Now why would you need a silicon controller case like this? In the first place, is it worth the money and what does it do other than look pretty badass now in just about three minutes? Youll have answers to these questions and more by the way, if youre new, here im dan, i do all sorts of drone related stuff and i recently went on a shopping spree where i bought a whole bunch of drone accessories that ill be giving away to you Guys, yes, youre welcome, so if you want to participate in this giveaway, just stick around until the end of the video. In the meantime, click the subscribe button, but only if youre interested in drone content like this, because i wouldnt want to clutter up your youtube subscription list now. Why would you need a cool silicon controller case like this one? Well, surprisingly, i could actually come up with three reasons why you would need one well reason: number one is um that it protects your controller and as simple as that protects it from dirt, scratches, etc, and if you run the numbers, like a new controller costs, you Between 120 and 160 dollars on the internet and a case like this runs you about 10 on amazon link is obviously down below in the description now. Thats reason number one reason: number two is simply the look and feel i was quite surprised when i first put it on that: it a fits the controller of the dji mavic air 2, really well yeah.

It also fits the control of the dji air 2 s. Really well, but thats not a surprise, because they are the same theyre literally the same so fits both of those um controllers and um yeah it just its pretty thick silicone, and it just feels really well and gives it a little bit more more grip and reason. Number three is actually the reason why i bought this because i was hoping it comes like with a little loop or so where i can put my carabiner into and then, when i do, a self tracking shot. I can just put the carabiner on there and like attach the controller to the side of like my belt or my pants, and then not have to be like the guy whos like running through the drone shot with a controller in his hands. And then it looks much much more natural if the controller is not like that obvious in the shot. So that was the idea, at least, which brings me to my next point: what does it do other than look pretty badass and also feel pretty good? It pretty much just does that and unfortunately it doesnt come with the little loop that i talked about. However, if you do have a carabiner, you can still accomplish what i was talking about. I mean you could just like grab this part here in the back and then put your carabiner around there and then, once you start your self tracking shot, you could still attach the controller to the sign of your pants, its not super ideal.

Because again this carabiner is made out of metal and then it might scratch your plastic a little bit so its not optimal but like. If you just do it every now and then i suppose it works or you could get like a. I dont know a plastic carabiner so to not scratch your um controller. So, finally, is it worth the money? Well, it cost 10 on amazon and my opinion is yes absolutely actually, and i was so surprised because im not a big person on like accessorizing, my drone beyond the bare minimum needs, but this case fits the controller perfectly. It feels really good. In my opinion, if you compare the two of them, i think it looks really good and um for ten dollars. It protects the controller if youre ever thinking about reselling your dji air, 2s or mavic air 2 man thats a mouthful, then its probably a good idea to keep it protected so that when you do resell it, then you can resell like a shiny, new, looking controller. So thats all i have to say about this: beehorse silicone, dji, mavic air 2 controller case comes in a bag like this, nothing to write home about, but its a 10 product. So, if youre interested in getting this for free um, all you got to do is share this video or any one of my other videos on facebook, with your friends and screenshot it and then send me that screenshot to dan at yourrockredrone.

com and ill announce the winner Of this giveaway in about two months in about two months, and if you have more time on your hands im reviewing a whole bunch of more drone accessories that are all part of this playlist, starting with the shopping spree. Video that i mentioned earlier, so go check. Those out in the meantime and give this video a good old thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe to the channel.