7 k at 30 fps. I dont like it when it tilts like that. No, it scares me a little bit: yeah Music Music as a new guy for drawing flowns Music as a new guy for flying drones. Thats correct uh, it was, it was a scary experience, probably yeah, thats gon na be my first scary experience of flying a drone and obviously the risks of doing something because you cant avoid it. You cant allow the seagulls to go away Music, so Music, oh my god, youre right. There lets get the life out of me so first time flying a drone thoughts. Let me give it a rating out of ten ill, give it an 8 out of 10. ridiculously fun and its a lot more difficult than you think its just if youre obviously new to it, which obviously im need to as well, but today, ive flown it personally.