Thank you very much. Berija let’s hook it up and check it out in the box. We have the wasp deluxe synthesizer, quick, start guide, a cable for your rack, because this can be mounted into a urac chassis and the power adapter. And this one is the modern recreation of the wasp deluxe classic british synthesizer from the late 70s let’s go through the controls quickly, because this is a very, very powerful machine. Even though it’s a small chassis, it packs a punch. So let’s start from the left. Here we have usb and you can connect this to a modern daw. It will pop up as a device. Then you have the old school five pin din midi in and midi through ports right now, i’m, using the midi intel controller from this keyboard below. Here we have oscillator one l02 audio out and external audio in here we have a main audio, also in one eight inch format. This is very useful if you want to connect it to a eurorack system power led. This is a keyboard section where you have a band: knob minus a plus semitones Music, a general tune, knob a glide, aka portamento, Music, Music. This is oscillator section and it has two oscillators. These are the feet of the oscillator or the octaves foreign. This control set the width of the square when the waveform is set to square. You have different types of waveforms. If you set it off, it will create a perfect sign but it’s very low in volume.

For some reason, i found Music to the right. You have sawtooth again, you have the square and then you have an enhanced waveform Laughter. This is uh the mix of oscillator 1002 and this is a knob for external input. This is the auxiliary number two octave switch, and this is the pitch to tune or detune oscillator 2 to us leader 1., and this is the mix between them and oscillator. 2 has the same waveforms that oscillator 1 has in this control. Oscillator section aka lfo. You have the frequency of the lfo, the pitch modulation, to do the modulation control. According to all these waveforms, you have a sign Music, Music, sawtooth, ramp, Music square, so noise, Music and random. He could also introduce white noise with this knob right here. The filter is very interesting: very cool, sounding and it’s a multi mode filter with low pass Applause, Music Applause band, pass Music, wow, Music, notch Applause so and high pass boys, and these are the customary frequency and q aka resonance controls down here you see that the Modulation can control the filter Music in this section. Here we have the envelope generators for the vca, and this is not like the standard. Adsr it’s got Music attack, decay, Music and then, if you turn it all the way to the left, there’s a click and it will repeat the the notes Music, whereas if you set it anywhere down here that sets the sustain level of the note for the amplifier Music also, there is a hole switch here.

If you hold it, it will sound the note by itself now here’s the control envelope for the filter, and you can again control the attack of the filter, the decay of the filter Music. But here it changes instead of the sustain you have a delay and a repeat, so the repeat is the same thing: it repeats the the filter, beatings, basically, but the delay uh delays, the the attack of the filter, Music, Music – and here you have the output volume Master volume and adjustable phones, output on the rear of the unit. You have a low audio output and a high audio output and a series of dip switches to change the midi channel, an on off button for the power and the power adapter port. All right time to make some patches and music with the wasp and as the name implies, i found the sound of this scene to be really really powerful and, and it stings maybe that’s why they call it the wasp, really powerful filter. So let’s make some patches Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, you, Music, Music. As you can hear, the wasp has a pretty powerful sound. However, it can also be gentle. All you need to do is to turn the filter down and i’m using a couple of sawtooth waveforms and i’m, adding an roland tr808 and a base and a pad to play a smooth 1980 style solo synth in the ballad style, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music.

This is a 303 style patch with two oscillators in square mode and sounds like this um. Ah, oh here is a rising dark drone, utilizing the enhanced waveforms. I have to say i really like this enhanced away from they kind of remind me of a pwm but they’re different and they’re very powerful and i’m going to open the low pass filter, Music, Music, hmm, Music. All right, as you have heard, pretty powerful sound and with an aggressive kind of uh tonality, although you can coax it into a gentler side, if you dig in very versatile unit with a multi mode filter that you can use in a variety of genres again, thank You very much to beringha for sending it in i’ll, see you guys in the next video.