The reason the dji mini 2 is so popular is for a few reasons. First of all, this drone is really light weighing in at 249 grams. This means you dont have to register the drone and you dont need a license to fly. It recreationally its also a very small drone, which makes it very easy to travel with, and thirdly, the price is quite affordable coming in at 450 dollars, if youve ever shopped around for a drone. You know that the prices can get expensive fast and, lastly, the camera. On this, drone is really impressive. You can shoot beautiful 4k video. You can also take raw photos really its a great drone for the online creator or for the hobbyist who wants to get their first photo or video drone. This drone does have some unique features that make it really professional and easy to use so im gon na break down why this drone is a great purchase for the price who should buy it and, overall my experience with this drone, the things i really like about It and the things i dont all coming out. You got to just press record so, first off, i want to talk about the camera and the image quality and, as i show you footage from this drone, i actually have a special offer for you to get three months free of epidemic sound. So thank you. Epidemic. Sound for sponsoring this video now, if youve ever wondered what kind of music we use at think media most of the time it is epidemic sound, they have a great library of music and sound effects and actually, during the intro of this video, all of those sound Effects were from epidemic sound.

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7 k or the 4k on this drone youre not going to have any color profile. So you just have one standard. Look that youre getting out of this drone, but the cool thing is, you can still grade it kind of add your own touch to it in post, though i wish it did have a flat image profile. You still get a really good image out of this drone. Just out of the standard colors now when they announced this drone, they said that its going to have a four times zoom and thats. Not really true, so lets talk about that. First of all, in 4k, you are able to zoom in two times. However, after looking at the footage side by side, what i realized is its not really a 4k two times zoom happening, and you can see this because if i take my regular 4k footage – and i just scale it 200 – add just a little bit of sharpness to It it looks the exact same so really this zoom that they are doing is completely digital, adding a little bit of sharpness. So it does look sharper, but you can do the exact same thing if you just shoot everything in 4k and then zoom in in post, and these tests turn out the exact same for the 2.7 k which zooms in three times and the 1080, which zooms in Four times and then all my tests, you dont, get any more detail by using the in app zoom.

If you just scale your 4k footage, you are going to get the same exact detail as doing it in the zoom using the remote control. So, for me, this feature is kind of useless because id rather just shoot in 4k and be able to crop in. If i need to do that now, i didnt have any filters for this drone, but if you do want to buy some nd filters, you can buy them for this. Drone now lets talk about the ease of use and just kind of my impressions with using this drone and what you can expect. First of all, i have to say that i had so much fun flying this drone. It really was a blast. I was just out there kind of flying it around getting cool, different shots, one of the cool things because it is so small – is youre able to fly it through into tight spaces, and i was able to do this to get some really cool shots or even Be able to fly it close to the ground to get a really cool perspective now this drone does not have obstacle avoidance. So if youre going to fly it into something its not going to stop itself automatically, you do have to be very careful with this drone. Thats very typical, when you see these drones under 500 theyre not going to have obstacle avoidance. However, when you do lower your drone, it is going to sense the ground, and so it is not going to let itself just smack into the ground directly below it.

When youre trying to land it, you can do this very easily, just by holding that down button its going to reach its point and then its going to slowly land the drone. I was also surprised with how quiet the drone is, and i think this is a plus, because you dont want a loud drone at a park just gathering a bunch of eyes. You kind of just want to be doing your own thing and because of this most people, dont notice, the drone until it comes close enough now, as far as connections go, i had no problems connecting my phone to the remote control and then connecting it to the Drone itself, the whole process was really fast and easy to do and when youre actually up in the air, you have a very strong signal. I was flying the drone pretty far away and i had a perfect signal. No drop frames, no glitches, nothing like that. Everything was connected perfectly and this is because of the new ocusync 2.0. So the previous version had a wi fi, extended range type of connection, which is not as reliable as the ocusync 2.0, and this gives you a 10 kilometer range, and that is a long distance and i didnt even need to take my drone that far. I literally probably couldnt even see it at that distance, but it will stay connected and i had no issues flying this drone. A great feature, too, is when your battery gets low.

You actually have a return to home option, and this thing is just going to send your drone straight up into the air that way it avoids any trees or buildings. So if it gets too low and youre really far away its, not just gon na fly back at the level that its at its gon na go up to its maximum distance. To avoid anything from, you know hitting and then its gon na go all the way over to your home spot and then come straight down and land at home, and this was really really accurate. Seeing the whole thing happen, return to home when i had my low battery, it actually made me feel really good. I knew that if i went out and i lost the drone and the battery was dying and i couldnt see where it was that this was going to save me if i needed it. So i was really impressed with having that feature on this drone at this price range. As far as the build quality, this drone is high. Tech ive used a lot of dji drones in the past, and this is no different when it comes to their drones. They are built really well, even though its really small and compact, this is gon na. Do just fine in some winds, of course, if its crazy windy, i wouldnt want to fly my drone out there, but if there are winds outside this thing is gon na.

Do just fine the build quality for the controller is no different. This thing is fantastic, and i love how big this is, because the battery is big on this thing and with that lets talk about battery life and for the controller, this thing lasted all day. Long now i had three batteries for the drone, and then you have the battery that is just built in to the controller itself and the controller lasted all day long and outperformed all the batteries. If you plan on flying your drone a lot, i definitely do recommend picking up those extra batteries. You do get about 30 minutes of fly time, which is pretty good, and so i was getting that i was filming a lot. I was moving the drone around and i still got about 30 minutes with each battery. However, if youre going on a hike – and you want to stay light – i think i could see myself just bringing one battery – maybe a spare battery, so i have an hour flight time, which would be enough for me to get all the shots that i needed. If i was just going on a hike or going somewhere where i wanted to get a couple cool shots, but one of the really cool things about this drone is you can plug usb c into it and start charging it. So if i was on a hike, i could get 30 minutes of shots, and then i could take it down, put it in my backpack plug it in have it charge all day long and then i could go out and shoot again.

I think this drone is perfect for someone like me who wants to get really cool video, but they dont want to carry around a huge drone. The camera is amazing, its portable, its small, its reliable, its really a great drone, a beginner drone for most of the people out there – and i say, beginner drone, because you can always upgrade over time. But this is a great drone to get started.