that we have had with the 360 products, which is, i want to be able to just take that footage. Put it in an editor edit to a video and then send it out, they already had a great product.

I love the 360 cameras. I love the 360 mod on the one i love the 4k. The flow state is a really solid stabilization, and now this baked in its even better the one inch mod all that stuff is fantastic. I love the way this camera looks and i hope to be using it more, but at any rate that is it for the review of the insta 360 one rs pretty much you put a bow on it. Uh you cant go wrong with it as a 360 product, uh theyre, really awesome. They work really well with their own apps and they just take. If youre not pumping out a bajillion videos a month uh, you can incorporate it into your workflow and they work just fine, hey theyre, great cameras. Uh well have links for everything in the description uh dont forget to like and subscribe for more content here on the json2wheels channel. We make a ton of it and i edit a ton of it.