The master is a sight to behold, but b. Goad has never forgotten about the pursuit of performance. With this wheel running at a whopping 134 volts. I cant wait to check it out so lets take a look, subscribe and lets ride. The master is the first production wheel to have a peak voltage of 134.4 volts thats 32 battery cells in serial its a ton of power. But if you do use all of that available power, you might find yourself eating battery quickly in our range test. We got about 42 miles of range at high speeds. Those are the most fun miles you will ever travel on a wheel, though there are three different battery options available at alien rides, and you can read up more on those options on our website in this video. We were testing the samsung 50e version with 2400 watt hours for the motor. The master uses a c38 torque motor, its the same size as the motor in the hero, the rs and the exn, but it has way more power due to the higher voltage and larger magnets weve been able to go zero to 40 miles per hour in 3.3 Seconds it has a top speed faster than the old speed king, the exn and far more torque, simply its the best of both torque and speed 100 volt wheels now lets take a look at some of the features that make up the master, so the master comes With black pads by default, youll be able to upgrade to either red or blue pads in the future, maybe other colors as well, but for now youre, probably going to have black pads.

It comes with the top pad here which protects the top. You dont need bumpers and its also going to act as a seat. Youve got the side pads here, which can act as power pads with acceleration and braking and youve also got these bottom pads here as well. So, overall, i think the pads add a lot to the look of the design and protection as well. They are a little bit stiff, though it kind of feels like a well done steak. I wouldnt eat a walnut steak. I also wouldnt eat these pads, but maybe you could add some softer padding to it like these more like a medium medium, rare steak, put them on your pads and that would add some more comfort, so the kickstands in the back here just kind of lean. It back to rest on the kickstand and its pretty stable, its not really going to go anywhere. Unless you kick it dont kick your master. It voids your warranty. The be good master comes with these honeycomb pedals, theyre, quite big and very comfortable. If you have larger feet spiked, so you have more control and great for off roading, so your feet, dont leave the pedals as much and overall i find that they just allow me to ride much longer without foot fatigue, because theyre so big. I like these pedals. Quite a lot and they simply stay off the friction. Music. There is a screen on top of the master, much like the hero, its the same screen.

I believe it shows you everything you need to know the current battery level, how fast youre going riding mode temperature and odometer. I believe its a really bright and sunny day so its a little bit harder to see the screen, and i usually dont look down, but it is there if you need it. So the trolley handle is right here in the middle of the top of the unicycle press. The button it extends to there fully extended is out here you can lift it up and its right in the center of the unit, its quite comfortable to roll around. So this handle is no longer the lift sensor. Instead, you just press this button, a single time and its now engaged, so i usually lift behind the rear shock, and i lift in front like here – and you just pick it up that way. This flexes a little bit but its okay, itll flip like that and just press. It again turn it off Music, Music, so lets check out the lights of the master and were going to compare it to the previous winner, the s20 and well see which ones better lets check out. The master headlight here hes got typical two modes on flashing and theres, no brighter moving rolling. I thought itd be brighter when you roll, but i guess its just one brightness level and now for the s20. I think its pretty clear that the s20 wins in headlight s20 on s20 off, so the king song s22 clearly has a brighter headlight, but the master is faster.

Lets see exactly how fast the master is: Music, one, two three Music, one, two, three Music, the good uses the same style suspension in the master as it did on the hero, its 190 millimeters eye to eye and its a huge upgrade over the hero, because they Have this knob – and i love knobs – i dont know about you, but this is a great knob. Its got tons of friction to my fingers. I can turn it very easily. Quite a nice knob indeed, and this knob adjusts the dampening, so you can adjust it for off roading or road riding kind of whatever type of condition. Youre riding in you can just simply adjust that for the ride. Overall, i think that the suspension is pretty good. You dont really need to upgrade it compared to the shock on the hero. It just gets the job done. Music. Recently, we posted a short about the master speed, but what we didnt show was its insane torque Music, one, two three Music, well thats. All we got for this episode on the goad master. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you want to see more about this wheel, you can check it out using the link in the video description below consider subscribing, so we can keep making more of these videos thanks. So much for watching and well see you all next time.